This is what you call BALANCING POWERS?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by xFLASHo, Feb 24, 2021.

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  1. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    It has its place. In my bank. Haha just kidding. Sort of. It does pretty much exactly what trans/strat/hv combo does in unbuffed content. Which is exactly what pretty much any power set does with most arti combos: the near same as any other combo. Which means we're all just chasing our tails and since trans strat sa is so accomplished already, why waste the time or money changing everything. Once we start talking min max builds, other artis can come into play but literally every single dps can use those 3 and do plenty well enough so it's just the easy cheap option.

    As far as grand summoning goes, it's fun. It helps with some healing and tanking so I'd only run it in solos duos or alerts. It works against source shart really since the pet artifact hates having too many pets out.
  2. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    No. Dont blame the devs blame yourselves for being crybabies ! We’ve seen stuff like this before , and guess who caused this change?

    I will always go back to pvp because they made the changes that they made because you guys cried. And we all know that onces a update hits live its very rare that they remove it.

    Now i will say, im a little confused about the trinket update
  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Yeah...I felt the same except that shard also takes up a power slot and you have to activate it on occasion. Those other artis are automatic and always running....that's why i'm not a fan of Shard for the most part.

    GS is one of my favorite's stupid expensive and sometimes doesn't seem worth charging up (I hate when I pop it right before SG bounty shields...or Mordru/Empress enter their cutscene 30 sec... But it is fun to employ. I'll probably swap the shard for something else...maybe trans (that toon already uses eye and strat) or scrap. It's a free account, so i'm limited to only a few fails as I WILL NOT buy SOPs for the account. We'll see.
  4. xxHELLSTROKExx Loyal Player

    I keep rereading the changes and thinking I might actually try word of power tho so that's something lol. Also thinking wow, poor water. Like it wasn't terrible enough already at dps
  5. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Literally EVERY PC player can all get on and test thing. And console players can test them too if they have any form of pc or laptop even one that isnt a gaming pc. So yes you can test yourself. However people dont want to and instead want to have someone else do the testing. You then agree if it benefits you or you worship the tester or disagree if it hurts your power or you dislike the tester.
  6. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    You do realize that this is supercharge balance and not a power balance right?

    So you want the devs to adjust the supercharges around how powers work. Then fix how powers work. And THEN refix the supercharges? Thats now how any of this works. Supercharges are easier to fix since they are static damage numbers for the most part. Unlike powers that have rotations and types of damages along with types of attacks.
  7. AV Loyal Player

    They're still just test changes. They're not live yet, so if you don't like them (which you shouldn't because they're objectively one of the dumbest things I've seen a game dev try to do and they **** over pretty much everyone) let them know.

    Since they never made or unlocked a feedback thread for it, I put an exhaustive comprehensive breakdown of DPS SCs here along with the changes that would meaningfully bring all SC options in line with one another without skull****ing the system like this change would.

    But.... yeah... if this makes it to live it's RIP to most SCs, as they won't be anywhere close to even the state in which the ballpark is located to be considered remotely viable.
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  8. AV Loyal Player

    To be fair, only someone with either a rudimentary understanding of how DPS works (or no understanding) could read the tier buffs and not immediately recognize that they're laughably broken... so whether or not people test the minutia in this case they should be able to see how bad it is. There isn't any nuance to this. It is an unequivocally broken system.
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  9. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Something else I was also thinking when I read the changes is the change to oblivion. This and other powers act like a sudo channel SC. These SCs lock you from using other abilities for the duration which means that while using it you will do more damage but would the changes take this into consideration.

    If oblivion takes 2 seconds to cast and does 900k damage and a different 10k SC does 900k damage but takes 1 second to cast than oblivion will be doing less damage because of the other power can use their SC and another ability right after.

    Same can be said for SCs like strafting run for HL. It it was made to do the same amount of damage than a burst with the same cost it will be doing less damage in an actual raid because bosses and adds rarely stay in place.
  10. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    With limitations for a newer test server user, it's hard for some to test properly side by side with their live character. So it's not always the case that people just want others to test for them.
  11. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Yup agreed, but it was mostly about the second part about the bias people do lol
  12. Drewbolt Greatest Healer of this Generation

    Maybe we can talk this out with some reasonable discussion.
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  13. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    You arent meant to test it side by side to live. You are meant to test it compared to other SCs on test.
  14. AV Loyal Player

    That's why it's all factored in here but yeah... basically these changes were completely half-***** and done without any understanding of how DPS works. I'mma keep harping on it, cuz I'd like a game I've invested so much time into to not get so pointlessly ******, but this is currently the stupidest change pass I can remember in a game in a very long time. It's like if a builder was like, "Now... hear me out... What if we pulverize the foundation then rebuild this house... on SAND!? Wouldn't that be sweet!?"
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  15. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Finally someone who speaks English.

    Couldn't resist lol. Ill be heading there and taking a look. I will also PM you when I get the chance.
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  16. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    Yes I do realize, so let's not have that condescending attitude.

    You're assuming they are going to overhaul or adjust powers? Was any of this said when they posted about supercharges? If so, please link me and I'll apologise.

    Otherwise, I only have supercharges to go by. I also run plenty of content/testing, watch plenty of end-game runs and clearly see that these changes will limit plenty of powers in terms of DPS because some severely lack and need their supercharges to stay relevant with the FOTM or OP ones (ala Gadgets).

    So your thought process is that they will make these changes, players will be at a disadvantage until they get around to fixing powers? Which could be months. So, are people just supposed to bank their artifact's they ranked up and switch powers to be competent for SM for example?
  17. AV Loyal Player

    You'd be better off pushing back before it goes live. It's still on test, meaning it's subject to change or outright reversal. It's as bad as you've noticed it as, with CB becoming completely pointless in general and Megavolt not being remotely close to a viable option. It's like this for every power across the board, ie. they either use one of the few viable buffs or they use one of the viable 10ks with zero flexibility.

    People didn't pay for a **** sandwich... they don't have to eat a **** sandwich if that's what the devs put on the table. Telling the devs that you're pissed off about the **** sandwich is the only way they'll take the **** sandwich away and bring out a proper meal. Once it's on live it's much harder to make the **** sandwich go away with this dev team.
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  18. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    You test versus other supercharges but you'll also test out rotations that you use with replacement supercharges and compare parses too. If I use Circuit Breaker on live, I'm going to want to also test out the same rotations etc with it on test and also replacing it with Neo or WoP etc. For me to get the most effective testing (if I was a new test user, which is the point you were making) then mirroring it over is the easiest steps to do so.
  19. DeitySupreme Devoted Player

    Again, so you want them to adjust SCs to be balanced around powers performance and have it changed when powers are adjusted?

    Yes they will have power updates. How do I know? There are ALWAYS power updates happening. You can't expect them to keep adjusting SCs every single time they adjust powers. That is a nightmare for developers and a nightmare for testers.
  20. PHNTM Well-Known Player

    Well without official announcements stating they will, or when, it's your assumptions.

    So what time frame are you thinking for power adjustments? 3 months? 6 months? 9 months? So people are supposed to just deal with having their artifact's become useless and feel potentially forced to switch power (spending money again) because the supercharge they once had that kept them at least competent has been nerfed?

    What they should have done is adjust powers to be more balanced before starting the supercharges (as they could've done it all at once instead).
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