This new update is a nightmare (clamping)

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Civil, Aug 26, 2021.

  1. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    Go tank if you feel so inclined to blame the tank. Then when you do tank there's going to be someone else complaining
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  2. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    I'll play the game I want to play, as long as these changes stay, I'll be staying around. I didn't ever get into FFXIV. Tho, there are some things they could do to draw me over there content wise that they've never done (including worlds based on previously released Final fantasy's) The only MMO I've ever really stuck around for any length for is DCUO. And it ran me off for exactly the reasons this stuff happened.

    DCUO is about what the devs choose for it to be about.
  3. AJPro Committed Player

    In addition to people not really being open to be taught…we all are ignoring the fact…that this is tired old content…i for one do not want to sit in something i did a million times when it was current wiping and taking forever…not to mention the fact…you get so little now.
    So you sit in tired old content “teaching” someone about their role…to compete an alert that you have run so many times your asleep…then get three marks toward something that cost 700 marks…yeah sounds like a great experience for a bloody game…
    I will also state that thd player running no mods and tank gear in dps mode in elite content…well let me just say i do not think they are in a “learning” mindset and i would bet my account they will probably use some hate term while ignoring my advice.
    Again the people arguing for stat clamping and making a group to cgat and work together…what game have you been on.
    Me i have been here the whole time….my fellows are long gone and i pug and avoid chats because when i go there i hear people talking about “owning you” and their appendage sizes….
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  4. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    They don't need to specifically state it is an opinion. The fact that a living person is stating it, and it's inherently related to their personal experience implies this. You should be capable of discerning an opinion when you come across one without someone having to specify it is one. Everything someone says is default an opinion unless they specifically state it is a fact they're relaying.

    Also, there's a lot of assumptions you're making here. THe YouTube trailer offers new allies and revamps. It's 30sec long and doesn't detail the changes. It's designed to bring people back. That doesn't mean that what they've done here will keep them here. Over the next few weeks we'll find out if people really left the game because it wasn't hard enough, as these changes suggest.

    I suspect they're going to come back and check out the update and then leave again because difficulty is never what this community wanted or why they left.
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  5. Civil Active Player

    but then my tank cant dps, because he has tank gear and still gets 1 shot. then what? leave?
  6. AJPro Committed Player

    Running tired old content like it was new…is a good thing…all to grind source marks to get stuff to help you run tired old content…a good thing…smh.
    There is no new content coming untill Aprill 2022 because of this stupid stat clamp make exerperience players replay tired old crap…that this is a good idea…i am amazed that people think that.
    Wow, i guess you would pay top dollar for a used PS3…where were you when i sold mine on Ebay…
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  7. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    "All content is hard" is a statement. "All content is hard to me" is an opinion. No assumptions, just reading the sentence structure. Its also notable that its highly unlikely said person has run all content to be able to form an opinion such as that. I can discern fine, but its a lazy doom and gloom argument that is in essence a fallacy.

    Its not about difficulty, its about experiencing the game. This has been a fight in these forums for literal years now. One side wants their op runs, the other side believes those runs ruin the game for newer players and those who enjoy actually playing the content. This didn't spring up out of nowhere.
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  8. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    I've played on and off since launch....there is still old content I've never actually run with a group of cr relevant players. So, for those returning, it gives an opportunity to experience something missed out on and makes the grind to end game much more rewarding for new players.
  9. Civil Active Player

    if the mmo you've stuck with for the longest time is dcuo, your arguemnt is now pointless.
  10. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Just not a huge fan of the stories and environments in other MMO's. I'm a comic book nerd, there is nothing comparable to DCUO out there in any way. The customization, the layers, the amount of content available. Its massive. There's a reason I stuck around even while getting frustrated with the rude high cr players. I ended up looking for a league, and that made it slightly better, but in the end I was still just getting carried. I had no sense of experiencing anything in the instances I was going in because they were end game and I was cr 90 or something at the time. So I was limited to just my main character.

