Up-Votes Needed Time Torn Area 51 not working

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by lakereric, Apr 23, 2022.

  1. lakereric New Player

    You warp there but cannot enter the area. Stuck. Happened last week and it was fixed. Now broken again yesterday and today.
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  2. Evanhhs Well-Known Player

    Originally warp to rally worked, now it doesn't.
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  3. Psycho Tech Dedicated Player

    Village as well
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  4. golddragon71 Dedicated Player

    Just tried. Not working for me either.
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  5. FreezyPop Well-Known Player

    There’s something else going on for sure, but I can’t tell what the factor is. I couldn’t get in for a
    Couple days, then last time I tried I got right in. Not sure what was different.
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  6. OwnedShadow New Player

    when i go to the age of justice areas like time torn area 51 the barrier in the spawn area some times lets you out others just holds you in. i tried switching characters/ logining out then back in and warping to a different map nothing didn't work on my villain even tried my hero same thing was stuck.
  7. Valkireta New Player

    Bumping this out, hopefully OP will get more upvotes and someone looks into it.

    I just did my dailies on Time-Torn area 51 with no issue, but as I was turning all in, I saw someone trapped on the heroes teleporter.

    I moved then to Warn-Torn Village and now I'm the one trapped...


    I went back to Time-Torn area 51 and I was locked out too o_O
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  8. tir New Player

    Had multiple instances of being locked out of war torn village and area 51.

    The village isn't so bad as you can warp rally to get out the intial area but time torn area 51 you warp right back to the area you are locked in.

    Sometimes it feels like it stops bugging out after doing some zone changes from doing alerts and such and then sooner or later it resurfaces and youre locked in the starting area again.

    Ive been experiencing this happening for a few weeks as i was working on feats in those areas. I believe most people are completely unaware of this bug simply because its rarely visited anymore.

    If you watch lfg chat you sometimes see people asking how to get out of time torn area 51 start area.

    Its frustrating that this is an ongoing thing and its also inconsistent as to when or if it will happen.
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  9. Valkireta New Player

    Well, this keeps happening on both maps, tho I kind of found a "solution" to bypass this:

    Time-Torn area 51:
    - If the barriers block you, stand just in front and facing it.
    - Access any solo challenge from the Duty list
    - As soon as you're in, use the teleporter to "Last location"
    - While on the loading screen, keep pressing the "Forward" or the "Toggle fast movement" key.
    - You should spawn on the other side of the barrier.

    War-Torn Village:
    - As tir said, simply warping to the rally point from "Map - Warp Menu" will get you unstuck.

    Hopefully we get a real fix sometime :(
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  10. KidKretz Well-Known Player

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  11. Capt. Retro Active Player

    This has happened to me multiple times as well. US/PS4 player here, and Time Torn is usually blocked for me when I teleport in. I get stuck behind the barrier whether I port in from War Torn Village or the House of Legends teleporter.

    When I'm stuck behind the barrier, warp to rally rarely works for me in Time Torn, but every now and then it does get me out.
  12. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    >.> Why can't I get through the yellow thingie at the Time-Torn Area 51 spawn/rally point?! It refuses to let me through like some kind of jail cell! C'mon, man, I just wanna grind my alt! This happened with War-Torn Village recently, too.
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  13. IzzyLizzard dcuo Level 30

    I can confirm this bug, you can’t get thru the barrier. it also applies to war torn village entrance as well. Warp to rally to
    Get out.
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  14. CityboyInk New Player

    Are you guys heroes? Because I recently had the same problem as a villain. My first thought was that maybe the spawn barriers where changed to the opposite faction and preventing me from going through. So I just warped to rally.
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  15. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    I'm playing on a villain that I'm grinding. And warp to rally can be helpful for the town, but the rally is just that same space behind the barrier for Area 51 so it gets me nowhere in that area.
  16. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    LMAO, Village sent my villain to the hero spawn point/teleporter room and I couldn't go through the barrier. At least with village I can just warp to rally, but not so for Area 51. I wonder what's even causing this and why specifically this episode.

    Edit: Actually... looks like both have gone blue for heroes. What is villain erasure?! LMAO :p At least I was able to pass on the warp to rally tip and help someone else.
  17. KidKretz Well-Known Player

  18. JackFrost Developer

    Hey! Thanks for the reports, and sorry about the inconvenience this has caused. It took some digging, but we believe we've identified the cause of this issue, and are working on a fix for it. The fix won't be able to make it to the live servers for a while though, because of complicated technical reasons I'd have a hard time explaining. I don't have an exact ETA, but a fix is in the works. Again, sorry about any inconvenience in the meantime until the fix does make it out.
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  19. Capt. Retro Active Player

    Thank you for finding the issue and letting us know! Much appreciated that a fix is in the pipeline.
  20. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    Will the fix involve all door-centric forcefields? I ask because Labyrinth of Lost Souls and the 4-player HIVE Moon Base have similar issues.
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