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  1. NlNJUTSU New Player

    Hello DCUO Quantum community!
    I have found a comfortable loadout that maximizes PI's for melee DPS. If anyone wants to try it out and see if it fits their playstyle, please do and let me know if there's any way to improve it.

    Loadout: Time Shift - Gravity Well - Singularity - Gravity Bomb/Time Bubble - Anomaly - Warped Reality

    : Anomaly > Clip w/ Warped Reality > Weapon Combo > Singularity > Clip w/ Gravity Bomb/Time Bubble > Gravity Well > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Time Shift > Weapon Combo > Repeat
    Anomaly destabilizes enemies while Warped Reality makes weapon attacks Graviton-Charged enemies. Go into a weapon combo(keep in mind the situation you're in, single or multiple target weapon combo) to Graviton-Charged enemies, then clip your weapon combo with Singularity (so enemies will become Polarized), clip w/ Gravity Bomb or Time Bubble (do you like extra damage or a shield?), and then use Gravity Well. Your DoT's are casted and you can go into a weapon combo clipped with a power (Time Shift or Einstein's Ray) until your powers cool down and repeat by clipping the next weapon combo with Anomally.

    Thoughts on key DPS powers in Time tree
    Anomaly has great range to set up destabilized PI. Similar to the range of Tectonic Break from Earth, both powers' animations don't look like they have range, but they do.

    Time Shift is a great weapon clip move, it does slightly more damage than Einstein's Ray. It splits when there is a large amount of enemies.

    Thoughts on key DPS powers in Space tree
    Singularity is a great burst damage power to set up the polarized PI, the 4 ticks that it receives is very small damage but it has a fast cool down.

    Warped Reality is OK, it gives 4 PROCs but not a notable weapon damage increase. IMO it is not on par with Ice Bash, Fiery Weapon, or Reinforce.

    Alcubierre Wave is a great move to set up the Graviton-Charged PI on multiple target situations, but I prefer using Warped Reality then going into a weapon combo that hits multiple targets (ex. spin chop) to get enemies under the PI. It all depends on however the player wants to get enemies Graviton-Charged.

    Gravity Bomb is basically our Gauss Grenade, very fast animation, cool down, and burst damage. It splits damage when it hits multiple targets.

    Gravity Well is our version of Wintry Tempest and Inferno. A great AoE DoT that does 9 ticks of damage.

    Overall thoughts on Quantum DPS
    This a great new power that is on par with HL and Gadgets (if it was not for the recent fixes to HL and Whirling Dervish, we would not be on par). Quantum takes a little bit of other powers and balances it all out. We have great PI's, DoT's, 4Sec Cast 60% damage modifier and finisher, similar to Ice and Fire (Tachyon Blast, Gravity Well, Energy Expulsion). We also have great burst damage (too many to list). My favorite power was Ice, and I don't regret switching to Quantum at all. The reason I enjoyed Ice was because of the balanced DoTs and burst damage. Quantum is the same playstyle with better visuals, great job devs!
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  2. kgghk New Player

    So many quantum guides!!!!
    This one actually looks like a guide though! +1
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  3. Solarstar New Player

    I'm pretty sure it was three weeks. The first Origin Crisis stream: Meet the Council, was on the 17th, the same day they told us that they put the powerset on the Test Server. The 24th was the Quantum Powerset Stream so we had a week to play with the powerset. May 1st was the 2nd week that Quantum was on the Test Server, and that consisted of the Iconic Anomaly and T5 Ops. Today is May 8th and the powerset has been up on the Test Server for three weeks now.

    I was doing this for everyone's benefit so they can have a look and see and go from there.

    BTW, I could care less about being first.

    So I need to fix some stuff... so sue me for typing my butt off for two hours:p
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  4. Whizzkid Dedicated Player

    Lol, judging by the amount of them It looks like everyone wanted to be first lol.
  5. Captain Domino Committed Player

    Hm...are you sure we're not secret lovers?
  6. MstSage New Player

    I really wish people would use my example when putting loadouts up because yeah we see the powers we need but it is so easy to make a misstep when picking your powers
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  7. Rebelyon New Player

    Trying out a ranged rifle build speccing into Space tree since I am a Controller mainly.

    Controller role

    Grav Field - Singularity - Grav Bomb - QT - TE - WoP

    Damage role

    Grav Field - Singularity - Grav Bomb - WR - QT - EE

    Any thoughts? Only issue I have is with the placement of where I end up after using QT as sometimes you might actually move towards the big angry miniboss/boss by accident. But its still a cool move overall though especially for ranged builds.

    Overall I feel like Quantum is a mix of Gadget and Mental. The damage role feels like a dot based Gadget but the controlling side has a definite Mental feel.
  8. Diastima Theos New Player

    I know this might be too much to ask but if possible, I would love it if you had pictures along with your guide. If not though, thank you so much for this guide. I'm kind of new but I'll try my best to understand.
  9. renzhe New Player

    Excellent. No one is using the loadout that I would use (for both DPS and Trolling).

