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  1. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player

    Eh the title says it all.

    I personally like some aspects of augments and I personally hate other aspects. The DLC might actually be worth playing though.
  2. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Can you summarize for people at work?
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  3. High Troller Loyal Player

    no...only thoughts on this thread
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  4. Balistical Ice Loyal Player

    Sorry, I set my phone down for a few and forgot to respond.

    New Red Robin and Cyborg Gear. Both can be Enhanced.

    New OP Piece (Feet)

    New Duo (?)s
    New Alert
    New Raid
    New Elite Raid that looks awesome yet also like a pain in the a** lol.

    New Teen Titans open world area.


    And a few styles from the last boss of the raid

    The artwork is AMAZING, especially the last boss
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  5. DCUO SmackThem Well-Known Player


    They look alright.
    Gear inspired by: Cyborg, and the other one I missed, but I believe it’s Robin inspired.
    OP item: Damien Wayne’s boots


    Well they went by their word, and removed mods
    It’s kind of like the artifact system with breakthroughs, catalysts and all that, but the augments have their own seperate inventory to reduce clutter in the main inventory.
    Generator mods are going to drop as loot items, and they can’t be crafted anymore.
    Gathering feats, creating mods feats and most R&D feats in that regard will be completed for those who missed them since those things can’t be crafted anymore.
    I might’ve missed some because there’s a lot and I don’t fully understand the augment system myself.
    (There is a very high chance augments will be monetized)

    Teen Titans:
    It looks like a great episode, you’ll have to see for yourself when it drops
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  6. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    Thanks a lot to those that responded lol
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  7. Ully Committed Player

    Another concern I have relative to the augment system is, Alt Friendliness. Unlike Artifacts which are not Alt Friendly, I worry that augments will follow suit and make it difficult for players to keep Alts at end level.
  8. Unida Dedicated Player

    seems like an overcomplication of something that kinda sucked anyway. should spend the time on making PVP great again.
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  9. DamianWayneJasonTodd Level 30

    I was confused on what you do with your current mods and the stacks of exobytes I have. Specifically the exobytes how do they convert? Also does the Golden “food”decide what to give you based on the mods you have socketed or based on your cr
  10. TechWarrior0329 Steadfast Player

    Seems like at some point in every discussion of this kind a post like this appears. Now I won't totally burst your bubble because anything is possible SOME DAY. But facts are facts and the fact is while they won;t come right out and say it I'd say its pretty obvious that the Dev team. as instructed by the higher ups at Daybreak, have pretty much given up on the PvP side of the game completely. It's been HOW long since anything new was developed that was specific to PVP?

    A huge indicator to any and all should have been the change on the character creator.. When I first started here 7 plus years ago you had the option to create a strictly PVP character... Now any character you create is PvE and you have to wait to even go to the watch Tower or Hall of Doom and phase to get that PVP flag flying above your head. Another huge indicator? Okay I think we are all pretty well aware that Time Capsules are their big money maker ... We have had how many of those since the first one came along? And how many of those had a option to take PvP gear instead of PvE? Another would be artifacts. We can just go buy the catalysts from vendors now but until earlier this week catalysts fell by running specific content. Was there a single catalyst that required a player to run PvP content? Like I said everything they do revolves around the PvE side of the game.

    My guess on why would be they looked at who was playing the game and what and how they were playing and the VAST majority were only playing the PvE side of things. With limited funding and manpower the decision came down for the top to just ignore PvP and concentrate on what was paying the bills.

    I've played MMOs long enough to know that they will never just completely do away with PvP... there will always be a group that wants it and if it doesn't exist will simply go find another game but the idea that they will place any PvE improvements (including new DLCs) on hold for an extended period to concentrate on PvP? Never going to happen... They lost some of the player base when they put DLCs on hold to do the Stats revamp and that was something the PVE players were screaming for.

    Again I hate to dissolution you but getting any serious amount of effort placed on improving PVP just does not seem to be on anyone's to do list.
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  11. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    They need more solo content in these things. I just hit the level where I have no solo stuff I can do for marks, so I'm SoL for progression unless I can manage to team up with people, which doesn't always work due to my erratic schedule. Very Frustrating.
  12. Ascended Well-Known Player

    The gear styles look good, but the lack of an emblem on the Cyborg gear annoys me. Mepps and NerdofPrey say it's distracting and really "locks" you character into a particular visual iconography to leave the emblem on the suit, but they had no problem including the double "R" for Red Robin's. But other than that minor gripe both styles look good.

    I can't speak much for the content, because I stopped watching in order to avoid spoilers.

    Augments.....I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. I like that they removed a lot of the crafting materials, that should reduce the time it takes to get resources accumulated. I like that the augments aren't attached to gear; that'll make switching into newer pieces easier and less frustrating. And I *think* they said the basic augments won't have breakthroughs, we'll just keep leveling them indefinitely without having to farm specific catalysts. I really like that.

    I dislike how some of these more advanced augments are tied to DLC's; what's the point in investing in a augment's level when it'll become less viable with the next content drop? And I'm sure they'll monetize the system which I find annoying (though like with time capsules and artifacts you don't *need* to spend the money, just your time).

    The graphics for the augments looks great, and I like that it has its own inventory so we don't clutter up our regular one any more than we already do. It'd be nice if we could get the same thing for Nth Metal and similar resources.

    I think it'll be an improvement.....but the crafting system was pretty lackluster anyway so the bar is pretty low. We'll see how it goes in practical application, but the devs have been doing right by me for a while now (you know, mostly) so I'm hopeful that this will work out.
  13. FoolsFire Devoted Player

    Does anyone else think that those of us who already completed certain feats should get something extra?

    We had to do a LOT of grinding to get some of this stuff done.
  14. High Troller Loyal Player

    based on your CR
  15. Dazz-252 Committed Player

    Overall, Augments is welcomed in my opinion. I and many are tired spending so much time modding gear, especially with multiple ALTS. It's stale, anything new is welcomed. Now we can mod on the go. More time spent elsewhere.

    Yes, I've heard about draw backs with PVP mods and only 4 Golden Exobytes etc. But if that is the case I don't mind putting in the extra work for something fresh.

    Again, that's just my opinion.
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  16. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    No. You already had the "something extra", you had access to the SP from those Feats since the day you got them. What about people who are 95% done with the Feat when it gets removed? Should you get more than them? Where do you draw the line?

    Also, this isn't a new thing. When a change to the game makes a Feat obsolete or impossible, they grant it to people who didn't have it so they won't be disadvantaged by not being able to get it any more (Valentines seasonal feats, for example). The only other way to keep things equal would be to remove the Feats and SP from those who had done it previously.
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  17. Unida Dedicated Player

    no need to pop any bubbles. ive been here since launch, lifetime account - bought the game.more than well aware of the current game focus and also romanticise the days when it was also fun. i actually re-installed the game for the first time in about 6-7 months the other day n logged in after checking out the livestream. dunno when the next time will be....

    if they put up a old build server with clipping era pvp and one with all the SM's on it - id probably check that out tbh :p