Thoughts and loadout for Quantum DPS.

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  1. NlNJUTSU New Player

    Hello DCUO Quantum community!
    I have found a comfortable loadout that maximizes PI's for melee DPS. If anyone wants to try it out and see if it fits their playstyle, please do and let me know if there's any way to improve it.

    Loadout: Time Shift - Gravity Well - Singularity - Gravity Bomb/Time Bubble - Anomaly - Warped Reality

    : Anomaly > Clip w/ Warped Reality > Weapon Combo > Singularity > Clip w/ Gravity Bomb/Time Bubble > Gravity Well > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Time Shift > Weapon Combo > Repeat
    Anomaly destabilizes enemies while Warped Reality makes weapon attacks Graviton-Charged enemies. Go into a weapon combo(keep in mind the situation you're in, single or multiple target weapon combo) to Gravity-Charged enemies, then clip your weapon combo with Singularity (so enemies will become Polarized), clip w/ Gravity Bomb or Time Bubble (do you like extra damage or a shield?), and then use Gravity Well. Your DoT's are cast and you go into a weapon combo clipped with a power (Time Shift or Einstein's Ray) and repeat by clipping the next weapon combo with Anomally.

    Thoughts on key DPS powers in Time tree
    Anomaly has great range to set up destabilized PI. Similar to the range of Tectonic Break from Earth, both powers' animations don't look like they have range, but they do.

    Time Shift is a great weapon clip move, it does slightly more damage than Einstein's Ray. I believe it splits when there are large amount of targets.

    Thoughts on key DPS powers in Space tree
    Singularity is a great burst damage power to set up the polarized PI, the 4 ticks that it receives is very small damage but it has a fast cool down.

    Warped Reality is OK, it gives 4 PROCs but not a notable weapon damage increase. IMO it is not on par with Ice Bash, Fiery Weapon, or Reinforce.

    Alcubierre Wave is a great move to set up the Graviton-Charged PI on multiple target situations, but I prefer using Warped Reality then going into a weapon combo that hits multiple targets (ex. spin chop) to get enemies under the PI. It all depends on however the player wants to get enemies Graviton-Charged.

    Gravity Bomb is basically our Gauss Grenade, very fast animation, cool down, and burst damage. It splits damage when it hits multiple targets.

    Gravity Well is our version of Wintry Tempest and Inferno. A great AoE DoT that does 9 ticks of damage.

    Overall thoughts on Quantum DPS
    This a great new power that is on par with HL and Gadgets (if it was not for the recent fixes to HL and Whirling Dervish, we would not be on par). Quantum takes a little bit of other powers and balances it all out. We have great PI's, DoT's, 4Sec Cast 60% damage modifier and finisher, similar to Ice and Fire (Tachyon Blast, Gravity Well, Energy Expulsion). We also have great burst damage (too many to list). My favorite power was Ice, and I don't regret switching to Quantum at all. The reason I enjoyed Ice was because of the balanced DoTs and burst damage. Quantum is the same playstyle with better visuals, great job devs!
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  2. The Debater New Player

    Nice post. I found myself in the test server using singularity a lot. I just started my quantum guy today and so far I liked pairing him with flight, bow skill set, and the space tree I believe.
  3. The Debater New Player

    Also Einstein's Ray is pretty nice considering the uppercut after using it.
  4. thoughtpatern New Player

    what im noticing here is the time tree seems to be the tree that is limited in range. anomaly - there isnt really a clear indication of FX how far out this goes, but im sure with testing and a close eye it can be determined fairly easily.

    time tree to me seems to be great for multi target stuff.. but i can say im not a fan of time bomb as of this time. just seems kinda slow at times. also correct me if im wrong here but the time bomb isnt quite like tesla ball where if i use it on an enemy at range, it seems to appear just before the enemy and then advance until it explodes. I almost like it more without the pi because it blows up faster

    one thing im wondering is if its worth it to use time shift in lieu of say acrobats throwing knives. as the knives has a greater range, and really doesnt split much at all. it may hit one less target but still very similar attacks. power usage may be a factor here.

    anyways just what i noticed so far. and so far im enjoying the quantum power.
  5. NlNJUTSU New Player

    So after further testing of DPS rotations and loadouts, I have found another loadout and rotation that would maximize damage potential using only the Graviton-Charged PI. The destabilized PI in the Time tree, doesn't really have much valuable powers to compensate for the lack of DoTs when casting destabilized on an enemy. The only damage powers it has are Time Shift, Time Bomb, and Warp Barrage which are not the powers I'm looking for in a fast paced clipping rotation.

    Loadout: Time Bubble - Gravity Well - Singularity - Gravity Bomb - Quantum Tunneling - Warped Reality
    Rotation: Warped Reality > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Singularity > Gravity Well > Clip w/ Time Bubble > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Gravity Bomb > Weapon Combo > Repeat

    You would start out with Warped Reality, in order to cast Graviton-Charged on enemies hit by weapon attacks. Go into a weapon combo(single or multiple target weapon combo to cast Graviton-Charged depending on situation), clip your weapon combo with Singularity(to make enemies Polarized), then use Gravity Well and clip Gravity Well's lengthy animation with Time Bubble. Your DoTs are set, and you can begin going into weapon combos clipped with Gravity Bomb until your powers are off cooldown. I didn't really have another power to add into the rotation, so I just chose Quantum Tunneling for the last power for those near death moments ;).
  6. Jax Prime New Player

    If only this could have been somehow precision based
  7. kgghk New Player

    noooooooooo all my dps gear is
  8. Jax Prime New Player

    All my DPS gear is Prec.