    Quantum is balanced, whether you go heavy on just 1 tree, or a balance of both trees, for either pure DPS or pure Troll or a DPS/Troll hybrid. Despite the reduction in speed, it is still an extremely fun power to use.

    The insane speed of Quantum DPS got cut down in half when they decided to change Time Shift, by lengthening the animation. WHY? :confused: Took the wind off the sails really. The speed dropoff is akin to when MA's speed was reduced.
  10. NlNJUTSU New Player

    So after further testing of DPS rotations and loadouts, I have found another loadout and rotation that would maximize damage potential using only the Graviton-Charged PI. The destabilized PI in the Time tree, doesn't really have much valuable powers to compensate for the lack of DoTs when casting destabilized on an enemy. The only damage powers it has are Time Shift, Time Bomb, and Warp Barrage which are not the powers I'm looking for in a fast paced clipping rotation.

    Loadout: Time Bubble - Gravity Well - Singularity - Gravity Bomb - Quantum Tunneling - Warped Reality
    Rotation: Warped Reality > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Singularity > Gravity Well > Clip w/ Time Bubble > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Gravity Bomb > Weapon Combo > Repeat

    You would start out with Warped Reality, in order to cast Graviton-Charged on enemies hit by weapon attacks. Go into a weapon combo(single or multiple target weapon combo to cast Graviton-Charged depending on situation), clip your weapon combo with Singularity(to make enemies Polarized), then use Gravity Well and clip Gravity Well's lengthy animation with Time Bubble. Your DoTs are set, and you can begin going into weapon combos clipped with Gravity Bomb until your powers are off cooldown. I didn't really have another power to add into the rotation, so I just chose Quantum Tunneling for the last power for those near death moments ;).
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  11. renzhe New Player

    Time Shift was the fastest power in Quantum, keyword being was. In the previous version, you could clip out of Time Shift, or just go from Time Shift instantly into weapon combo and clip that with powers etc.

    Now, Time Shift is sssslllllooooowwww. :(
  12. NlNJUTSU New Player

    Aww dang, that sucks. I didn't get to try it in the test server so I don't know how good it was pre-nerf. I really enjoy the Time Shift's damage on Destabilized enemies, Anomaly's burst damage hits pretty hard too when you're setting up the PI...its just that I don't use it enough compared to the powers from the Space Tree so I can do without them. The only thing I feel that's missing in Quantum is a power that surrounds our character while inflicting ticks if enemies are near (such as Bitter Winds in Ice or Cryo Field in Gadgets). But we got Quantum Tunneling instead, which doesn't satisfy my need of a DoT shield :(.
  13. NlNJUTSU New Player

    My suggestion would be to replace Quantum Tunneling with Tachyon Blast. So right before you use Energy Expulsion throw out a Tachyon Blast, it would have a 60% damage buff and even more damage when your enemy is below 35% health. It all depends if you enjoy QT or want to try something new, because when I was Fire and Ice DPS using a ranged loadout, I always used Fire Blast then Snuff Out or Frost Blast then Impaling Ice and got good results from it. Try it out and see what kind of damage you'll get from your finisher with a 60% damage modifier. Your finisher with a 60% modifier while the enemy is below 35% health will likely crit for 2000 to 3000 depending on your might.
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  14. Rebelyon New Player

    Did not know that and went ahead to get WoP as my oh **** power... Thanks for the find and now I can go all blue!

    Sadly as a Space tree Controller, I do not have enough points for Tach Blast. Guess I have to survive on 50% modifiers... :( Good thing damage is not my main role though.
  15. mgkaenzo New Player

    After test a lot the dps move I will recommend to spec in space tree, I don't take SC because oblivion do good damage at melee but not at range but I love the finisher I hit 4k on futur batman without trinket or boost and only in full T4.
    My loadout is : gravity well - A. Wave - Warped reality - energy expulsion - singularity - gravity bomb
    You can also take inspiral wave but gravity bomb is faster and has 50% dmg mod angainst 35% for inspiral wave, but inspiral wave use less power so I could be good if you donw.t like use too much power.
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  16. Red Hood New Player

  17. Cataclyzm New Player

    I'm surprised I haven't seen distortion wave mentioned by more of these dps guides, maybe it's because you have to be somewhat close range but this has got to be my fav power right now. Oh and I'm liking this guide +1 from me!
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  18. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    My control loadout: tach burst, temp extortion, time bomb, warp barrage, event horizon and q-tunnel. I have everything I need plus the time dps SC for regular game play and the DPS iconics.
  19. AIpha New Player

    Quantum Qonundrum's Loadout: Alcubbire Wave-Singularity-Warped Reality-Gravity Well-Tachyon Blast-Oblivion

    Rotation: Alcubbire Wave->Singularity/Warped Reality->Weapon Combo/Gravity Well->Weapon Combo/Tachyon Blast->Singularity->Repeat.
  20. JEEBIE New Player

    That's exactly it. I cannot use the time tree effectivly because I can't set up a PI from range. Distortion is great but I have to be mid range or closer which puts me in danger in the t5 content.

    When doing old content sure it'd work fine in a melee loadout, but who changes their loadout to do old easy content?
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