Throne of the Dead is un PUGable

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Dominic Blue, Oct 21, 2021.

  1. Mentaldope40 Dedicated Player

    Wise idea!
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  2. Kestral Committed Player

    The only thing about this raid that makes it Hell is the fact that any (player/pet/add) that hits Essence that is not a Player in Tank role heals it. And so you will get stuck in this raid for eternity by one idiot who doesn't listen.

    The only alteration the devs would have to do is remove this role requirement. That's it and the raid is fine to pug. But they do occasionally get their kicks out of our suffering so enjoy the wait for the new content.
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  3. Random Mind Dedicated Player

    Thanks for the recommendations, I will definitely check them out before attempting the raid.
  4. Ergotth Committed Player

    Heck, even with planned team, its almost IMPOSSIBLE because the adds also heal the essence by their presene and they seem to LOVE swarming around it, even when one tank group-pulls everyone to the other tank can fish the essence out of the group, the adds STILL herd around it.
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  5. Ergotth Committed Player

    Personaly I think Gates of Tartarus would've been much more fun, plus a HUGE blast from the past to long-time nostalgic players like me.
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  6. VariableFire Loyal Player

    It certainly hasn't been working in the 4mans since the beginning. I don't think it works in Omnibus either.
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  7. HymanRosen New Player

    Today, I tried queuing up in elite, normal, and event. All went exactly the same - dying, Essence of War staying at full health, players constantly dropping to be replaced by new ones, usually only a single tank, ultimately disband in failure.

    Also, more generally, a lot of the older elite content was hard for PUGs even at full CR. Capped, it's nothing but frustration. Same thing - death, dropping, disbanding. Atlantis: The Throne is like that, at least when I can queue into it, which is essentially never.
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  8. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Kinda like Batman in PCe with the red balls

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  9. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I think Throne of the Dead (Elite) as it is is fine, maybe Ares health a little too high.

    Expecting level 10s in event to have two tanks to do the essence mechanic is probably asking a bit much though.
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  10. Jurandyr Ross Well-Known Player

    Literally any other Wonder Woman raid would have been preferable to this.
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  11. zNot Loyal Player

    The issue with TOTD E is that anyone who isnt using a buff troller with 200 artifacts and the right artifacts,all dps ideally prec dps (ideally gadgets),one or 2 EOG spamming healers is gonna have 3x times more difficulty then those that dont use it. The top endgame leagues flexxing but using the most OP things the game has aviable. Nerf these things and then the content is difficult for them too. Its a cakewalk when people use OP things.

    Yes the HP of ares is indeed high and if you dont have meta power/or prec dps and a buff troller good luck! you wont even finish first boss lol its takes too long,the longer the fight the higher the likelyhood of dying top endgame leagues do x times more damage to the boss guess what they have less likelyhood of dying and therefor decrease the difficulty of the raid.

    The meta artifacts pretty much makes it that skill isnt even a thing just use gadget/prec dps,buff troller,eog spamm heals and have a whole group do that and call that „skill“ lol.

    As much as i want difficult elite raids if only top end game leagues benefit from this because they use OP things thats not right the gap between players even at elite is large due to gadget and buff trolling followed by eog spamm the solution is to closen the gap they are miles ahead not because they are so „skilled“ sure thats a factor but mainly due to the meta things in the game that they use.

    Oh yea and a water healer that spamms shields on second boss. Great great skill.
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  12. Essential Exobyte Committed Player

    Ain’t even queueing this up. This weekly crap is a whole lotta weird. When is an actual episode gonna come out?
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  13. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I qued into it on my 2 low levels. Such a disaster lol. Just reg, didn't try event. Trolling one even tho I only qued as dps because someone wouldn't switch. Wiped to the adds 3x. Then only ever had 1 tank. So I left and said try to get 2nd tank. Logged into my water alt and did FP weekly's. Then qued it up again, as dps only again, and got into the same group. At least the adds were dead. 344 healer was suffering so I switched to heals to help out. So 2 tanks and 2 heals. 1 tank wouldn't mic up and wouldn't pull the adds away from the tank fighting the essence. So bailed again and switched to my tank...

    Ran fp weekly's on him and qued right back into the same group. Bumped into an old friend that I met about 10yrs ago on here so that was cool. 2 tanks. We did everything right. Except 1 player kept hitting the essence while I had him buried in a corner. He was a troll and kept pulling other adds to me. Started vote to disband at 67mins and probably 40 players thru. We tried telling them what to do several times.

    Got some of the crew together on our alts. Built a group for elite. 3 tanks. Took us a few tries to sort out who is doing what but ended up with ice tank on essence, atomic tank on ares, and fire tank on adds. Had to go 2 healers because the ones we picked up were not well built by any means. Power troll. Lots of wipes. So we learnt a few things. 3 tanks, 2 heals running eog, buff troll only, prec gadgets dps only. Anything else is a slogfest. Just takes an hour to burn Ares down. I wasn't happy having to kick or rebuild the group because so many people we brought in were decent but they weren't the ideal group make up so they had to go.

    Since we went into full experiment trial run, I switched to my main. Healed for a bit, could solo heal it but I couldn't eog since I had to have every heal at my disposal. But you could never run 1 heal after Ares since they may get sent downstairs. But then I switched to dps to see how a pet build goes in there. It goes fine if you know what you're doing. Stayed to the far left of the room and tank was dragging essence to the far right. Easy peasy, no issues with pets. Ares was tanked right where he spawns and adds were tanked near entrance. So saying "no pets" isn't truly neccessary but a good idea for the new players.
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  14. Swamarian Committed Player

    I tried pugging the event version. We actually had 2 tanks, and one was able to take down the essence. Unfortunately, we didn't have the burn to quickly take down Ares, so the essence respawned, and eventually we wiped. Also, the tank fighting the essence kept complaining about it resetting, which is never good.
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  15. The Doctor Time Lord Committed Player

    It's always been un-puggable. Which is really puzzling considering the fact that the mechanic on the first boss (where most groups fall apart) is super simple. All you really have to do is pay attention.
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  16. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    In this case.... even the Event version will be unpuggable.

    You would have thought that they would have made the Event version playable for everyone..... not really. :(
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  17. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    The essence mechanic is the same in 'Event' (which is just reg/clamped really). It's a lot easier, but it's still an un-ignorable mechanic, except for if you want to just sit there burning Ares through the shields as IonHero points out. I haven't tried that, but in theory it would work....just take forever. And it only takes 1 yahoo to screw up the mechanic.
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  18. Darth Piper Loyal Player

    First boss has some basic requirements:
    1. Pay attention
    2. Communicate
    3. Get out of your personal headspace and work as a team... if someone tells you to stop doing something, THEN STOP EFFING DOING THAT.
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  19. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    Which is why Throne was an abysmally poor choice.
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  20. LeagueOfV Dedicated Player

    Another fun situation is all the pets healing the essence. People have RSK, grim, quizlet, etc. Event is possible with 1 tank, but everyone in the group has to be in chat or know exactly what to do. The event version is just the clamped one, that was already a pain explaining to people what to do for the past 2 months.
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