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  1. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Ok so I wanted to see what all the Devs have said on Cross Play, but I did not feel like going through the 29 pages of info on the announcement. I did anyway :( but thought I would save others the trouble. So below is EVERYTHING the Devs have said in the Announcement section ONLY. The post they are replying to is in green and the Devs response in the blue. These are direct quotes, I did not edit anything but color.

    I hope this helps clear up some of the info out there.
    Coreyrose75 said:
    My question is, what about Legendary memberships? Will PS3 users now get full access across all SOE games like the PC users?

    Also, will we be getting access to the test servers on ps3?

    Hemmy said:
    I want to play my PS characters while I travel on my PC.
    Predicament said:
    Question for cross play. Is there going to be a way to merge PC accounts with my PSN account? I have both PC and PS DCUO characters and would like them to universally be linked.
    Hemmy said:
    OH! now that this is in place, will I be able to transfer characters from one platform to another? I've asked this of customer support but the only excuse they've had so far was that they are two different servers run by two different companies. If this comes to pass then surely those barriers would at least be easier to cross. I'd be willing to pay nearly any amount of money to do this.

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  2. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    ZramTA said:
    Cmon Cmon! WE Cant play with US side really? EU side cant cross play pvp with US server? If its only pc with ps4/3 DONT even bother. The people want EU/US cross play well at least that majority. Answer please!! I will comeback & start paying legendary this game has the best pvp ive seen
    Hemmy said:
    Okay so I have seen this question here a lot and want it cleared up ASAP!

    I pay for legendary on both PS and PC I have characters I want to keep on both. I have more than 30 characters across those two platforms. I have leagues with the same name on the two different servers. I have characters with the same name on both platforms. I want to play my PS characters while I travel on my PC.

    Can someone answer any of these questions as I'm sure at least one (probably more than 1) of them applies to a lot of people, PLEASE HELP US OUT DEVS! you can't make an announcement like that without addressing these essential questions! I know that this is in the planning stages and isn't complete but to announce something like this shows that you either have confidence it's going to happen and have already thought of these things, or that you haven't thought of them and REALLY need to check yourselves.

    Having ranted about this, if all those things above are cleared up in a good way and makes a majority of the people happy, I'll remain SO GOD DAMN EXCITED FOR THIS MY TONGUE IS TURNING YELLOW! Good job on finally addressing this and please I love DCUO so throw us a bone!

    Pottymouthtoon said:
    Is test server out of the question for ps4 then ? I mean if its cross play and they dont have their own server anymore is it possible?
    Mepps said:
    The test server is entirely different. The issue there is it's a new download, a new client install on the PS4. To update that, we need about two weeks of lead time for PSN approval, and we need to update a test server daily. Again, entirely separate.
    Captain Just said:
    This is exactly what I would like to know. I'm in the same boat as you it sounds like.
    Torikumu said:
    As you're working on PSN/SOE accoutn linking, are there any plans or possibilities of creating either a account migration or character cloning service for DCUO?

    Account migration is self explanatory. The DCUO account linked to your PSN account is able to transfer to an SOE account (and vice versa) taking with it all your characters, purchases etc.

    Or if there's too much red tape, perhaps a feature to clone a chosen character (just the character, not the account, so membership, purchases and other characters do not follow) on different servers/platforms instead? As in my EUPS account's Torikumu character is cloned and put on my USPC account. Perhaps done entirely through the DCUO website to avoid confusing people in game.

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  3. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    FESTER665 said:
    I think many people are missing the most important issue as well....

    Will PC players have their lair numbers nerfed or will we finally get to put more items in our lairs on PS ???

    Really waiting to see how names will be handled, this will be the deciding factor for me.

    FESTER665 said:
    Are you guys still looking into ways for us to be able to log in and play without the PSN being up? It would be nice to be able to still log in when there's PSN issues.
    DCUO Post said:
    Captain Liberty,
    I was wondering if you can answer this question.
    How is the team going to handle the economy on PC & PS? Will it still be merge or separate? If the team decides to merge, will there be a money reset? Since a majority of the PS players exploited the money glitch.

    AGNETOxxFirstClass said:
    So those of us with both a PC and a PS3 account.... we will still have a PC and a PS3 account after the cross play merger??? but those accounts will be linked somehow?? So we will still need 2 subscriptions.... but both accounts will be linked??

    How will that affect Feat buying??

    Will my PC character be able to buy Feats using replays from my PS3 character?? and vice versa??

