Time capsules suck now

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by OG ELITE, Nov 29, 2019.

  1. OG ELITE Committed Player

    This isn’t a thread to complain of how much you spent or complain about what you didn’t get. This is just to let the devs know, we are done with this crap. I can buy a brand new game for 60 bucks and these devs have gotten to the point of basically charging hundreds for cosmetic pieces for 1 character. It’s well beyond ridiculous at this point. We as players have to put our foot down. The devs taking advantage of us and they know it, that’s why they wont even comment on the subject.

    So use this thread to just vent and let them know we are done.

    Ps hope everybody had a great thanksgiving.
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  2. SkullGang Devoted Player

    Suck now ?

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  3. agent whitecell Steadfast Player

    Tc=easy fts. #brokergame
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  4. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player


    But let's get serious for a second. Uhh...people have been "done with this crap" since the Amazon Time Capsule, and have readily expressed as much with each and EVERY subsequent capsule release. As you can see by the very existence of your own thread....it hasn't really made any kind of impact.

    This is an excellent textbook case of where "actions speaking louder than words" would genuinely apply. Meaning, nothing will change no matter how much people "protest" as a long as significant amount of people keep spending money on keys/capsules. This is just the reality you need to face...or you can keep tilting at windmills.
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  5. OG ELITE Committed Player

    I know people have been complaining I’m just trying to get people to take a stand. This isn’t good business at all. What really bust my chops is I remember when promethium lockboxes came out, we were told then they would alternate new styles into them as a gift to members and somehow that got thrown out so they could charge us more.
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  6. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    Uhh...good luck with that. Many before you have tried, with more persuasive words...but that hasn't made a dent in people's spending habits. And with Episodes having less styles in them (Metal pt 1 & 2 have nothing but base items for their briefings and investigations :rolleyes: brilliant), you will be hard pressed to convince those players to give up the only other alternative for cool styles and cosmetic items.

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  7. kingmasternova Loyal Player

    We need that law above Loot Boxes to pass.
  8. Incenerater New Player

    I honestly don't see that law impacting TC much...... they don't operate like other loot boxes in various other games.
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  9. Marek Committed Player

    Lol I thought the same thing. Now? NOW they suck? Lol

    Tc's wouldn't be a bad thing if they didnt have feats ..... BUT we all know why they are there! Which is some BUUUUUULLLLSSS----!
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  10. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    If anything it has gotten more people to spend more on this particular time capsule than they would or not have on past time capsules. And because of a drastically hyper inflated economy it has people opening past time capsules as well.

    You have tons of players selling hundreds of millions, billions to hundreds of billions of dollars in exchange for cash app, steam caps, psn cards and assorted gift cards etc. Getting that real world money etc... Turning out to be a quite lucrative side hustle. Prices per 100s of millions to billions and billions are better priced than gold seller prices. There is a gold seller site that even gives a 10% bonus if bought through them hahaha.

    I have seen people offering a 100 billion to 500 billion for OG plasmic aura and cosmic materials. And some are saying " there is no money glitch " etc... Gleaming auras that you couldnt give away a year or two ago are now fetching 300 million to a billion a pop? yeah no money glitch. People buying 99 stacks of nth metal caches for a billion are now stacks of 50 for a billion... yeah no money exploit, right?

    You have quite a few players openly and willingly selling the "how to glitch money" for hundreds of bucks. Yesterday some clown wanted 500 bucks for the partial how to do it and 1500 bucks for the full on how to do it. Whether that amount, 1500, was said in jest... who knows. Im sure there was some sucker or few out there that might have pulled the trigger to buy and reproduce. But people that were against doing such are now flaunting their new found billions and more to buy up the ultra rares, stash their money in nth metal cashes, catalysts etc.

    Its been almost two weeks since Proxy has posted about the economy that lasted 32 pages, 700+ replies and over 20k views. Players have known before that, that some thing was up with the economy but the Neon Chromas just vaulted out of the chute at a billion + just set the wheels in motion to bring the hyper-hyper inflation to the front.

    Before the thread was shut down, the devs, if they were serious about it, could have checked in game and observe for while to see something isnt right and temporarily suspended the trades and AH. Perception is they dont care and to a degree kinda encourage it.

    None of these players will show how to exploit and glitch money for free. You'll have to pay to find out. There might be some player(s) there that paid to find out, or even got in the right circles to find out and once it works can post in the new task force x private forum.

