To switch or not to switch...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Mai3coh, May 2, 2014.

  1. Mai3coh New Player

    So my question to the PC community. I have recently built a PC. But I have over 2years into my PS4 main. Is it worth it to start anew an the PC? Are things THAT much better that I should completely start over?
  2. Titans1373 Dedicated Player

    Not a PC player, but you gotta ask yourself if 2 years is worth losing.
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  3. Mai3coh New Player

    My only thing is PS4 runs so well with DCUO, and if you do lose connection you're back in a flash. But you're also stuck with PS3 users who could take nearly 5min to get back in a game and that gets hella frustrating. Plus the USPS community is a massive pile of elitist turds. If you don't have a league on the playstation then you've gotta be having a miserable experience.

    So I guess another question would be is how mature is the PC community?
  4. Greenman New Player

    That's a flame war just waiting to happen...
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  5. Mai3coh New Player

    Definitely not my intention.. I guess I can just spend a few days in F2P and find that out for myself haha. Thanks guys
  6. Greenman New Player

    Yeah that's your best bet. Get to a point where you can play instances with a few people to judge for yourself.
  7. Vexedbit Well-Known Player

    Gameplay wise, there's not a lot of difference between PC and PS4. However there are a lot more benefits to having a legendary membership on PC vs PS. Also the community is overall much better on PC in my opinion (I say this as a USPS hero).

    I say download it and try it out. F2P now and don't really need legendary while leveling up. Try to find a good PC league in the forums section. By then, you should be more informed on which one you want to commit to. Good luck.
  8. Mai3coh New Player

    Thanks for comments guys. If only there were a way to do a one time transfer this would be such an easy decision haha
  9. TKMcClone Steadfast Player

    I was very surprised that the graphics are noticeably better on PC than PS4. Assuming, the PC in question can do it. I'm also temped to switch to PC, but temped only. Starting from scratch and moving to a smaller population are to big of a hurdle. Another factor for me is the logistical issue that my PCs are in my office...and I'm usually trying to escape from there:D
  10. JonnyD New Player

    Not on PC, at least not USPC villain...population much better at USPC and not nearly as clique'y.
    I would transfer to PS4 immediately...while throwing money at the screen.
  11. Mai3coh New Player

    Wow.. sounds like being on the PS4 is a good thing haha
  12. MasterBud New Player

    I'd say don't start over lol. That's a lot to give up. Not to mention u are on the ps4. It's already an upgrade to ps3
  13. Mai3coh New Player

    Sweet, thanks for the input everyone. If I can log-in tonight I'll enjoy some T6!