To the new creative director

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  1. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    You dont like free stuff?
  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    How about 'remove feats from TCs' instead?

    BB's don't have feats and sell just fine. Put things people want in TCs and they will still sell...putting feats on those things just 'forces' (and yeah...I know you can just not have the feats) players to want the things in TCs...whether they are desirable or not.

    They literally can put hot steaming garbage in the game and tack a .50 point feat on it and we'd want to get it.....and they know it.
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  3. jpharrah1010 Steadfast Player

    Yes quit attaching feats to it .. it’ should never had been a thing to begin with.

    But also yes add more stuff to the marketplace ..
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  4. kallader Committed Player

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  5. Grim931 Committed Player

    How about we focus on making the game actually fun to play, instead of a system that promotes a perpetual grind for the same exact thing over and over?

    I get that this is an MMO, but it doesn't mean we have to stick to that style of progression. I think content has really suffered from playing it safe and sticking to the same repetitive formula for so long. It gets tiresome to play.

    What I would like to see most is this game playing to its strengths. Embrace the action element of it, and expand on it. The combat is decent, but I definitely feel it could be a lot better. It needs to be more fluid, less clunky and slow. Movement should go hand in hand with combat, it should be a way to improve the overall flow and pace. Introduce better ways to dodge and move while fighting... other than the clunky roll we have and the extremely slow movement during a fight. I think the dodge mechanic should have always been a movement mode specific action as well. Allowing different movement modes to dodge in different ways. It just feels weird to me to roll mid-air during flight, or remain stationary as a character with Superspeed and then roll across the ground to get away... makes no sense.

    I feel we also need more variations for our current powers. It's remained the same for far too long. It's a bit drastic that the only way we seem to be getting new powers is if they're locked behind an Artifact. Please look into improving and adding on to current powers, give us other ways to get creative with our characters that reflect the source material and aren't related to gimmicky items.

    TL;DR - Please enhance combat and make things more fluid. Take inspiration from DC source material in more ways other than style aspects. We need something more than just styles and reskinned zones to make it into the game.
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  6. Wonder Boi Well-Known Player

    I'm a long time DCUO and Star Trek Online Player. I will say this about Al Rivera. He always seemed to be driven by content. He gave STO a lot of it's story arcs (Delta Rising) and listened to the community. He was a HUGE part of getting original actors to play their parts in the game.

    Hearing this news, I'm hoping it will be smooth sailing from here on out. I would hopefully think he would look at the powers. It's a 13 year old game, and yet no new powers in a long while. I do know that when our "collective voices" (see what I did there STO reference) talked about wanting new things he always kept us in the loop and gave us a definite yay or nay per the higher ups. Hence now there is a ton of Star Trek Stuff in that game that is current and up to date to reflect the timeline of that show. I am sure he will listen to us, run with it and try his hardest to get it done if the IP allows it. Needless to say Welcome Al.
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  7. FlyingFingers Well-Known Player

    That sounds good to hear because on X and any stream they do or video trailer they release it's always either the dated Graphics or from many players who left over the years most ask about new powers.
  8. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    We have had roll based feats since day 1 LOL. These ones are so easy, just got to run an easy stabilizer mission every day and play the broker.
  9. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Not sure that having to get 5 different random bosses in Shady Nightclub, or put together a set of Jah Kir gear is the same as TCs....but sure. Same thing I suppose...except that the previous 2 actually have to do with playing missions in the game, and the latter is chasing feats for the feats sake alone. Other than that...exactly the same.
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  10. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Some servers don't have the population to keep the broker "stocked". With that said, I didn't know it costs $1 to get roll-based feats in content lol (assuming people use their "free" stabilizers on new time capsules and not old ones. But even still, chances are you wouldn't be able to get every feat that way regardless).
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  11. dceuverse New Player

    I have a storyboard idea: Brainiac taking control of the Motherbox to identify antilife Equation. Race against the clock to beat Brainiac and Darkseid to the dark prize! Alert would be at Belle Reve, fighting Brainiac controlled Suicide Squad and Parademons to steal Waller file to decipher her message. 1st raid at Fortress of Solitude fighting parademon STARRO! and MrFreeze. 2 Raid Finale: Waller doublecross!? She is now Brainiac and Battlezoning with DARKSEiD at the core of Apoklips! Detonate Antilife Adapter device before all free will is gone!!! Event zone is regular Gotham and Metropolis permanently. Like?
  12. zNot Loyal Player

    Kinda hard to make things fluid when endgame players are in their inventory half the time during combat to swap a bunch of artifacts in and out, i hope there will be balance changes with the new episode. The content and combat/balance of the game is lacking so much in dc and super stale.
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  13. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    Yeah, I already see the next dlc.
    1st day: farming ow boss for feats.
    2nd day: running contents to get op gear.
    3rd day: using alts to farm currencies to get new catalysts and new account bound plans and salvage mods to get the catalysts for them.
    4th day: more farming for elite stuff and starting elite feats.
    5th- : farming on main and alts + feats.
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  14. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    This boring repetitive cycle is what keeps many players like myself away from DCUO.

    This is what many of US want from this game:

    - 3 to 4 episodes a year.
    - SM seasons (at least 1 a year).
    - Engaging content.
    - New PVP season with New gear and feats.
    - New iconic powers added (maybe every 2 months)
    - New game modes (maybe taking some ideas from MOBAS or BR, or escaling content like WoW Mythic +)
    - Trim the R&D components because inventory management in this game is horrible and tedious.
    - Dedicate Artifact Tab (similar to Allies tab menu)
    - Stat Clamp being optional or more stats being given to players.
    - Better rewards for being a member (maybe adding some rare collections or sryles for fate tokens will help).
    - Less grinding pricing on gear and feats (many of us dont like to feels like this game is a second job).

    This are some of the most recurrent ideas/demands i see constantly on the forums or being discussed with the people that still care.
    Most of those things are not that difficult to implement if you think about it.
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  15. Raven Nocturnal Devoted Player

    Yes! Absolutely to all of that.

    Also, perhaps someone who doesn't treat said ideas like this:
    Would go a long way... ;)
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  16. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    Agree, and I got more and more ideas but none of them will happen while the game is on life support, unfortunetly. :(
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  17. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player

    Not "EVERYONE," you know. There are plenty of us who don't care one way or the other about PvP. Just as there are people who don't want it at all.

    I'm not going to cry if they fix PvP, I'm just saying that I don't care about PvP, and there are plenty of others who feel the same.
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  18. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    For a longtime gear drop feats were not available via a vendor. You had to keep running missions over and over. And this was when skill points were at their most value.
  19. PolishEagle Dedicated Player

    I havent spent money on stabilizers since like the 4 set. Between stabilizer mission, working the broker and loyality points I have managed to get everything without spending a dollar. The only thing I never got was the black or white neon until it was on the vendor. It was easiest when collections got you the op piece because I stayed consistent on running the solo which typically dropped the rare item. Now I do an op piece and augs on only one character and sell everything to have enough money to buy what I dont get as drops. I also consistently hoard at least 30 stabilizers before a new tc drops so I am playing at an advantage.
  20. Reinheld Devil's Advocate THAT's when gear cost money to buy.:D

    Again...exactly the same I guess.

    BTW. I'm actually in agreement with you on the fact you DON'T need to spend money. But someone does. The items that land in the broker were likely paid for by someone else. Free stabilizers won't get dozens or 100's of that hardest to find while you and I and some others might not spend money...someone is. And they are only doing it because they shove some crappy SP in the boxes. Put things in the boxes people want and feats aren't needed.
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