This isn't fair.

Discussion in 'Testing Feedback' started by Siramez, May 19, 2019.

  1. JackUSPS Well-Known Player

    So basically like the old cr-scaled SMs but just not as hard as it had to be simplified to accumulate for the downgraded amount of players in group. At least thats what the few streams I have seen so far visualize.
  2. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    lol oh you dont say?

    im going to die laughing at all these leagues and lfg groups demanding precision players only. im not even going to lie i think some leagues will lose players over this because its only 4 man so you better be a darn good precision flurry shooter or find a new group that will be willing to give it a try with you as a might dps and good luck with that

    im sure devs wont do anything about it until that precious "on radar schedule comes around"

    but this will be epic
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  3. High Troller Loyal Player

    indeed it will. i got front-row seats as i gear up my villain tank again. on test, this earth dps was jack hammering lex luthor in round 1. dude didn't know what to do.
  4. Rushsteel Active Player

    Yep. I can bet most groups will be doing round 20 with 2 tanks one healer and a battle troll because of how hard ultraman hits. That makes claw trolling very much a thing and prob better than dw flurry shot trolling in the later rounds. I ran round 20 and ultraman wep attack did 156k up on the tank. Rage can't heal a 1 shot, so I expect ice tanks and maybe 2 in a lot of groups to be safe to make sure they get that round done.
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  5. Elusian Crowd Control

  6. Siramez Well-Known Player

    You do realize that the more people break the game by using dual wield/bow combo, the higher chance it will get a nerf from the devs, if i see a nerf coming, please dont be a baby crying about the nerf, you guys deserved it by breaking the game the most. :D
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  7. Siramez Well-Known Player

    they have already nerfed might dps (revamp) same thing will happen to prec dps in the future.
  8. SkullGang Devoted Player

    I would like to see the data on what type of damage was used once SM is released. If they are all prec and the devs leave it as is.....
  9. Happy® New Player

    prec is meta for now just deal with it in future its gonna change anyway am days its was mental ice gadgets now prec dps and nature might stop complaining about it and play your game raids are easy ,sm is not dps base anyway
  10. HEALB4 Level 30

    I can tell you one thing : a dead dps is a bad dps ;)
  11. Mohican378 Dedicated Player

    Where and when did Devs ever say any such thing?

    I don't believe they've ever said that anywhere.

    What they've said is that some powers do better on AoE and some do better on single target.

    I don't ever remember reading the devs saying "powers(might) is for AoE and weapons(prec) is for single target.
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  12. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Not just did they not say it, it doesn't even make sense they would say it.

    Out of all the weapon combos and WM combos, how many are AoE and how many single target?
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  13. Geri_mester New Player

    What about hybrid playstyle? Is it viable to play as a dps from melee range? I really hope that all of the playstyles are optimized.
  14. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    when did they ever say this.

    even if this were the case, instead of announcing that in a ancient forum post maybe it should clear as day say that when you play the game

    under power description or weapon description it should say "this power/weapon can excel on bosses or this power/ weapon can excel on adds"

    we have 3 different play styles and not one of those 3 say you will be able to do more boss damage or more add damage

    we have a bunch of powers and weapons not any of them say "this will excel on boss damage or this will excel on adds

    yall make all the excuses in the world lol

    precision Flurry shot / bow Smokebomb weapon mastery is BROKEN no matter how you want to slice it. It will be exposed even further tomorrow when SM launches.
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  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Lol, is there still skill in this game? Is there that much of a difference between someone using DW to a might dps using Munitions and going 1234 repeat? Skill is obviously still very subjective in this game.

    You want to know what's killed might dps? Hmmm?

    Blame the cry babies over the scoreboard. Who cared or spec'd single target before we could see single target damage? No one. Most older SMs were also beaten with a bit of cheese, quantum tunneling comes to mind. So let people have their easy mode and play your game.

    The artifact nerf, I mean shield nerf, also probably had something to do with this precision thing. Funny, people said spamming super charges wasn't skill based either. What is skill based on dcuo?
  16. The Anxient Loyal Player

    That has never been said by a dev
  17. Millefune PSN Well-Known Player

    Test Server is a super small demographic, and that demographic is mostly competitive players. When it goes live, us normal and casual players will play what we enjoy, and most of us don't play "Tap Range - Hold Range" over and over again.

    It's like in the Mario Fighting game, there are stronger characters than others, and the competitive players will gravitate toward those characters. While everyone else will play who they like... and turn items on. ^_^
  18. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    like i predicted everybody in high SM rounds are precision flurry shooting their way there.. cant make this stuff up.

    your turn devs
  19. codyxrhstou Well-Known Player

    its funny how youre saying it, as if those players wouldnt be able to do it without prec,or even as if you would do as good as them if you were prec instead of might.
  20. Badname392023 Well-Known Player

    lol whatever helps you sleep at night. if everyone at the later rounds are doing the same thing with the same weapon and its ok to you then.....


    i would love to see a comparison of the amount of players whove gone from round 1- to the high end rounds as might vs those doing precision flurry shot

    i guarantee you 100% its one sided. even support roles are being asked to use flurry shot if you dont see something wrong here i dont know what to tell you.

    the sad part is you can literally look on youtube or go to any of these twitch streams and see this stuff live

    yet there are still somehow debates on this topic