    I want to try Quantum out. Seems like it will be more useful than HL currently is. Might have to farm dem exobits :(
  9. ShadowAura New Player

    I doubt I'm using the best build in the world, and I don't really bother with clipping all that much. BUT, the loadout I did enjoy using the most on test that I'll be using for live is Alcubierre Waves, Singularity, Gravity Well, Anomaly, Tachyon Blast, Oblivion.

    End result is Alcubierre Waves does an AOE PI setup, Singularity brings the enemies into a nice little ball and acts on the PI, which Gravity Well can also act on to do some nice damage. The damage buff isn't too bad either. For more singular targets or when I need a higher dmg buff, then there's Anomaly followed by Tachyon Blast for a PI + high dmg abil. Oblivion... it speaks for itself.
  10. NlNJUTSU New Player

    It can be if you use your weapon a lot, it all depends on your style of play. For my mods I went Precision & Might for red sockets, and Precision & Health/Power for the rest. I try to aim for a balance of might and precision.
  11. NlNJUTSU New Player

    Anomaly has pretty good 360 AoE range, maybe not super far but still good. If you have ever played Earth before and used tectonic break, its similar to that because both their visuals are misleading in range but they do hit from a good distance.

    I'm not a fan of Time Bomb either, I haven't played the power that has Tesla Ball so I can't relate to your comparison. My playstyle doesn't include a slow moving exploding power, I like to set DoTs, clip, attack, and repeat.

    Time Shift is a great move to clip any weapon combo. If you feel like you need a power to clip your throwing knives animation, Time Shift is great for low power usage clip or Gravity Bomb for great burst damage.
  12. AIpha New Player

    Unless they changed anomalies range it does not it as far as tectonic does. Anomaly is about 10-15 ft aoe while distortion wave and tectonic are about 20-25ft
  13. NlNJUTSU New Player

    Oh thanks for clearing that up. Do you know if anomaly hits a maximum target of enemies, and if the damage splits up at a certain amount of enemies? It does pretty decent damage, but I have no use for it and the destabilized powers atm.
  14. AIpha New Player

    I haven't tried it since live but on test it was a max of 4 targets and it will damage split. Distortion wave is much better. It hits 3 times(once a pulse) has a wider range and can destabilize all the targets it passes through.
  15. Black Jaq Loyal Player

    Speaking as a Quantum Time Controller playing with Quantum Space DPS last night, i would lile to see DPS use warped reality over Alc Wave just for the power cost. I would see him using Alc Wave just for two targets which was a waste as he was melee DPS. Not saying DPS should not use it but just to be mindful of the power consumption.
  16. Onicks New Player

    i have been trying so many different load outs but right now i am going for a distance build. This T5 content is BRUTAL for melee at the beginning.

    Load out using Dual Pistols: Gravity Well, Gravity Bomb, Warped Reality, Anomaly, Techyon Blast, Temporal Vortex (SC 25%)

    so far it seems OK, i am sure there are many better combos which i am looking forward to reading and trying out.
  17. BrownMamba New Player

    I thought wave hit everyone that was effected does it only apply the P.I. for 2 enemies? I like wave more because it's faster and I don't like the animation for warped reality. I will test this out tonight.
  18. Booster New Player

    I've been focusing on the time tree so far. TC is sooo right about Anomaly into Time Shift; it's really effective. I've also had some success with then shifting between Warp Barrage and Time Bomb for single targets and groups- Warp Barrage is about as good as Tachyon Blast (which doesn't hit for much at all for all the waiting IMO) but fairly insta-cast (although there's a delay between cast and hit). Time bomb reminds me of Tesla Ball although I find it to be much more effective than my memories of that. Time Bubble is also very handy, and I've had a load of success with Event Horizon for my SC. Protects you and any size group from damage, restores power, and reflects back damage. Super super handy.
  19. JEEBIE Devoted Player

    More useful than HL? Hard to beat HL, even at ranged they are still very solid.

    I am loving quantum though =).

    Anomaly with a bunch of space tree powers? May I ask why? Also you say long range but anomaly is a close-mid range AE attack, so you can't hit with it from far away. Just thoughts on your loadout. Mine uses 4 out of 6 of those powers though hehe. Temporal Vortex and Anomaly are the only two I don't use, I swap those for Tunneling and Singularity.
  20. NlNJUTSU New Player

    This was the last loadout that I came up with and enjoyed the most before I switched back to Ice powers. Quantum just doesn't have enough DoTs to feed my need of balanced DoTs and burst like Ice has, if only Quantum had a DoT shield like Cryo Field or Bitter Winds then I would've stayed.
    *Has room for 3 iconic powers.
    Loadout: Time Bubble - Gravity Well - Singularity - Inspiral Waves - Alcubierre Wave - Warped Reality
    Rotation Alcubierre Wave > Clip w/ Warped Reality > Weapon Combo > Clip w/ Singularity > Gravity Well > Clip w/ Time Bubble > Weapon Combo > Clip with Inspiral Waves > Weapon Combo > Repeat
    First you need to set up your weapon and inflict Graviton-Charged PI by using Alcubierre Wave and clipping its animation with Warped Reality. Next you would go into a weapon combo, and clip the last hit of your combo with Singularity (to Polarize enemies). After Singularity, use Gravity Well for your DoT then clip its animation with Time Bubble. Your DoT is set and you have a shield casted, its time to go into a weapon combo clipped with Inspiral Waves until your powers cooldown so you can repeat the rotation.

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