Too many linkdead zones

Discussion in 'Old Arkham (Bug Archive)' started by Rigel Cygni, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. Rigel Cygni Well-Known Player

    So I've made a few alts because wanted to tried more powers and was getting bored with my main, but these few days have been frustrating, I'm afraid to do any booster exploration, any exploration or normal story gameplay because I end up linkdead. I play and out of nowhere the game closes,South Gotham, Metro dome and others can't remember right know. Are other people experiencing the same thing?
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  2. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

  3. Polythesis Active Player

    well....wish I read this before flying over it!! :( Link dead, cant log back on to my character because the game having to wait 10-15 minutes now for game to boot me.

    Please sort this out - crucial hotfix needed
  4. tinoman Dedicated Player

    There is one outside by the hive base outside area in metro and you prolly know the other by Gotham sub avatar area/ bottled duos area.
  5. GhostFly Killah Committed Player

    Go to PVP phase til they fix this.. I only have this problem in PVE.
  6. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This is something we are actively investigating. Any further details may be useful.
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  7. taylor0987 Well-Known Player

    When you teleport from the watchtower directly to the bottle area in Gotham, you can end up in one of these zones.
    Every time this happens to me I use the PS4 thing that will upload video after a crash. Don't you look at those reports?
  8. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Metrodome in pve phase and surrounding area is a link dead zone.
  9. Polythesis Active Player

    It is quite a big area, i was on Soul Alchemy 1st time it happened so thought I was being clever by giving the area a wide berth....still got me (metrodome)
  10. Polythesis Active Player

    OK now I'm stuck there because whenever I log back after LINKDEAD goes away I immediately crash again - doesn't give me time to warp - my main toon as well :(
  11. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

    As a hero, go to the Metrodome and try to collect the side missions. You'll go linkdead before you can reach them.
  12. Skydiving Haylz New Player

    Just got a character stuck in a dead zone for the last 10 mins. EUPC, Little Bohemia, Metropolis General Hospital. Was doing the leveling up missions just about to go into the Brother Blood mission, now I can't get out of the place at all! I don't even get a disconnected game screen error like I would if I normally crash, my game just shuts down instantly.
  13. TrueArchon Dedicated Player

    It is a large area. Mostly in the bottles. After seeing more threads and posts...I experimented a bit. It would seem that DC has its own 'Bermuda Triangle', as the areas that disconnect you are most concentrated within a roughly triangular area between these three points: the little square building next to the diamond heist villain van, the enemy- surrounded buildings next to the western most gazebo on the south border of the lower island, and the Gotham riverfront walk in portal. There are other dead pockets near and around them and throughout the entirety of the bottled area but you can forget about farming the astral gear and deconstruction missions. Just don't bother you'll disconnect. I watched a couple of players go past me into the dead triangle and just stop, with disconnected indicator on their tag.
    ALSO: there IS a way out. I found that if you keep attempting to log in, you get chances to move a bit; 2 to 4 seconds before disconnect. Not much, but you can inch your way out of a dead zone given enough attempts.
  14. TrueArchon Dedicated Player

    I will continue experimenting...I will also post a map of dead zones, and record a few videos of exact places. Stay tuned...
  15. Nightcrawler Legionnaire

    Last night I tried the Metrodome deadzone again with both of my characters that had previously kept crashing. Both were able to get to the side quest givers and successfully complete the missions in the area without an incident.

    I also took another character of the same level there to test and he didn't crash either. So, either this area was fixed (I did see a character in the area named "Test" Something) or the problem resolved itself (for me at least).
  16. akaivy Dedicated Player

    Running souls and dc'd in metropolis when trying to get to the place where you turn humans into gorillas. Whole group dc'd and can't get back in. Us ps4 villain
  17. iMASK1ll New Player

    Getting disconnected in Old Gotham
  18. scarlettw Active Player

    i cant go out of south of gotham , each time that i log in the game freeze , 7 time in the same place if open my inventory freee if open map to jump to hq or mr rally or whatever freee
  19. Throes New Player

    So I've had this problem since episode 22(? newest one) dropped metrodome area everyday between 11 am (Pacific) to about 8 pm. Around 4 pm to 6 pm ish it's instantaneous, I'm flying then bam I'm staring at my desktop going "Right forgot to fly around". Before 4pm and after 6pm it's just lag spikes and eventually I see my desktop.

    South Gotham has been a problem since I started playing. If I look up instead of forward or down while flying/gliding I tend to not disconnect. I think it's all the bottle graphics.
  20. Fearlantern77 Well-Known Player

    Keep get disconnected in south gotham every time i log in.