They used to be orange

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    I know the heal barrel used to be orange.
    They are now green.

    The heal barrels can be picked up and are usually found along a wall. The barrels can be thrown or smashed on the ground. They give health and power.

    It's ok to pause pewpewpewing, and pick up the heal barrel. Nobody is going to look at the score card for more than .1 seconds and exit asap, unless afk for bio. If u see health and power bars low in a group content, dps, it's your moment! Become a support role! grab that heal barrel, bring it to the location it includes the ones with low bars and smash it on the ground. You've achieved master class dps character by helping the group not KO/wipe. Pssst, a delay in your damage output to do the turret in BOP turret making the npc vulnerable to attacks, should not be done by the tank, healer or controller. This is a theme over all content. DPS!? keep your head on a swivel. U see a cog show up. That's your responsibility. You need to run to it and interact with the cog, pick up the thing and move it to where the arrow above my heads points to, or interacting with a terminal.

    [side note: it's hard to find a gif like this. I searched with all sort of key word combinations and found nothing like this ai box containing the head of the mouse..... KIMI on hbo.... is good. Smart appliances are Fkn not necessary. No frig needs wifi and a camera. Sorry you don't have significant improvements to justify a new model this year. It's a good product. Stop making absurd versions. You're draining a supply line for things nobody asked for. Materials will run low at some point. There is not an infinite supply of materials. Recycling only goes so far. /wary.
    what time is it? [IMG] ]
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    Base trinket, Supply drop of various iterations. With some luck, the possible 2023 release of a graphics update to the entire game includes Ui elements that include and are not limited to itemization of Supply Drops as gear that are not given a Style category like auras.

    Maybe one day, in PvE instances, Any character that drops a supply drop... hero or villain, benefits anyone that steps in it's area of effect vs the greater baddie/bounty.

    "To create a base: (Free players)
    1. Complete the Vault mission.
    2. Once the mission is completed, you will be given the Dive theme in your inventory. Equip it.
    3. You will be given a deed in your inventory. Equip it.
    4. Select a location (either in Gotham or Metropolis).
    5. Follow the directions in completing and decorating base."