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    Red Tool enters DC Universe Online with the Total Tool Time Capsule! The Time Capsule can be unlocked with Stabilizers or purchased directly in the Marketplace. Stabilizers can be earned in-game through Daily Rewards or purchased in the Marketplace.

    If you’re looking to learn more about how to get, open, and use a Time Capsule - or what is in previous Time Capsules - check out our helpful guide!

    Learn more about Time Capsule contents and rarities.

    Total Tool Time Capsule

    Booster Gold filled this capsule full of items from various times and places within the Multiverse. It has the possibility to contain items such as:
    • Comic Browsing Emote Collection
    • Legends-in-Ink Skin Collection
    • Quinn-Essential Ponytails - Ombre Hairstyle
    • Quinn-Essential Ponytails Hairstyle
    • Thought Bubble Accessory Collection
    • Enhanced Total Tool Gear
    • Total Tool Gear
    • Nth Metal, Ally Favor, Catalysts, Alliances, Source Marks, Quarks, and more!
    Open multiple capsules to receive the following rewards in your mailbox:
    • 15 Capsules: Harley Quinn Doll Accessory
    Time Capsules are loot boxes that offer the player the ability to choose one of three rewards, and also grant one additional reward. The rewards from Time Capsules can be Style items, Gear pieces, Collection pieces, and Supplies.

    Legends-in-Ink Skin Collection

    Quinn-Essential Ponytails, Harley Quinn Doll Accessory

    [IMG]Total Tool Gear

    [IMG]Thought Bubble Accessory Collection, Comic Browsing Emote Collection

    AVAILABLE February 8, 2024!

    The Total Tool Time Capsule launches February 8, 2024! Log in and unlock yours!
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  2. DuffleBagBoii Well-Known Player

    Is there a chance that we can get the skull emblem without the eye patch.. we currently do not have a enhanced skull emblem in game that is just a plain skull… its such a basic emblem yet we are 13 years in and the old og emblem are not enhanced.
  3. Deathmournex New Player

    what about wonderous or joker or the capsules? put them all in the market place? @mepps?
  4. Capt Mephisto Active Player

    Gentleman Jim Craddock sells a skull emblem that doesn't have an eye patch. At least it doesn't on any of my characters. I don't know if he has an enhanced one though.
  5. Aiden_Warren Well-Known Player

    Daily Rewards of Stabalizers Solo?
  6. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    Thanks so much, I am looking forward to this when I get home tonight
  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    I have to admit...I never heard of this character, although after looking him up...he seems...familiar somehow.

    He has a 'certain' look....and that name....Wade, er....Wayne Wilson Wilkins.

    Yeah, I must have seen this character somewhere before.:rolleyes:
  8. Multiverse Creator League

    Of course you did...

    He's modeled after the Earth 3 Deathstroke. ;)

  9. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    I love the new tattooed skins, and the Emotes. Thank you!
  10. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    Can't wait to get home. Hoping to drop the Harley Hair, I wanted it for soooo long!
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  11. tehDarkNite Well-Known Player

    Cant wait to give my toon that trendy damaged unemployable new tattoo skin! I wanted it for soooo long!
  12. FazlaBakmaKafaYapar Active Player

  13. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah....he seems a bit like he's a mercenary....or merc...and is a bit mouthy.
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  14. ArtemisWonderWoman7 Committed Player

    Good luck i just opened 300 of them and only got the regular dropped around 200 capsules in. Really hate how dc does this rng ******** to the extreme
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  15. Multiverse Creator League

    Dang... I thought I was kidding when I said it would take 500 TCs. :eek:
  16. LeatherJacket25 Well-Known Player

    Will the loyalty vendor be updated to include this capsule? Loyalty vendor is still selling booster bundle and not this capsule, cheers.
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  17. CharlesVerde New Player

    anybody know what the ninth piece to the body of construction collection is called?
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  18. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    If you start the collection you should be able to see the names of the pieces you need as well as those you have.
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
    but to answer your question…
    [IMG]Untitled by Michael Kramer, on Flickr
  19. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    yeah I opened like 100 and didn't get any of them, I did complete the thought bubble collection and sold it for 50m (EU Server), but I can only afford the regular version and I want ombre too.
  20. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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