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    Edit: Owlman won the DCUO Switch contest. This was in the forum side panel. For some reason, Twitter marked the picture of his console as "sensitive content". I found that amusing.
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    I laughed at that too - i was like wth did he take a pic off? lol
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    I suppose I could have fleshed that out a bit, as I've done. He won the DCUO Switch contest, but the in-browser Twitter feed for the forums had the picture of the console marked as "sensitive" which I found funny. This is the picture:

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    uhm, yeah...

    Either it's overprotective copyright stuff - which, Nintendo, could totally see that - or this is smut now.

    I hope to God that this isn't smut now...
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    thats a scratch code yea? maybe it just automatically blocked it incase the code was visible
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