Things you didn’t know when you started

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  1. buzzzdlightyear New Player

    Hello and greetings!

    i am compiling a list of things people wish they knew when they first started playing for an ongoing series i am doing.
    any suggestions would be helpful. what is something. you didn’t know likezooming the camera in and out.
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  2. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    Hmm I never thought about when I fist started, to actually find a YouTube video of all the green and blue investigations and briefings in Metropolis and Gotham.

    I wish the game was more engaging to teaching you about support roles because I was a DPS for a good while back in the PS3 days.

    I wish I could care to do the seasonals since the beginning because I was losing out on easy and simple seasons feats

    I wish I knew being a tank would be more beneficial in the long run than just being a DPS

    I wish the game didn’t change so much because there are a lot of outdated videos and guides and it’s hard to keep up with the data.

    I don’t remember much xD it’s hard to remember a decade ago.
  3. Trykz Dedicated Player

    There’s little that hasn’t changed from when I started to now.
    If I were doing a new toon guide, I would mention the layouts and pertinent destinations in both the watchtower, the HoD, and the HoL.