    I decided it wasn't worth subscribing anymore and premium just wasn't worth trying to play because of the money limits. So this update changed both of the reasons that I left. Making this instantly become worthwhile to play again and maybe sub to again because of these changes. I was for clamping 2 years ago when I left, I was for it 5 years ago, I was for it 10 years ago. Those who are glad this happened didn't come out of nowhere to ruin your experience, they felt the game was broken because of it not being done. Useless to try to play honestly.
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  11. Civil Active Player

    they clamped the game before, and they removed it, make it optional, which they can do.
  12. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    So you would have us believe you're incapable of understanding that that is obviously an opinion rather than a demonstrable fact, and as a result demand an unreasonable amount of specificity in their use of language to avoid confusing ... someone who can distinguish between facts and opinions?

    This is pedantic. The issue is not them.
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  13. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    Are you saying they have played all content to have an opinion about every single raid? One of the first things you learn growing up is that its unwise and illogical to use "always, never" etc. It's not a debate, or argument...its just an attempt for doom and gloom based on no informed opinion whatsoever. I challenged him, he made more specific claims. My pushback got the desired result. You can like it or not like it, but it contributed more to the conversation.
    Underneath that, he was saying that SP and Artifacts aren't being felt. Thats what his actual argument was behind it all. Which, isn't what the developers intended. So instead of just saying "make it optional" which would be pointless or "remove it" which would be against what the devs intend to do (Tho they may do it, they are free to do it just as I'm free to leave the game if they do it as well as you are free to leave for not liking the update).

    I believe that there could be common ground, a better than the first day of the implementation that is getting missed by the existential doom and gloom talk that is going on right now. I certainly don't care if they lessen the clamp it certain instances, if they decrease the purported clamp on SP etc. I just want to actually play the game instead of getting stuck in the first room of an instance while hearing people laugh "f you noob" when I ask if they can wait for me.
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  14. Aduzar Light Dedicated Player

    Or how to kill the game...

    -Playing in "pick-up" people tag a role they don't play...
    -Three quarters of the time you find yourself in a group where it's already started and of course the group gets stuck because it's missing this or that role...
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  15. Apollonia Dedicated Player

    I'm saying stop trying to play cop and police what people say. The whole world understood they were sharing a personal experience and wasn't confused about the nature of the comment being a fact or an opinion.

    If you're the only one who can't figure out if it's a fact or opinion, and need to be told which one it is, the issue is with you and you need to work on being less literal and understanding context. Instead of playing grammar cop, listen to the substance and message of what someone is saying and otherwise leave them alone to speak how they want to.
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  16. the solowing Devoted Player

    Im extremely proud of DCUO for doing this update. I likely wont be a subscriber since Square Enix has my wallet on farm status. (Endwalker pre-ordered) However, them going a Pro player route?
    Now i find the game worthy of my money!
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  17. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    All I'm doing is pointing out the argument is lazy regardless of what it is. It was either a reference of proclaimed fact, or it was a false statement because he hadn't completed all content in 24 hours. Either way, it brings nothing to the discussion. If we are to converse, the language used is important, but also, it's pointless to converse in such a way as to discount others experience.

    Sounds a lot like what I'm being accused of for just wanting a productive discussion instead of two kids saying, no you're wrong.
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  18. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    I don't mind the stats clamp. I was actually hoping that high end players wont run pass through waves of adds to get to the boss in raids. I went on my low level toon which is cr 60 and I was put with players who are cr 83 in low tier content. I was able to keep up with some and even some high end players can still defeat bosses without the rest of the group. I don't know if the OP was playing elite content but I had no issues with my random group. I did however made a thread awhile back about battle-tanking in stats clamp so let me go run some content with my end game toon.
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  19. the solowing Devoted Player

    Apollia doesn't believe anyone has a idea of anything if your view point doesn't align with theirs. Give their history a look. They will put anyone they agree with on a pedestal and anything they dont they will shoot down as uninformed xD
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  20. >>>KIra<<< Dedicated Player

    In my opinion I don't like this stat clamp or omnibus. I do like the new House of Legends. Maybe in time I might begin to like it but Stat Clamping is a horrible idea along with the Omnibus, imo
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