Time to give all powersets just 1 PI

Discussion in 'Powers, Weapons, and Movement' started by Liightmare1, Jan 13, 2018.

  1. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    As the topic says some powersets only have 1 pi which is good because it allows for a broader range of loadouts. The powersets that still use 2 pi's are being limited such as electric, and quantum. Why do we need to decide between half of the given powers to use in order to maximize the benefit received for setting up the pi. You are basically cutting our options in half and that makes no sense.
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  2. Kanmaru Well-Known Player

    All they need to do is bring back weapon buff PI's with CC effects and then have all powers work around that. I miss those so much. It was a unique mechanic pre revamp but now it's nothing but a precision buff.
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  3. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    That’s not relevant to this topic. This topic is about making all power sets with only 1 pi. That is something that will bring better balance while also giving players better options with load outs both single target and multi target. That’s all they need to do.
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  4. krytine Loyal Player

    Well in some ways I see your point and in others I believe all should have two pi. But either way all powers should have the same number which ever 1 or 2.

    The reason I am ok with two is that they can set up better for single target powers or aoe style powers but thats not how it is
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  5. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    thats the problem, that it doesnt help either. electric for exemple you have electrified and polarized yes there are powers in the polarized pi that work well with multi target that cant be used if you run an electrified pi and vice versa. having only 1 pi will give you more options in your loadout and give you better sigle target dmg and multi target dmg because now you have more powers to choose from. i dont see any kind of downside to have all powers have only 1 pi, but if someone does see any please point it out.
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  6. spack2k Devoted Player

    i agree every power should utilize just one pi for more loadout variety.
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  7. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    You guys act as if that 10% PI buff is going to do anything significant for electric...

    Then again if people picked up a weapon more often they wouldn't notice the difference
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  8. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    i use electric as an example because thats the powerset im most familiar with, but an added 10% buff helps any powerset that does not get a pi buff. and its not just a 10% what about the powers that receive a and dot tic for having a pi added. either way regardless of what you think will make a dif or not its something that all would benefit from. even if it is just 10%. if a power hits for 10k thats 1k of dmg everytime you hit that power just imagine after a raid how much dmg is left on the table.
  9. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I agree with you...somewhat...why not both?

    It kind of is relevent to the topic. We want a broader range of diversity in loadouts, not everything should be pfft. This is a very good point. Powers all need 1 PI and weapons should benefit from PI's as well as some CC. That opens up the floor for all powersets for more options in loadouts.
  10. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    I wish there was only 1 PI, including weapons benefiting from it and it had a bigger impact. Like 15 to 20% damage increase. Having 1 PI gives options, letting it apply to weapons helps WE and Hybrids by letting them benefit from 2 buffs which helps weapons users. We might see a broader range in loadouts then. I'm with Fatal...bring back weapons. 1 PI could be the key if it applied to weapons too. That's just my personal opinion. Take it or leave it.
  11. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    Maybe relevant was bad wording but I’m trying to stay within the realm of possibilities for quick changes. Revamping weapons and what your describing is something that would take extensive work. Removing the 2nd pi and leaving just 1 is a much simpler fix that could be implemented a lot sooner then later.
  12. WesPypes3679 Committed Player

    Oh yeah for sure what you're saying is possibly a quicker fix. We dont know for sure what constitutes as a quick fix anyways. Majority of us dont know what is doable and what isnt. All we can do is give our input.

    Will it happen though? Only time will tell. I've been on the forums for awhile now talking about fixing some issues I (and others) have found with Fire, and nothing has changed as of yet. Still holding on to the possibility that they will address them. In the mean time I am collecting data, and video to show where Fire falls short.I have a few "quick" fixes myself. Im not badgering you or discrediting anything you're saying, I am looking at the game as a whole. Like Stats Revamp, it was on Test for a looooong time, and despite our concerns, it came out like it did. I love Revamp personally, its alot closer balance wisethan the AM era, and we all knew there was going to be an adjustment period. We are kinda past that period and some issues exist. 1 PI is a great idea. I've said that for the longest time. TBH, If I'm looking at it realistically, there is no quick fix, and if there is a small possibilty this is all done at once, I would take that because ultimately it helps all powersets, not just a couple. I want overall diversity and better balance for all powers.

