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  1. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    So Resto augments are an option for fire tanking?
  2. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    Nice. That's the beauty of fire. There's multiple ways to get things done.
  3. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    Yes... and in fact Fire is the tank power that will gain real benefit from it because of the self heals. I run 4 Dom augments in origins, and 1 Dom and 1 Resto in Adaptive. I've experimented with a Resto origins one too, and actually have more SP allocated to Resto than to Dom (I have 100 in Resto, 60 in Dom, and 160-ish in Health). Most tanks only need to do 10+10 in the criticals in order to open up the stats themselves. Fire benefits from maxing out Crit Heal Chance & Magnitude.

    Using the Scrap/Eye/Manacles as my artifacts combination and the Pheromone Bloom SC (iconic), I've had healing out that rivals, and even exceeds, some healers... and everyone loves the extra SC generation. :)

    As to "kite or die," IMHO that's being a Pied Piper, not a tank... and no, I don't count **** of an AOE to be part of this because that's a survival skill EVERYONE needs, and one they seem to forget when they get to higher levels and running 2 year old content. Mantis, anyone? Tanks are supposed to be punching bags who are able to withstand a lot more damage through mitigation/self-preservation abilities. Yes, they can get overwhelmed and die when everyone else fails to do their parts... and unfortunately Fire is THE red-headed stepchild of the tanking powers... but that's a different discussion.
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  4. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    Are you having success without kiting while in Elite? I just haven't seen much way around it.
  5. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Thank you for answering. I'm just starting to get into tanking now after strictly DPSing for so long and at 421sp it's about time I felt it's time to actually play my role lol. I currently also have 4 Dom origins augments and one of each Dom and Resto for adaptive. I have 160 soul cloak, 160 Gemini, and 145 manacles. All my heal crits and health maxed out. Then I split the rest of my sp 60/40 Resto/Dom. I've been doing good in regular raids but the new elites I have troubles without an OP healer
  6. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    The thing to remember is that Fire's "main tanking stat" is actually Health, not Dominance or Restoration. You're using the same artifacts I'm using, though my Manacles is at 160, and both my Scrap and Eye are as well. As you've probably seen in recent comments here, a fire tank's best friend can be the iconic power Pheromone Bloom. It's a 2500 supercharge, and with your Scrap and Eye maxed out and with the Supercharged Pheromone Bloom III head mod you will find that it takes very little to completely refill your SC bar after popping it. I've got 448 SP to spread around. I've gone Hybrid, use Shield for a weapon (it has probably the best lunge of all of them), run a cross-weapon mastery with Two-handed (Home Run mastery only... tap-hold-hold, and the tap-hold part gives you an interrupter for opponents). I also have HL Shield, Amazonium Deflection, and Mesmerizing Lasso iconics because they're just handy to have available for specific boss fights.

    As to mods, SC PB III in the head as noted above. For the neck I have Fortified Assault. Fire tank defense sucks (the Defense stat is the worst of all tanks), and with just some small tweaks by the devs to the defense stat (Fire Soul, IMHO, is inverted... it should start at 50% and slowly decrease as you sit there and do nothing, and it should take less action to bring it back up to 50%), the base healing numbers, or the health buff we get (e.g., do like in the AM days where our health is buffed any time we cast a power) it could become competitive, not necessarily dominating. FA at least boosts your defense a little when you're not blocking... which means any time you lunge, cast a power, or even just hit something, it comes into play. This is in spite of one of my league mates who INSISTS that a fire tank must use Fortified Blocking and must be 99% turtle. For the hands, I have Regenerative Shielding. For the feet, I switched to Tumbling Master from Deadly Block after they made it available to all movement modes, and it is a change I do not regret. I have Absorption Adapter in the weapon, though you could make a case for Replenishing Adapter if you have power issues. For the back I went with Accelerated Burnout so that when I need to have my immunity in the loadout it will cool off faster, and I just don't feel like carrying around extra back mod capsules (it's enough that I have ones for head mods due to the OP head). You may find other mods more useful, so that's kind of a personal choice. For the chest I'm still using Hearty for the health boost. Others have recommended going with Extended Supercharge, and I've thought about trying that because of the use of PB.
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  7. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Thank you again for your reply! I now have a full 160 manacles along with 160 cloak and 160 Gemini. Also have all 4 dominance regular maxed augments with 2 full Resto augments. I have the same powers you said with my sp spec'd hybrid with all my healing crits maxed, health maxed, and the last of the sp is split 60/40 Resto/Dom. I've been getting a lot better with practice I just still have trouble on the final bosses of both the new elite raids. I'm going to change my movement mode from flight but not sure if I should go speed or acro? What do you think?
  8. HurricaneErrl Committed Player

    Ok now I have another question. Since all my tank and might DPS augments and artifacts are maxed out, I have started to feed all my extra Nth metals and exobites into precision. I know there are better powers out there for precision DPSing, but I'm not changing powers anytime soon. I've also seen a couple really good fire power precision DPS out there so I know it's possible to have some decent success with it. Does anyone here have any input into a loadout or any tips they could give me for a precision build for fire?
  9. L T Loyal Player

    I'd start another toon and see if you like the other movement modes before switching. Acrobatics and Super Speed are both harder to get around with than Flight. For pure tanking with the Eye of Gemini Acrobatics probably has a better shield supercharge because perfect poise doesn't move you out of the eye.

