Time Traveler Drop Locations...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by sAssyCc, May 10, 2013.

  1. thoughtpatern Active Member

    why wouldnt it just be unattuned? lol how rediculous. weapons are unattuned, but the time traveler set? nah, let em eat cake!

    another way to make dps feel oh so special right
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  2. Tocimus Active Member

    i guess thats one way to take it. but no, its not attuned so you can tell if you have it already or not. imagine how many ppl will rage because somebody won the rare drop they already had.
  3. thoughtpatern Active Member

    yes this is true but really i think it could be easily fixed by the devs by having it shown as style collected or not regardless of if its attuned or attuned.

    also you know what i would still roll need on an unatunned piece just for the fact that yes, i can use it for either role if either of my role gear is needing an upgrade. :)

    dont act like people never did this before especially with the t4 ops drops
  4. King Atom Active Member

    I also got the Time Traveler shoulders from Test subject 1 solo Bizzaro.

    It seems but im just assuming...from what Ive seen so far.

    The whole blue version set is in the T5 alerts/ops

    The whole green version set is in T5 solo

    The whole purple version set is in T5 raids

    All the same set style but depending where you got it from the CR will different like purple set has higher stats than the green set. I just wish the set was a like the weapons where depending on your role you can change the set role.
  5. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    If you understand Perspective. She's saying from what she seen >.<
    She's not really sure if you read her post more carefully >.<
  6. Bishop Well-Known Member

    Did you read the latter stages of our discussion, or did you just read that first post and jump the bullet. My guess the latter. I asked her to elaborate because Time Traveler is a CR85 drop, from my own and other experiences and solo instances drop CR83 maximum. Hence the clarification, while you are up there on Mount Perspective breath in some air, its good for you. We resolved it:

  7. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Yes :)
  8. Aiden Warren Well-Known Member

    all styles are 82-85 I got Time Travel 82 and 83.
  9. WonderValkyrie Well-Known Member

    got the TT helm from bizarro challenge so far, hope to get more from solos, the less i have to roll for the better
  10. sAssyCc Active Member

    Thanks everyone for the help so far ~ I wish it would let me edit my post more than the one time but I guess with the new forums you can only edit it once ~
  11. sAssyCc Active Member

    As anyone seen the Time Traveler Legs or Waist drop yet? If so do you remember where?
  12. Octantis Well-Known Member

    I would absolutely love for Time Traveller to have a guaranteed drop, but be for Support Roles as well. So you still have a 25% chance to get it, but this way one Role doesn't feel entitled to it.
  13. Darkerusaelp Well-Known Member

    I'm looking for the time traveler legs and feet.
  14. Darkerusaelp Well-Known Member

    Eat the cake Anna Mae, said Eat the cake, Anna Mae.

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