Time to ditch this game for good

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    I’ve played this game on and off since 2013. (And I’ve just came back 3.5 months ago, after being gone 2 years) I used to love it! All aspects of it. From pve to p, the enjoyment and sense of satisfaction of beating new content, that you actually did have to grind out.
    The actual grind itself, was annoying! But it had a sense of purpose feeling too it. And the satisfaction of grinding out master detective feat etc, was rewarding.

    Having to stand in Gotham and wait forever for avatars to spawn, as people stood on the ledge, trying to get enough damage in to be rewarded a bit of astrol alloy, and get your toon to 43cr. I loved that!
    I loved that you HAD to mod your gear to move up cr. Synth mods were looked down upon in a type of ‘ok! But you better be good’ type way lol! And if you didn’t have basic white mods in - it was demanded you leave content; or kicked immediately. An inexcusable thing! Lol!
    But you learnt from players, who would take the time to legit help. And you listened! And got better for it.

    A girl who taught me a lot when I began - told me a very important concept. Which was… to never let your sp get lower than your cr. and when you come on, grind for sp as much as possible; but… whilst still playing, and enjoying playing the game.
    Everything was new (even a few months in) you were still very noob. And that was ok! People would stop and explain things. And entire raids would wait, as someone explained mechanics and positioning etc.

    Pvp was everywhere! The first time I ever went to the watchtower - there must’ve been several hundred people kicking the absolute life out of each other. And i just thought - wtf? I was quickly challenged and accepted to something i didn’t even know was a duel. And had my a$$ handed too me in seconds. The guy then apologised, and stated he didn’t realise I was new. Which was all good. Duels were about who could actually duel. Superpowers were rarely used. Soder use was the ultimate disgraceful sin you could commit.
    Pvp took seconds to get into. Tbh! Almost anything queued, popped within minutes, or seconds. And it was just a great game, with endless content to run.

    Then came feat unlocking. I remember many players were seriously pissed off about this. It really was the beginning of the psychological predatory practices, that has now swept through the gaming industry as a whole. But… it was the beginning of keeping people playing longer (for this game specifically I’m just saying) The more they play - the more the percentages go up, that the player will spend money. That’s just a fact!

    We all get that it’s a business. But therein lies the problem! It’s an incredibly badly ran business. And most of you know it is. (For me personally) this is no longer a game! This is pitting player against player (not in a healthy competitive/fun way) to not just compete on the scorebored; but to compete on… who has the best look. Who has the best gear. Best artifacts. MOST maxed arts, maxed augs. Maxed allies. You are quite literally being targeted by companies now, who’ve invested in the use of psychological behaviour experts, on how to turn you into a gambling addict.

    How many times have you spent x amount on this game, then tbought… wtaf have I just done? I could’ve bought 4 brand new games with that. And it was just to open boxes/TC’s/bundles whatever! for something you didn’t even get. I’m guessing MANY of you have felt this.

    An addiction has been created on purpose! to the point - that governments are now stepping in, (it doesn’t matter if it’s only a few atm) many are talking more and more about it. As they’re seeing the damage being caused to finances (short & long term) and in some cases, lives.
    I’ve wasted so much money on this game. I feel nothing but shame now!
    But… I’m fortunate enough to have the money to do so. And that’s entirely on me! I chose to purchase! 100%. Did I feel pressured to do so to stay relevant? Absolutely! 1000%!!!
    The tactics used to manipulate players into feeling so pressured, as to where they HAVE to spend, or become obsolete has become too much!

    How many of you would have genuinely left this game years ago, if you didn’t want to walk away from your investment? The hours, the money. Etc. because ultimately! When they shut shop. Or governments restrict them so much, that it’s no longer viable. YOU lose. They don’t! You’ve lost a ton of money. Depending how big you spent. And you’re left with absolutely zero to show for it.

    This (thankfully) has been the only online game I’ve ever played. And there’ll never be another after it. I don’t enjoy this game anymore! Most of the old leagues and players i played with art long gone. Replaced by “bro’s” and kids who hack/glitch and exploit their way to maxing arts etc.

