This isn't even funny anymore

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Quantom Boy, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Caleus New Player


    It's supposed to say Um, but autocorrect changed it and when I noticed it was too late. :(
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  2. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    Why don't you take your own advice and go play FF and quit being a little baby about loot drops!

    Why do you post here? Seems all you want to do is fight with people for an opinion on your dumb post!

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  3. Archangel Rafael New Player

    wow. you got a problem man. date much? Im gonna go ahead and guess "no"
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  4. Trexlight Devoted Player

    Too late answering it! Not sure why you got DPS full set before Troll, Im not in charge nor sure how the Loot Distribution system works. And I compare DCUO and WoW by the terms of looting, that is similar. If you want it, just gonna have to pray to the Loot Gods...or wait for DLC10.
  5. WorldsDown New Player

    You sure about that?

    Clearly, your signature reads as:

    "Bored with dcuo, playing Final fantasy now."
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  6. Meta Flare New Player

    those titans look really cool. are they airbrushed on?
  7. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    104 Weeks = 2 Years. Lol!! It's plausible I guess hahahaha Seriously guys, don't even complain. You pay your money you take your chances. If you really feel mad, let it go, there's nothing anyone can or will do. Just let it go and move on
  8. Mister Brees New Player

    I am almost willing to put money down that he is like 12 or 13.
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  9. Caleus New Player

    Nah probably younger.
  10. SnapFlash New Player

    You are vile.

    Was there any need for this thread? All through the game you will be unlucky with some form of loot.
    I've never had a utility belt drop above t4 level.
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  11. Twilight Man New Player

    Looks like paint to me, but I didn't do them so I can't say. The female titan could be body least I can only hope.
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  12. Caleus New Player

    The female Titan is definitely some form of body paint.
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  13. light FX Steadfast Player

    really? u r complaining about 11 times? I have run a&b over 100 times and not gotten some pieces still, namely a dps and healer pouch on 1 toon. And my league has run it over 200 times with combinations of about 20 people and their alts and only 2 people have op rings. Stop your whining :p
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  14. Meta Flare New Player

    i have a question...why do you people rush through and play these missions hundreds (which i doubt, this is probably hyperbole) of times? its like youre trying to "beat" the game lol.
  15. 139 Masks Dedicated Player

    Stop farming the end-game and make a new character.
    If playing the actual game is not fun and farming isn't worth it then you need to rethink how you play the game or take a break.
    There is no reason to get frustrated playing a game. It's for your enjoyment. If you aren't enjoying it, it's not worth it.

    Find your FUN!
  16. Caleus New Player

    I'm pretty sure it isn't an exaggeration, but they do it just to show off, nothing more simply to feed their own ego and brag whenever they're top and say they just couldn't feel it when they're not.
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  17. Quantom Boy Committed Player

    I'm 18 turning 19 in less than 2 weeks, you have really bad observation skills
  18. Quantom Boy Committed Player

    Yeah this is part o the reason why i hate dcuo, people don't use their brains, logic would dictate that i changed it after the events that unfolded.
  19. Quantom Boy Committed Player

    I have a girlfriend of 2 years, it will be 3 in November. People in dcuo really like to assume things based on nothing. It's quite pathetic
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  20. RageOfHeaven1990 New Player

    Technically it is

    100 times with no replays = 100 weeks < 2 years

    Red = where you were correct :D.

    Math is completely relevant 52 X 2 = 104

    104 > 100