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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by MightySteve, Mar 21, 2020.

  1. MightySteve New Player

    The other day I picked up the Gotham City Starter Pack for my Batman-styled hero. One I had not yet created :) I bought it while running my Superman based character.

    So now, I have that Batman styled character created now, and I tried giving him the Pack via the mail system, when running the Superman-based character. But it didn't take. Just got error messages.

    Do you trade/gift between characters on the same account via a method other than the mail system?
  2. Balton hero Committed Player

    If it's sharable or account bound, go to your bank or one of the banks in the Watchtower or Hall of Doom. You'll see a tab for Shared Bank. Any of your characters can put stuff in and take stuff out of that Shared Bank provided that stuff is sharable or account-bound.
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  3. MightySteve New Player

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  4. Toshknight Dedicated Player

    they have made styles. achievments, and many items account bound. only very rare styles i believe are not cross character, all i have to say is bummer mate
  5. Illumin411 Committed Player

    I know the Lexcorp pet from the starter pack remains sharable between toons on an account even after equipping which is really nice.
  6. MightySteve New Player

    I learned all I needed to do is put it in the bank, in the area for all the characters in the account. Did that, and my Batman-styled character now has it.
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  7. Faerie_Knight Well-Known Player

    Too bad the Bladed Batarang trinket was exclusive to a code that expired years ago. I snagged all those Iconic trinkets (penguin umbrella gun, catwoman claws, batarang, and so forth) back then. I don't claim them with most characters, but they are nice thematic weapon trinkets.
  8. Mazahs Loyal Player

    Wait what? Really...dammit I didn't know that.
    Thanks for the heads up!

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