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  1. L T Loyal Player

    It's a percentage, so you have do divide your number by 100. In the Tank guide thread, the healing multiplier is something like 1000% of base healing. Actually, looking at my spreadsheet, it was 1007% base, 1205 for high Dominance, and 1245% for high Restoration.

    On top of that, add in 25%, on average, if you have all your healing crits.
  2. EP Ice Loyal Player

    So, what’s the average SP being used when you guys are doing this testing? I have about 275 and I’m using Fireburst, Inferno, Mass Det, Wildfire, Flame Cascade, and robot sidekick in my loadout and I don’t feel like I’m hitting hard at all. My might is at about 26k with a 120 Tech artifact and 20 Omega artifact. On a 10 second parse I’m averaging about 21k per second using rotation FB>Inferno>MD>WF and rotating through FB,MD, and WF until Inferno is on cooldown. I don’t use Flame Cascade or Robot Sidekick when parsing. Any advice?
  3. Original Cryo boy Committed Player

    With that LO I use fireburst-inferno-mass det-wildfire-fireburst-wildfire-mass det-wildfire. I average between 26 and 28k. The rotation is important. In live content with that rotation you may struggle with power with a robot sidekick. I only have 195 skill points to be honest. I work on them when I can but I hang with the best where I'm at.
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  4. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    I know its a old raid now. But I just want to tell y'all because I feel accomplished. I solo tanked GCZE. The whole raid. Even 2nd boss
  5. Darth Piper Committed Player


    "Fire tanking's not dead yet." (apologies to Monty Python)
  6. Darth Piper Committed Player

    Thanks to those who've put in a lot of work testing things. Because your work gave me a good roadmap I've been doing some experimentation of SP allocation and was able to much more easily survive an entire run through HIVE Elite. Fire may be the red-headed stepchild as far as the devs are concerned... but with a little work we can make it viable.

    In short, these things will work in your favor:
    • SP to burn (as a guess, you probably won't truly be viable in current elite content with less than 350, as of Teen Titans)
    • Artifacts that grant health bonuses as highly leveled as you can get them
    • Knowing the different things available to you and how to use them (playing a Fire toon is not for the unskilled)
    If you want my SP allocation I will gladly post it... or just drop me a note. :)
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  7. QALLENONE New Player

    It’s nothing to brag about tbh, it gets easier as you level up. I’ve solo tanked it with fire toon that was at 235 or 237CR and it was much more difficult than tanking it with my earth character. With fire you have to kite the adds around and pop your heals here and there and make sure to break out, with earth you just stand there and watch brick’s health. Fire tanking is definitely viable but you I’ve yet to see someone who plays fire to be stationary and “actively tank” the adds while holding them together, building combos and actually holding adds in 1 place wothput having them chase you while you pop your heals.
  8. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    Damn don't try to burst my bubble. I said I feel accomplished. It has nothing to do with you.
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  9. AnonymousEUPS Dedicated Player

    Self heals are also reduced when blocking.
  10. Darth Piper Committed Player

    I think it would be more accurate to say that self-heals receive a 50% bonus when not blocking.
  11. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Just this week I finished maxing out Solar Amplifier. It's everything it should be and well worth using.

    The final ability is the same as Overheat. It sets all NPCs around your target on them their own DOT which stacks with everything. Even Overheat itself! It's not a watered down DOT either. I was getting about the same numbers with both.

    So now during each rotation I can get DOTs from...

    Inferno + Overheat + Heat Vision + SA Overheat + Stoke Flames (sometimes)

    Which brings the question...What's the 200 level going to give us?

    My hopes: A 10% DOT damage increase or Another hit of Burst damage in the middle of cast.
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  12. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    Haven’t been on the forums in a while. Forgot my old log in information. But thought I’d throw in my loadout here for others to see and use.

    Parser damage are done on 30 seconds with 32k might (no tetrahedron as I let one of the many might dps buff me)

    Parser: 25k/26k (23k with backup rotation)
    Inferno, fireburst, detonate, wildfire, meteor throw, volcanic calamity

    The main rotation would be: Meteor throw, detonate, fireburst, detonate meteor throw, detonate and continue. This does 26k dps without any buffs. Throw abilities have a tendacy if missing when there are any allies in line of sight including robot sidekicks. Because of this I always fly above head and attack from an angle. If I can not do the main rotation.

    I since got tired of might dpsing so I went prec dps. I have been looking for loadouts but atm I am unable to find one I like. (I do not mean smokescreen spam....). Wondering if anyone had suggestions. Highest parsers I have gotten has been 25kdps.
  13. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Can't help you on the precision dps, but my Might Based, Superpowered Focus, Fire DPS is parsing and average of 33k per second on 10 second parses on 3 and 8 targets. I get highs in the 35k to 37k region when it crits high. 31k might. 33k buffed.

