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  1. sAssyCc Active Member

    Since we now know it drops as DPS style only ~ I was wondering if there are certain locations for Time Traveler or if it is random throughout the T5 instances ~ So far I have:

    Brothers In Arms
    Back ~ Jor El

    Family Reunion
    Chest ~ Last Boss

    Huntress Solo

    The back and the shoulders my bf got and the other two styles I found the info from other post ~ If anyone knows of any other TT pieces or locations please post thanks!

    Link to Dev confirming only drops as DPS
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  2. Bishop Well-Known Member

    Are you definitely sure Time Traveler dropped in the solos? I have not heard anything and I'd be personally quite surprised if it did, can you confirm this?

    I have the chest from FR, I can confirm that.

  3. MAGNETOxxFirstClass Well-Known Member

    I got the helmet in a solo.

    The DPS helmet for my troller. :(
  4. hoaxone Well-Known Member

    I got the head in the hunt.that's confirmed.cr 83
  5. SilentSparrow New Member

    My husband got the Time Traveler head from Hush in the Huntress solo and another league mate got it from Killer Croc in the Huntress solo. They were both dps and have a CR of 83.
  6. hoaxone Well-Known Member

    Just remember folks.its iconic.crafty_crafter has said it only is dps gear so everyone has a chance for style.happy arguements!!
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  7. sAssyCc Active Member

    The shoulders my bf got from The Hunt was a green and there is another post in the other Time Traveler thread were someone has a pic of the green head piece (also from The Hunt) ~ The back my bf got from Jor El was Blue with equal T5 stats
  8. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    do u know where the quote for that is?

    if thats DPS Gear style only
    does Support roles also have their Own Blue gear Style (a different style than time traveler that drops for all support roles, sort of like the FFTL Alerts, Support roles had their own drop style, and DPS had their own support style)?

    if so, then it changes everything
  9. sAssyCc Active Member

  10. UltraElite Well-Known Member

    The intention with this was so that since it was fairly rare anyways I wanted all players to have the ability to use it when it drops to collect the appearance. I figured it would suck more to get a tank-specific piece of loot with a rare appearance and not have a chance to roll on it in an Operation/Raid, than to have everyone be able to roll on it.
    so from the sound of that,it seems there is no Support role blue drops gear with the equivalent T5 stats like there is for time travelers blue gear, which if true means its an iconic piece.
  11. sAssyCc Active Member

    yw I edited my first post to include that information as well
  12. Bishop Well-Known Member

    Ah, so the shoulder drop from solos wasn't CR85 (i.e T5 stats), that would make sense now - thanks for clarification.

  13. Grid Ion Well-Known Member

    Nexus of reality Raid
    Feet - Last boss
  14. Datsuninja New Member

    Sure it wasn't commented on but too lazy to read them all right now lol, but I got cr 83 time traveler dps shoulders from Bizarro solo.
  15. Cloud_9 Well-Known Member

    Shoulders dropped on final boss in Test Subject #1
  16. PolarisSylar Active Member

    I got a time traveler headpiece 81cr healer item dropped in huntress t5 mission. A green item tho. So it does drops in other roles
  17. Tocimus Active Member

    That isn't time traveler gear. That is a green.

    What you want is a blue or purple drop.
  18. Agnetta Well-Known Member

    you beat nexus already?
  19. Gokaigerbay Well-Known Member

    Not all time traveler pieces are blue or purple.
    I think he's mistaken about a healer time traveler piece since a dev directly counterdicted that.

    However, I'm 100% sure that I got the Time Traveler shoulders from the Huntress solo. Its DPS and it is green.
    Counts towards the style feat, so it is time traveler.
  20. Jafin Well-Known Member

    If memory serves isn't some of the Amazonian gear from gates green and some is blue? Or else some is blue and some is purple, not sure which one it is. Don't see why they wouldn't do that again.

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