    #waitingfordcuoeconomicnuclearfallout #waitingformassdumpsterfires #waitingforplayerscryinglouderthanfiretruckandairraidsirens
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  11. nawanda Committed Player

    I love this. Great post. Won’t achieve anything because they sincerely don’t give a flying one, but it feels good to just get together and slate the big stinking pile of dogs**t that is time capsules.
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  12. Isif Well-Known Player

    It may be best to let the economy get to a natural tipping point, glitch or no glitch. I would say that most reasonable people will look at the broker prices and drop rates, then walk away. If no one is getting smart to shenanigans, then let them enjoy themselves on the hamster wheel. DC is a hungry beast and just because I'm not willing to feed it anymore, it doesn't mean that many others are not willing to throw it tabls scraps. When it gets hungry enough it will just eat itself. Chaos is entertaining at times. Spend, spend, black friday, must obey.:)
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  13. HurricaneErrl Well-Known Player

    Most games would have froze all sales on the broker at the very least by now. If the glitch is as big as we think, this game is toast. It's a tough hole to climb out of now that they let it get so deep. No matter what they do it's going to be World War 3 in game and the forum
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  14. SugarHoneyIcedTeaMix Well-Known Player

    oh wow........ and it only took a few of y'all (because there's still a bunch of people still buying keys) 19 capsules to finally realize how bad time capsules are. Been preaching for awhile that buying direct off the market place for a reasonable price was the way to go but people nowadays like gambling or aka supporting the game as some put it. Nothing will change if your wallet doesn't close its legs.... er flaps.
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  15. nawanda Committed Player

    I’m not really sure I buy the premise that if enough people stop buying stabilisers, it will change. Even if they phased out TCs, they would come up with some other nonsense to try to rip us off. Admittedly, any replacement such scheme would struggle to be as unethical as time capsules, which encourage and feed upon impulsive and compulsive behaviours and encourage players of all age groups to gamble.

    No age checks.
    No transparency of odds.
    No encouragement to spend responsibly.
    No ability for players to set spending limits.

    No duty of care.
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  16. FoolsFire Loyal Player

    - - Button Mashing - -

    2013 - Taking down totems in Paradox Wave

    2019 - Refreshing Broker window
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  17. Lugo Well-Known Player

    The devs have caught on to the old trick of exploiting their player's weaknesses for profit. A lot of players just want to take the easy route to feats, cool styles and SPs, time capsules offer that easy route. You can literally not play any of the game anymore and just keep buying TCs to gear up and get SPs.

    And what do these players who pour their money into these exploitative TCs get in return? Another Gotham DLC with ugly graphics. I'm pretty sure we're at a point now where there's more endgame gear in TCs than their is in the actual content the devs make.

    And since it's way easier to just drop all the styles, feats and SPs into TCs instead of making content you can actually play and content that actually expands the game and lore, they devs will continue to drop them until the game dies.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the plan is to just see how long they can continue to feed off the players until it isn't enough money to hold them over until the next Gotham DLC.

    Plus I feel like a lot of players don't come to the forums. Maybe if they did we'd see more complaints about TCs and maybe start to finally be heard.

    Anyway yeah I hate TCs too lol
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  18. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    I'd rather go shopping w/ friends instead of opening/buying TCs while I have no clue what they are going to give me.
    Hope you won't get omitted because of being blunt.
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  19. Controller Loyal Player

    Time Capsules CAN be a headache.

    I've opened up as many as 80 of these things at time and could NOT complete one of the collections. I did complete 2-3. I think this was the LAST iteration of these things when this happened.

    I follow my Good Man Kenny Rogers' advice for these TCs:

    "You gotta know when to hold em'.......know when to fold them......know when to walk away.....know when to run........."

    The vast majority of the time I only budget like 20$ for these things when they come out, open what I can...then WALK AWAY. The 80$ I spent at the beginning of this post was from me saving up like 20 Stabilizers and then taking advantage of a Stabilizer sale.
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  20. Tabby Belle Well-Known Player

    When I watch the official streams, there are a lot of people asking when the next TC is coming. And when they do the TC preview streams, a bunch of people are like, "Take my money!"

    I'm pretty sure a goodly amount of players disagree with you (and me, as I'm usually not a big fan of the TC stuff... except Hawk's Edge is a really nice style to me).
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