    I think the reason you don't see a lot of Fire Precision DPS is because Fire's might builds are really very good. Fire doesn't have pets, but it has enough strong DoT abilities to make a decent Precision DPS. I would NOT put Nth metal into anything other than artifacts though. It won't make any kind of difference to your augments. Pick a new artifact to level. Or save your Nth metal for a rainy day.
  10. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    For prec fire your options are a little limited. A good prec fire can be a little power hungry too. Something you can do is inferno clipped with stoke flames (think that’s the one that gives the DoT) clipped again with fiery weapon. And overheat as another dot. Add robot sidekick and a sc. since you have Gemini I recommend vacuum bubble since you are flight to trigger EoG more.

    Inferno and stoke flame give 2 dots. Overheat is a 3rd dot. And you only have to stop using your weapons 2 times since 2 if your dots clip together. One thing you should memorize is the range of stoke flames dot. It has an ok range but you still need to watch your distance.

    For range I recommend dw explosive mastery for aoe and flurry shot single target. And for melee you have to use smokescreen. I recommend you have both unlucked in one armory to switch between cutscenes since armories can be locked while you are never restricted from switching weapons lol. This was by far the best loadout I could make for fire dps. There are a few other loadouts too which are more burst but they are even more power hungry.

    For artifacts you must have the venom artifact and you already have Gemini. For your last artifact I recommend the mageddon. The buff is to good to pass by especially since most dps are might so you can’t count on another prec dps.
  11. L T Loyal Player

    You're probably better off with Spontaneous Combustion than Overheat. Same damage but less power (though I think the animation time of SC is slightly longer).
  12. DeitySupreme Committed Player

    By quite a bit unfortunately. I actually like that power just hate the dovetail (think that’s what it’s called) on it. I also didn’t like the inconsistency of the damage. When you get all the procs off of it it does more damage. However in actual content it doesn’t play out like that.

    For adds that die faster I’ll use a more bursty loadout. Inferno/stoke flame/fiery weapon, wildfire (range aoe 300 cost power), spontaneous, and vacuum. After I clip my 3 powers I’ll use weapon into wildfire, weapon into spontaneous, weapon into wildfire and clip all 3 powers again. Rinse repeat. It can do great damage possibly more than my 1st but the power it uses is enormous.
  13. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    There really isn't a way around it right now when dealing with the adds in "Atlantis" elite raids, and to a lesser extent regular raids... unless you want to go with a 4x2 configuration of a raid team (4 roles, 2 of each). I'm just voicing my opinion... and I know I'm not alone on it either. As to the 4x2 vs solo troll (elite) or 5x1 (reg), it's a very steep uphill fight for the devs. They are trying to push us in that direction, but the player community is vehemently resisting. I have had success with the adds in COTE when a second troll is present (King Shark fight, second troll switched to DPS after we dispatched the adds). Between my chronos and the troll stuns, they didn't get a lot of hits in on me, and I kept them all in a nice, tidy package for easy burn.
  14. Elusian Loyal Player

    Went with the standard and this one for a bit and its okay for my needs (nothing special, before anyone else thinks to try out and top the scorecard with in expecations). Thanks =)
  15. Lugo Well-Known Player

    How true is this? I've never had any benefit in going all out on my health. I don't have a lot of SPs so maybe that COULD be it, but even with 100 SPs in health, my health is at 56k. With 0 SPs in health, my health is at 50k. With enemies hitting me for tens of thousands of damage all the time, how is that 6k a priority? I've always seen people advising to focus on health but why?
  16. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    What is your cr? In tank role your health is doubled and you only have 50k?
  17. Lugo Well-Known Player

    I just boosted to 210 but that's not relevant. I'm doing content on my level. And I'm sure if my CR was a million, the enemy damage would still be too much to care about gaining a drop of health from SPs.
  18. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

  19. L T Loyal Player

    With 100 skill points in health you get about 1500 health plus 10% of whatever your total is, which gets increased by 50% when you're in tank stance. so if your gear gives you 50k health with 0 skill points in health you should get 75k health in tank stance. If you put 100 skill points into health, you'll wind up with just over 82k health in tank stance. Maybe a bit higher, depending on which artifacts you have.

    The 50% buff in tank stance makes health very valuable for Fire. Given just 100 skill points and the decision to choose between Dom, Resto, or Health, go Health every time.
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  20. Darth Piper Dedicated Player

    You are getting it straight from the proverbial horse’s mouth right there... L T has done a metric frak ton of number crunching. Check out his tank vs tank guide and you will see.

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