    And trust me, many people feel your frustration, maybe not with just electric but the game in general. Many of us want this game to succeed and will not go quietly into the night, or walk away without trying to help anyway we can for it to succeed.
  13. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    The game could be so much better if the devs would put some actual work into testing the powers themselves instead. There’s no reason why we can’t have better balance but it requires some discussion also. If the devs would join in on some of these discussions it would also be way better. And I mean real discussions not just a few words and gone
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  14. krytine Loyal Player

    Well I see it a little different. If each power had 2 pi that work like they are supposed to then 1 would be more single target the other aoe it would make you play smarter on which type of loadout you want. And if you are on boss level or just adds. And you would have multiple single target load outs and multiple air load outs but again for some reason it isn't set up that way. And I do get it you want 1 pi to make it even easier for building load outs.
  15. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I’m sorry I just don’t see any benefit to what your describing with 2 pi’s. As long as there’s only 1 pi you can put together single and multi target load outs with more options so why have 2 pi’s with limited options. I like have a single target move in my rotation of multi target moves for the moment there’s only 1 ad left. If you separate Pi’s into single and multi your once again just limiting load outs
  16. krytine Loyal Player

    Ok here is what I think will happen if all powers get the single pi as you are asking. Do you remember the am Era? Basically every load out will become the same again with little or no variance. The cookie cutter formula does not work. So if all powers had the two styles and I side the two styles of play have dots and single targets or massive aoe type moves. Then choices will have to be made In order to do what that person says. I don't see eye to eye with you but you are entitled to think the way you want. Me I believe this just makes it elementary easy and takes away any real thought process I to building your loadout. But that is just my opinion. And as i said before every power should have 2 pi plus the trolls should have an option to put pi on enemies. And make it where mental does only some quantum does 2 or 3 different ones munitions different so this way g4oups will want certain powers to run with them
  17. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I’m just going to agree to disagree. As it stands with 2 different pi’s everyone is using the same load out as is because of the lack of options. If they remove the 2nd pi then that opens up a lot more powers to have different load outs. I don’t understand how having one pi which will give players more options on what powers to use will have every1 using the same cookie cutter load out.

    Quantum has 2 different pi’s so let’s say out of 20 powers 10 use use one pi n the other 10 for the other pi. You only have 10 powers to choose from for max damage using the pi interaction. Once there’s only 1 pi you now have 20 powers to choose from to maximize dmg. You double your options and now have more variety in the load outs. What we have now is a lot closer to the am era then if we opened up the options with only 1 pi.
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  18. Schimaera Loyal Player

    I personally think that all powers should have two Power Interactions but for different purposes. One for high burst damage or medium sustained damage, and one for damage over time.

    Unfortunately, this game isn't particular interested in making DoT classes the stronger, harder to master playstyles they should be. Actually, this is the only MMO I played that is all about the big burst numbers and not about a variety of playstyles that have different fields of use.

    I mean look at it: Most if not any DoT Playstyles play "on cooldown" and don't actually care about the duration of damage over time effects. I miss the element that gives you an additional edge if you delay certain abilities until the DoT runs out. The peak of this is shown in Nature's Roar. Consuming all DoTs and dealing all the damage at once eliminates the sole purpose of damage over time as a concept if you ask me. :(
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  19. Liightmare1 Well-Known Player

    I think it because this is more of a fast pace combat game outside of the newest content things don’t live long enough to really set up dots as in traditional mmos. U could in a boss fight but that’s it. But like I’ve been saying the devs are handicapping is by now giving us full access to all powers. We shouldn’t have to choose which pi to set up and follow through with. Just like rage which only has 1 pi and it gets more options all powers should have 1 pi with more options. At the end of the day it will create different load outs and better balance.
  20. krytine Loyal Player

    This is the point we were promised certain things for different play styles so far we have only gotten 1 really worked on. I am glad the am none sense is mostly gone but it has been replaced by superpo2ered play style and if they continue to dumb down things like they are the should just reclassify the game as a young children's game as the target audience. And yes we will continue to disagree but in more conversations that I have had people are hoping fore different play styles subclasses inside of the 3 main styles. That mean that 2 different pi's would make a difference but again power balance nerds 5o really be looked at expanding the roles purpose limiting dps in a group. Now why that if? If the devs limit the amount of dps the the focus wouldn't be on cheap tricks one shots better mechanics and better combat style. The 2 different pi's would better insure more diverse styles and make players choice wisely what they run with and maybe I am wrong but it almost seems you want damage to come even easier for players why.

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