    The same for shared bank. If both account are linked...will I be able to put something in my shared bank with my PC character... and pick it up with my PS3 character???

    Thank you for your time.

    Redman_x said:
    Captain, just wondering how the voice chat will work across both platforms. The PS has their own universal voice chat. Will the PS playerbase have to change anything to talk with the PC playerbase, or vice versa?
    Predicament said:
    If there won't be a way to link accounts, what about playing my ps characters on a pc? Or my pc players on a play station

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  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Since you cant link the accounts, you wont have access to those games on PC if you are a PS3 player. However Everquest is coming to PS4 so that may be something in the future.
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  5. spack2k Steadfast Player

    most used words : "not possible"
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  6. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    All mostly good news :)

    Disappointed that my main is basically trapped on the EU servers. Especially because of the fact that it's business reasons, not technical limitations that are preventing character transfers or clones. I can't get interested in playing a character who isn't my main. I just can't. There's too much history there. My exclusive styles/BFTH feat. The dates I earned my feats for the first time. The dates I completed instances for the first time. It's just too much to abandon. Plus the fact that I have to play and earn all my feats again. Very disappointing.

    With that being said, the merge between PS and PC will be incredible. EU players get to play with up to 3m new characters (as both servers have about 3m each). New friends to find, new alliances to form and more bodies keep the game intriguing. All good things.

    The best news is that they're working on linking PSN accounts to Station accounts so it'll be possible to access the PC test server as a PS subscriber. A real step in the right direction as there are many players like myself out there who want to actively test content but refuse to pay a second subscription.

    Nice to see the game continuing to evolve and progress. Competition is heating up and soon it will become fierce. No time at all for the staff to become complacent and happy with what they've got.
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  7. The Enquirer Steadfast Player

    I was going to come in here and yell at someone for making another thread but this is actually EXTREMELY useful as it'll be easier to just direct people here when they have questions about something.
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  8. Vyse New Player

    You didn't have to sift through all 29 pages, you could have just clicked on the soe post tracker link which would have been much easier.

    That being said, having everything in one post like this is quite useful so thank you for that kind sir!
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  9. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I wish I had known that lol.
  10. Drifting Dreamer Steadfast Player

    Thank you for cobbling this together for us! This is a great source of info for the community on this upcoming improvement!
    Bravo, sir! Bravo!!
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  11. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

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  12. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    lol people just cant read, they kept asking "can I use my character from PC on PS" or "can I use my PS character on PC"

    its like did you NOT read anything in this thread prior to posting your comment lol
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  13. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    It's okay..... you did a good job anyway.

    Even if you mispelled my name. ;) ;)
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  14. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    I think other than the cross play I am most interested in the fact that PS players may be able to access the test server on a pc in the not to distant future.
    Captain Liberty said:
    “On a related note, we are working on account linking (linking a PSN account to an SOE account) - that would allow PS members to be recognized by SOE for PC Test validation. I know that's not as nice as a dedicated PlayStation Test, but for those PS3/PS4 players that have a PC and would like to partake in early access on PC Test, it will be possible in the not too distant future.”
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  15. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Dang it sorry lol. Copy/Paste Fail :oops:
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  16. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    If anyone has any other comments that Devs have made regarding this subject please feel free to post them.
  17. chubbychase New Player

    I hope they rethink their "business decision" someday in regards to allowing for either member service/purchase links between one platform to the next, or in regards to data cloning from one server to the other. It is quite literally the one thing that stopped me from playing and investing time on PlanetSide 2 and has greatly slowed my invested time and money on DCUO, since most of my gaming has taken place on the platform I originally wasn't on 4 years ago. Until a compromise is possible towards that, I'll just be glad the villain side isn't as bleak and enjoy what I currently have amounted to. This news comes in late but a lot of people have been hoping for a population increase on USPC for that faction. Good compilation from the Name & Crossplay thread, btw. Good job.
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  18. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Skidmarc said:
    “@Mepps or Captain, what if we play on both the PS and PC servers using characters with the same name? On the PC side, I have a few characters with mirrored counter parts on the PS side. Will I have to change my PC toon names prior to this event to avoid the underscore and numeral being attached to them? Not a big loss since I am primarily a PS player but just would like a bit of direction with this one as well to plan accordingly. I understand this is all still a WIP and all. Just trying to gather a direction : )”
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  19. Electrizzaro Loyal Player

    Anyone else see new comments?
  20. DivineSire Dedicated Player

    So basically this just means all US servers simply play together and that's it?? Likewise for Europe??
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