    The game does absolutely NOTHING to fix many ongoing issues, unless it’ll generate profit. People learn to live with bugs and rehashed maps over and over and over. Lost in a sea of complaining voices. Or… with very little outlets to be heard from. It’s all take take take. And so many of you think that because DI now give out tokens that allow you to buy completion seals etc, that you’re actually being “given back too” no you’re not! (And look what they allow you to buy! is only to encourage you to put more into artifacts)

    many will say ‘they don’t have to give anything at all. YEAH THEY DO! That’s how you retain paying customers. The rewards offered - It’s all meant to keep playing, as long as possible. More hours in about 90% of the time, results in a “micro transaction) spend. But… I can’t change that! And ultimately… this thread will be deleted. And many of you will still go on, the game will continue to use as many rehashed maps as possible. Putting out copy and paste content over and over.

    Sp caps will continue to rise, (further alienating newer players. Until they eventually sell sp completely) that’ll be the final straw for many. But… many will bend over, and still keep taking it. Newer players will come in. Spend a few thousand, and be as though they’ve played for years.

    “OP” items will be locked behind further increasingly replay needed walls.
    The game will continue to be further monitised, with more and more aggressive tactics used; forcing you to pay.

    Player pressure will continue to alienate people from content with new (but maxed out arts in the first day of its release) if you don’t have x, or play certain arts, you can’t play with us. Change, or be left behind. (I’d very, very much take the latter or… just leave the milking machine)

    People will still run to obsidian for advice on what arts they should use. (Mindless drones!!) Not just what arts, but… the advice given now isn’t just main arts, but now…what is a swap art too :/ lol!

    I can see how fast things are changing. (Even more so than usual) And there are way too many arts and allies and everything in the game now. I joined this to play a game, not to feed a habit. Or end up an addict.

    I genuinely feel so sorry for so many of you! Not in some patronising ‘I’ve seen the light way’ but in a way for those of you who truly wanna walk away, But feel you can’t let go of your investment. Not realising - that by staying for that very reason - you’re just helping to keep this perpetual cycle of… recycled content. Chasing “OP” gear, upgrading all these augs, arts, that become obsolete 3-4 months alter, or get nerffed, allies that last a few months, then become unusable and serve no more purpose. and you have to go change it all up again, over and over and over and over and over. But… that’s your choices! For me… as I said. I’m fortunate enough to where I can take a huge loss financially, and realise… That’s it! Enough really is enough.

    Real Life is getting more of a struggle as it is, without working a second job, that you pay them for. Nah! Balls to all this nonsense. I’d say to any of you honestly on the fence about staying or going. You walk. You lose money and time, that’s already now lost. You stay… you lose more and more until you really just give up, or the doors shut!

    Good luck to all of you! I honestly mean that! Even though many of you will disagree with stuff I’ve said. And I don’t use the forums all that much. Many have no idea who I am am, and vice versa. Still good luck! I hope the game gets better (I very sincerely doubt it) but… ya never know!

    Having helped keep this game stay afloat for almost a decade with possibly in the several tens of thousands spent. I truly feel I’ve earned the right to say… I truly hope this game ends up very, VERY heavily regulated by governments; Along with all the other games that practice such aggressive p2w/p2p tactics etc, and promotes gambling, and creates addiction, especially amongst kids.

    I’m done!
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  2. Trevman24 New Player

    There is no reason for the game to be regulated by any government.
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  3. Proxystar #Perception

    Realistically it's clear you've lost your enjoyment in the game and it's no longer a game or an avenue of enjoyment or just casual escapism.

    When the game becomes a burden it is easy to quickly get burned out and lose all enjoyment. I myself, now seriously limit any spending on this game and have done so for years. I try to milk out as much as I can from what I put in but never spend more than a movie ticket or piece of entertainment in order to ensure it remains, exactly that, entertainment.

