These upcoming powers are cool but for healers?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by dcuo gamer, Aug 28, 2014.

  1. Burning_Baron Loyal Player

    You have just exposed that you have no idea how RAM works. How can you speak on the subject with such authority is beyond me.
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  2. SinestrosTaken New Player

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  3. CowHideEmpire New Player

    We as healers would rather water powers. We'd be really psyched if water was heal/troll instead of the usual heal/dps. I do not narcissistically claim to speak for all healers, "we" only includes myself and the voices in my head. Thank you.
  4. True Despair Well-Known Player

    Speak for yourself. The last thing i want is a dps/healer light based power in fact if they add another lantern based power into this game i will bang my head against a wall until blood comes out of my ears.
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  5. Ajoda New Player

    I was hoping for the blue lantern healer but as I'm a villian I know I can't get it. But it's the only other power I
    Looked forward to because it's one of the few powers who's mechanics offer immersion and that's kind of what I play for. Plus seeing different color rings in a raid is also nice to look at
  6. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    I play a healer and I'm tired of lantern powers, I would like to see more diverse powers.
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  7. Hyppoli Well-Known Player

    I m want water as next healing power.
  8. Zerefu New Player

    Personally, I'm more than content with Celestial. You're status doesn't get much higher than literally being a healer from the heavens. And personally I don't care for a hard light healing power. I had hoped the hardlight powers would stop at Green & yellow actually. If we don't get one I'd be more impressed
  9. MetaMax75 Devoted Player

    Mmmmm, pretty sure you know that's not what I mean. But to clarify - Lantern healer.
  10. ARI ATARI New Player

    its the glowing ring i suppose

    otherwise celestial is basically the same mechanic.
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  11. Black Prime New Player

    Or, you could understand these are forums. Understand just like in life, if your gonna open your mouth think before you speak. And no, if laterns were healers at the begining of the game everyone would be that. Sorry, no, i wouldnt. I dont like lanterns in this game. That has nothing to do with comics. If your role playin cool, my toon is just me toon. Lol, hell my toon has a superpower not in the game. Its called the power of respec, lol. Have played most powers. Celest healin while does not look like lanterns uses the same concept, combos.
  12. Rasta Committed Player

    No more lantern powers. The next 3 powers aren't what I expected and I'd rather have it that way
  13. Sidian New Player

    What this man said. I'd rather be surprised when they announce something than have the typical reaction of "Called it."
    I had a HL DPS when it came out, it was new and unique and fun but it became lackluster over time and became just another power. That being said, I have been a healer main since launch and I'd be completely disappointed if they spent time and resources developing a lantern power for healing. Give me water, something that's been talked about since launch years ago. We have more than enough lantern content for now, give us something new. I don't know how I feel about Atomic coming out for healers, but I'll be able to comment on that when it comes out. But be happy with Celestial, it is better than a lantern power. If you want to be a lantern that bad, go DPS like 80% of the population and use the 2 that are available. Maybe learn to troll or tank while you are at it.
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  14. SinestrosTaken New Player

    Right. Just like serums is suffiecient for superman cosplays.
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  15. Sorwen Well-Known Player

    When you want something a knockoff just doesn't do it.
  16. SinestrosTaken New Player

    Exactly. I would like to eventually see a light healer but dont say celestial is basically light healing. I dint care about mechanics - the two are nothing alike. I dont mind waiting tho. Like other posters have said, water has been requested for much longer,
  17. NoWorries121 Well-Known Player

    i would love a lantern healing power. healing is my favorite role, and i love lantern lore. im not saying they must give us a lantern healer, but it would be really sweet. thats why we play right? because we're fan of the comics? its only natural to want something geared towards yourself in a game like this. its a great game, depsite what many say.
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  18. Spacedude2 New Player

    Your right, just like in life. But respec has a t at the end of it. I did think about it. If you don't like lanterns, then you are basically disqualifying yourself from making a rational point of view on the topic of lantern healers. And the lanterns have to do with the comics cause the developers said it does. That was the whole reason about the video Spytle did with the design of Mogo and Ranx. The color of the world and the clothing the lanterns wear.