    Fireburst, Inferno, Mass Det, Flashpoint, Fireburst, Mass Det, Flashpoint, Wildfire rotation. With Fireball Barrage as my SC. Add Killer.

    Single Target is parsing around 14k to 15k region on low crits. But hits in the 19k to 20k region when criting higher.
    Mass Det, Wildfire, Heat Vision (solar amplifier artifact at rank 150 atm) Mass Det, Wildfire, Absorb Heat rotation. RSK in for a small dot. Neo Venom SC. Boss Killer.

    Both loadouts perform much better in content.
  14. DeitySupreme Well-Known Player

    Thanks for the reply. Don’t mean to push it but mind giving me your parsers for 30 secs? I like 30 sec parsers because the smooth out the uneven attacks lol. Wish I was still might based to try that out. On 30 secs I was averaging 25/26k. I would always remove the single highest and single lowest parsers just because they are either lucky or unlucky flukes. On 10 sec parsers I would be getting more random parsers going as high as 35k lol. The highest I get with the 30 sec parsers have been 28k.
  15. BrandonB Well-Known Player

    I was wondering what you were rocking for your single target load out these days. I'm running Heat Vision, Spontaneous Combustion, Absorb Heat, Snuff Out, Neo-Venom, and Robot Sidekick.

    With Robot Sidekick up, I go Heat Vision, Spontaneous Combustion, Absorb Heat. When the Boss is below 35%, I use Heat Vision, Absorb Heat, Snuff Out.

    Spontaneous Combustion gets triggered by the Robot's DOTs, which is pretty sweet. Every burst goes off in each rotation, and the cool downs work perfectly.
  16. Darth Piper Committed Player

    So has anyone else tried the new Tank artifact? I'm now running Dilustel Refractor, Tetrahedron of Urgrund (5% health is hard to pass up when you're a fire tank), and Manacles of Force. Yeah, I ditched the Legionnaire's Sparring AI for now (no, I did not sacrifice it) because of the health and restoration boosts provided by the Manacles. No difference with the dominance boosts.

    My early impressions are that it helps a lot because those bigger hits can now be spread across a 3-5 second span, thus giving your self healing a little bit of time to catch up, and it gives the healers a better chance to get those HOTs and burst heals working... and it feels like survivability has gone up.
  17. Juiceman936 Well-Known Player

    I want this artifact so bad. Where did it drop for you? It is built for a fire tank in my eyes. I love fire tanking. The throne of Atlantis raid shows me fire tank is nice when you learn the power.
  18. Darth Piper Committed Player

    Check your journal. One artifact drops for completing the Atlantis solo, one for the alert, and one for each raid.

    This artifact will help two tanks: fire and ice. It helps ice because of the shield cooldown 10% reduction. While that also helps fire tanks, the biggest benefit for the fire tank is the breakup of a big hit into the smaller ticks. Plus at level 160, you get 5% health, 3% dominance, and 3% restoration. Tell me any tanking power that wouldn't benefit from that alone... but yeah, this one seems to really start bringing fire tanking back into the realm of viable.
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  19. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    Any other Fire DPS trying out Eye of Gemini? I can't do full regular testing because I'm doing Premium for awhile. But I have done some bare bones stuff. I decided to use Fireball Barrage (5000) instead of Neo-Venom (5000) or Vacuum Bubble (2500) because I like the fact it gives you a nice hit of damage which automatically counts toward Eye of Gemini's ability.

    (248 - No mainframe - No trinkets) All numbers are based on all ticks ending, averaged, and rounded up. Done in Watchtower War Room. First testing was done with just two abilities to get a baseline. Second was full rotation.

    Stoke Flames -> Fireball Barrage = 65,000 (13,000 from Eye of Gemini (105))

    Inferno -> (Meteor Drop -> Stoke Flames) -> Fireball Barrage -> Solar Amplifier (160) -> Absorb Heat =....

    135,000 in 13.5 seconds.

    I've been using this in Silent School Alert (Event). Just using regular supercharge regeneration and Meteor Drop I can get three more uses over the 1-2 I walk in with.
  20. L T Loyal Player

    Here's what I've found with the eye:
    • It's not great if you're relying on a supercharge like NVB or Volcanic Calamity where you won't capture all the supercharge's damage within 4-6 seconds.
    • There's currently a bug where the damage from very fast supercharges (fire doesn't have any) won't register for extra damage.
    • Set up your Dot's and then hit your supercharge followed by a burst for a massive 20% damage buff. With Fireball Barrage already very strong, it seems insane to pass up a 20% buff to it.
    • It can get you killed if you stay in the circle some times. And if you're using a mobile channel (and who isn't for DPS?) staying in the circle negates your mobility.
    • Paired with a 25% shield supercharge like perfect poise, it's ABSOLUTELY AWESOME for tanking, since tanks pretty much always get the full benefit of the supercharge recharge.

    If you use a burst or shield supercharge, the Eye is your venom wrist dispenser.

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