    It is easy to lose sight of that reality within the never ending thrust of loot boxes, artifacts, skill points, feats, elite this and that, so much so that simply all enjoyment you once had is entirely sucked out of the experience.

    I've also stopped chasing certain feats that I can't be bothered chasing, excessive counter feats for instances and the like, feats that just require hours and hours of endless struggle, I just cannot be bothered with, my time is worth, far, far more than the disrespectful reward of 20 health, especially when you reach a point where its all so meaninglessly negligible.

    I'm sorry to see you go, perhaps you'll be back, perhaps not. I think sometimes its important to assess whether you're playing the game or whether the game is playing you, just on a side note though before you go? any chance, you could um, you know give me your stuff?

    Best of luck out there.
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  4. Tiffany6223 Loyal Player

    I’m sorry to see you go. I truly wish the best for you and hope that maybe someday you will pop back in to see how things are going. One should enjoy any game that they play. That is the purpose, to deliver entrainment and enjoyment to the gamers.
  5. Kreachure Committed Player

    Wish you the best in your quest to touch grass
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  6. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    OP... I can understand where you're coming from. Having spent probably about $8K in this game since 2013, and about $1.5K in the past week upgrading artifacts... yeah, I feel your pain. You don't always notice how much you're spending, you just think, "I only have a few more levels to get this artifact to 200." Then it's, "Well, 'they say' this artifact is useful too, and I might want to use that too, and there's only a week for the double XP and I don't know when it will be back, so I should upgrade it too."

    However, with that being said... you fail to understand what being a F2P game means. It means they make NOTHING except from what they sell in the marketplace. It's from there that they generate enough revenue to pay their devs, the overhead expenses, server upkeep, support staff, etc. It gets worse the lower their population drops as they need to keep that revenue stream coming in, the lower the pop, the more things they add to incentivize spending; vicious circle.

    As for government restrictions... as long as DCUO (and any company really) makes everything available in-game and doesn't 'require' you to spend, it's all legal. They have listed your 'chances' for getting items on the Time Capsules themselves, as well as giving away stabilizers for free. It's not DCUO's fault for an individual's impatience or addictive personality. IMO, a person is responsible for their own actions, their own choices, and if they choose poorly, that's on them. I'm certainly not going to blame DCUO for doing whatever they can to keep the doors open. I'm sure Daybreak and EG7 are always breathing down their necks to meet xyz revenue goals, and they are doing this without a CEO and loss of several high profile devs. I'm out $1.5K for the week, but, I had a lot of fun spending it. :)
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  7. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    Wait, you really spent 1.5k? Don't know whether your trolling or being serious lol
  8. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Quite serious. I maxed out four or five artifacts, plus bought several style packs from the marketplace, 25 time capsules, got a couple Legendary allies to 8 and Cybor and HoL-Bot maxed.
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  9. Emoney Dedicated Player

    Am I the only one who noticed the irony of this post and the OPs name??? I'm almost there myself, #oldgamers lol.

    But, in all seriousness, I agree with the criticism concerning rng and real life money. Considering children play this, the culture is addictive and borderline predatory. Add to it, mathematically, many players and gold sellers, have more than enough ingame cash to manipulate the entire system. When the broker has a cap of 1 billion, yet players have hundreds of billions, they can buy up everything, hold and resell. The broker was designed for trading and a secondary means to get items from capsules or BBs....but now, the players who run our economy have bypassed the broker. Everything since comic material has been priced over 1.5 billion. What's the point of the broker then, if the most desired items arent in there?

