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  1. Mick Nugget New Player

    If this game was perfectly balanced then every power would be a carbon copy of the next with different effects laid over it and therefore boring as hell. Right now each power has its strenghts and weaknesses over another... so it really is pretty balanced if you consider the fact that each power is stronger in one area than the other, and it makes you have to think and strategize to compensate for the powers weakness and exploit its strengths to the fullest.
  2. willflynne Unwavering Player

    And maybe, just maybe, the reason we haven't been seeing the amount of power set nerfs and buffs that some in this thread have called for is because the devs already feel they have achieved the level of balance among the powers that they want for the game.

    Given the fact that players can suffer from tunnel vision at times in regards to their chosen power sets or play styles and the devs have to take into account the game as a whole, I'll give the devs the nod on those decisions. ;)
  3. Eventz New Player

    Dude thats means im exactly right ur basically saying you cant be the power you want. Im pretty sure no would care if the power strengh were equel bc first off u would have no problem being the power you want, also then it would come down to skill nothing else. And for the people who say they dont care about the leaderboards thats fine, no cares that your not competitve, but som people play this game the way the want if they play to win whats wrong with that lol. Stop repling with stupid stuff lol
  4. maadoo New Player

    the powers are not's just that some powers have been blessed with great players who discovered optimal load outs and shared them with the community. Take hl for example, when it was 1st released it was not considered " the best dps power ingame", it was only after omaar created his guide and the hl community that went into detailed number crunshing in order to create great combos that hl became what it is today. other guides while giving useful info about the power set, does not give you optimal load out choice but explain how each power can be used and leaves you to decide how to use them. This is why you see a big difference in performance between an ice dps who figured out the optimal load out and another ice dps who hasn't. Now if the 1st ice dps share his load out with the rest of the community than other ice players would mimic what he is using( similar to what is happening with hl).
  5. JayJay2515 New Player

    I like when threads like this come out the OP gets a few likes and the 1st reply gets like 10+ likes
  6. Mick Nugget New Player

    K I see where youre coming from. I guess from your perspective you don't really care about whether the powers have any real differences between them other than cosmetic, essentially removing the need for different powers at all if you think about it. There would be no real point in being the best ice tank cuz an electric healer could do the exact same thing as ice and every other power.

    My only problem with that is that comics are all about "this superhero can beat up that superhero cuz this superhero uses the power of ice and that superhero uses the power of fire" . Supermans powers are different from Batmans so why should the gam e be any different?
  7. willflynne Unwavering Player

    "Strengths and weaknesses" could have also have been put as "advantages and disadvantages." For example, my Gadget controllers' crowd control times are decent but they don't last as long as the basic crowd control move that my Quantum character has in 'troller mode. The duration of that CC move allows me to throw out a high damage move like Tachyon Blast with no problems and finish up with weapon attacks with few problems. Does that make my Quantum controller stronger than my Gadgets characters?

    Nope, because my Gadgets characters can get a nice little DOT going with a Gauss Grenade/Cryo Foam combination that can take down an enemy just as well. What's more, those different advantages allow me variety in my game play and keep me from being bored or complacent.

    Different. Not stronger, just different. That's all.
  8. Darth Loyal Player

    Well Ast0noshing doesn't which is why I had to make the comment in the first place. He said:
    I was just addressing that.

    But to the point of this thread, yes certain powers are easier to learn than others but that doesn't mean that the other ones can't be just as or more rewarding when you actually learn how to play them. I've seen plenty of great players doing amazing jobs with the powers you've listed as bad ones. The fact is that if you wanted every power to be perfectly balanced in all aspects, they would all be the exact same and this would remove the point of having different powers. Every power has it's upsides and downsides, it's up to players to decide which one suits the way they play more.
  9. Jamie New Player

    Everyone would like their power buffed. Do you know why? It's something called personal satisfaction or ego. I bet if you ask any HL player they will say that they would like some of their powers buffed. The reason is just to benefit them. It has nothing to do with balancing the power sets.

    As others have stated - the only way people like you would ever claim that the powers are completely balanced is if all of the powers were re-skinned versions of each other. If there are any differences people like you will say that they are unbalanced and your power needs to be buffed. I love fire tanking. I can hold aggro better than an ice tank and my power is more complex than just looking at my load out and seeing which shield is off of cool down. No offense to any ice tanks out there but the perception is that all you do is rotate shields, block, and occassionally grab aggro.
  10. SOE-MOD-08 New Player

    This thread has ran its course. Locking it down.
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