This is why people don't like the CR cap.

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  1. OnceUponATime Dedicated Player

    From reading this there's no way to run content unclamped then?

    I quit some years ago, but some health problems mean I can't sit at my computer and I saw DCUO in the switch eshop and figured I'd come for the nostalgia. The population on switch is basically dead so I figured I'd get my CR up and then at least be able to go run the old content that you can walk into solo. Having wandered into Ace Chemicals today I found myself leveled down and came looking to find out if there was a way to turn the syncing off.

    I guess I won't be staying all that long but it was nice while it lasted. :)
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  2. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    If you read the part where I said it would mean 'everyone asked' that would also be pretty much ruled out me seeing it as black or white. I'd guess (and evidenced in the fourms and in game reactions) there are people in both camps...maybe even the same amount...we'll never know for sure, but 100% its NOT just black or white.

    It was a comment on the double negative ONLY (the 'nobody didn't even ask''s a double negative)....sorry it went over your head and you felt the need to continue the politics.

    It's also why I quadrupled down on my question at the end....or quintupled? Lots of reversing negatives there....on purpose.
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  3. Spider Jerusalem Well-Known Player

    Are you spending more in the marketplace? Enough to make up for what I've stopped spending? You've got your work cut out for you. Good luck!
  4. Mentaldope40 Committed Player

    Ah yeah that one very much flew over my head:D, so both is correct, "nobody" and "everybody" since they would both be false, therefore opens the door for another.....
  5. Alpha Maximum Well-Known Player

    It would have gone over better if it was a choice like leveling down in many other games, You give better rewards if people chose to play leveled down or in this case depowered. Not having a choice and being clamped has caused a lot of strife and it remains to be seen how it will effect their bottom line which is where all decisions get made. They are a company and they need to make money which is good.

    Players playing just to do all content leave when done so the stat clamp may have no effect here.

    Players looking for progression, now gone because stat clamp, will either linger if invested, leave in droves as we have already seen, or never show up because they will not get to enjoy being a level twenty wizard anymore (meaning you might get that mighty spell and level but it will always be nerfed down so bye bye mighty wizard).

    Players highly invested in the game will stick around and love it or hate but stick around anyway.

    I'm curious how it will play out.

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  6. Tiffany6223 Well-Known Player

    It might go down the road of being more like an iOS game where every little thing is monetized. Oh yes, we might be able to get somethings for free only by an insane amount of grinding but the path of least resistance would be to just buy it off the Marketplace or purchase a cache of <insert currency here> to obtain the item(s) you want. I sincerely hope this isn't the road DCUO is going down.
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  7. BaelinFishman Well-Known Player

    It also a sure sign that their argument or counter-argument is going to be weak
  8. the solowing Devoted Player

    The question is, will it be better then what we currently have?
  9. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    Time capsules, Artifacts, and Augments all say this has already happened.
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  10. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    I disagree, not about the fact that it's not useful, but about the variable degree of usefulness: I just ran a quick comparison based on Galea's primary performance stat (Precision) and discovered that - no matter where I go - the difference between Precision without and with SP is a fairly consistent 100% (no SP) 150% (SP) comparison.

    I think people are mad that they somehow translated that developer commentary to mean that they would still be getting 20K Precision from SP alone in Tier 1 content, but hey - there it is.
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  11. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Thank you for keeping this game alive!
  12. Roocck Committed Player

    From the looks of it , players are going to continue to leave… The league I was in separated and everyone decided to go their own ways do to this update, some were with and others were against…I too am waiting for my sub to cancel out…. This update was a mistake… Time will tell….
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  13. Steamboat2302 Well-Known Player

    It's going to come down to how many people cancel vs how many people come back/start and start to subscribe. If you do cancel, we cancel each other out because I just subbed because of it. For one month because I still don't trust it won't be reversed.
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  14. TheRealDemon Dedicated Player

    This is such a stupid thread which leads to the same people arguing about the same topic.
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  15. stärnbock Devoted Player

    my sense is tingling that those who are complaing are the same who can´t be bothered with feats
    and perhabs they have low SP... well, its a little bit harder to get feats now, hence the outcry.

    it is only a suspicion though...
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  16. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Thank for you for supporting the game for 10+ years buying replays. <3

    BTW, the piercing is really apparent if you go against someone who doesn't have artifacts and/or skill points.
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  17. the solowing Devoted Player

    I dont care how much you spend. Everyone should have a voice, dont think your wallet shouldnt have 100% say.
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  18. 9001BPM Steadfast Player

    I’m still topping scoreboards and popping speed feats for people, so that’s cool. :)
  19. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I, for some reason, decided to go into Metal 1's batcave alert last night when it popped for my villain... 25min run. Not really the alert, but the players that were matched in. My villain is a healer, but can DPS and the other 3 were queued in for healer role too...


    The second DPS was in DPS role, but I could tell he also was healer main by the scorecard. (Was the only one that showed both roles in the name list.) No wipes. I was kiting the heck out of the bosses. A few deaths, but we succeeded. I don't doubt that they would probably not have succeeded if I wasn't there. I'm not tooting my horn or being conceited, it's just the RNG was not with these guys if I decided to not accept the queue. Finished at 11:12pm last night. lol
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  20. catplaysxoxo Committed Player

    I think your thread got deleted The Con