    The devs could end all player to player money trades, and force the use of broker, or item for item trading. Will they do that....doubtful. It doesnt make them money, and would only anger the whales and gold sellers, and THAT would hurt their bottomline.
  10. ColdFuzion Well-Known Player

    Fair enough lol i was just curious :)
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  11. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    I'm no whale by any means, but I'm old, I'm single and spend all my free time gaming. :p
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  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    No offense, but that is a whale. Thank you for supporting the game. I spent a lot in the early years of the game. Especially when replays were introduced. I'm married now and can't do that anymore. #sobatmansentyou #goodtimes
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  13. Darkwalker Active Player

    You lost me, and I stopped reading, at reminiscing about the good ol' days of having to mod gear to increase CR. This actively drove me and at least a few friends away from the game until recently. Dreading new content as you had to go to all the trouble of starting again was just the worst idea possible and the new augment system is just so much better. How anyone could possibly have found this 'fun' baffles me!
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  14. Wallachia Loyal Player

    TBH I will never suffer from that, because I don't have enough free time to engage in playing the game often enough to suffer these problems.
  15. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I'm going to have to disagree about your statement with DCUO not responsible for people's action. In fact, they are taking advantage of it knowing people want certain things and purposely making super rare to get it. So, they know people will drop x amount of money to get it. They are exploiting people's addiction by hanging shiny trinkets behind super low drop rates. Using the phrase, "You are not meant to have everything as a scapegoat."
  16. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    Then please tell them HOW they can make money on a F2P game with roughly 1-3K players, while still trying to keep the game going and paying all the overhead expenses? Sadly, even B2P games are using these same tactics- ESO is great with their loot boxes too... but no where near as bad, but they have roughly 400K players. DCUO is in a tough state, and clearly from the overly monetizing the past few years, it has only gotten worse. But, again, HOW can they make money to pay the bills AND make a profit with so few players, other than to try and make it through their existing method?
  17. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    There will always be something that they can either make cheaper, or increase drop chances of or any other number of actions they can take. Are they supposed to make every single thing in the game free and 100% drop chance? At the end of the day it’s a business and they need to make money.

    And for the record (cause I know someone will comment on it), I’m not saying this to defend them. It’s about me being selfish and knowing that if they change prices and drop rates of some of these items than they would need to make money elsewhere. And those other areas can have a bigger impact with more people. I’d rather not get a few sp and be able to play for minimal money than have to pay in other areas cause some people want to have every shiny thing in the game
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  18. Solarbound Committed Player

    $1.5 K in a week??? Oh boy, they got you good -_-
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  19. DarkThorn Dedicated Player

    What's funny is... I thought about this the other day. I have a co-worker taking a vacation for five days with his family... they expect to spend between $2-3K on this one week trip. What will they have to show for it when they get back?!? NOTHING. Photos they will probably never look at, memories that will fade. Also interesting, most times when someone comes back from a vacation, when asked about it usually the first thing you hear about is all the bad things that happened. And yet, I spend $1.5K on items in a game that will give entertainment for weeks, months or years. Who gets the better value?!?

    People really should look at all the ways they spend their money on frivolous, intangible items before criticizing gamers. I have a friend who has an $800/month fund just for going out to eat. People spend hundreds/thousands a year on going out drinking, partying, smoking, going to movies, restaurants, etc... and have nothing to show for it afterward with very little entertainment value for dollars spent. Gamers spend similar money on a game that gives them weeks, months and years worth of entertainment return, and WE are criticized?!? Not saying anyone here is criticizing, but I've been on the end of criticism in the past when discussing my gaming budget. I don't go out, I don't take vacations, so my gaming budget is my 'vacation'.

    Last year I actually looked into taking a short four-day trip down to Sedona, and it added up to almost $2K for four days!! I'd rather spend $1.5K in a game and have a long-term entertainment investment.
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  20. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    It’s a decent way of looking at it for sure. I’ve spent on the game in spurts plenty of times. Usually in the $100-200 range doing an ally or artifact. I look at it like either I buy something like that that keeps me playing this game or I buy a new console/ new game/ online subscription/ yada yada for almost $1000. I don’t play anything else and my Xbox is the last Gen fancy one so new consoles barely do better than that. The only real difference is fps and my old eyes probably wouldn’t even notice. Plus could always upgrade my pc and play on that instead. My best friend probably buys 4 new games a month. I’ve bought 2 in 4yrs maybe. Most months this game costs me $15. All in since I don’t need to pay for online services thru ps for it.
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