These high cr guys

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by algiz99, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Lokkii Committed Player

    Players are beast, they make me look weak, FIX IT!!!

    LOL, seriously tho, love for the tears aside, making a group isnt as bad as it may sound, if you're in a league shout in the league, if not, use LFG. Let's say you're a DPS, shout for a tank in LFG/League chat. Once you get one shout for a healer, then troll. Do this every day, if these players are around the same skill level and CR as you and you enjoy playing with them be social, add them to your friends list. Doing this you might eventually have some players to pick from your friends list everyday, maybe you even make some friends or possibly get into a league with like minded players.

    Most problems people face in this game, like this one, come from not being social, in a good MMO, which this game is a great one, you get from it what you put in, as far as having people to play with are concerned. Trust me theere are plenty of people on at all times that feel similar to the way you do and would love to play with you, you just gotta reach out to them.
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  2. c6relic New Player

    I remember getting several msgs from these high level cr players from an alert we did, I got the Oan Tech mask and every msg from them was that they demanded it, not ask me for it.

    As if I'll give something to someone who isn't polite. Majority of high level cr players I've come across are complete dbags, it's no wonder why the dcuo community is so toxic.
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  3. Tazpocalpse Well-Known Player

    I don't think powerful toons are the problem high cr players queing for lower tier instances and hi-jacking them as their personal style hunt and not participating as a team member seems to be the problem. I am merely suggesting the style hunters and the masses here parroting the form your own group slogan should take their own advice. As a gaming community it seems we have taken a few steps forward. Lets lead by example and practice what we preach.
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  4. Solarverse2 New Player

    ....the very thing I will leave the game over, and never turn back. There are two more hero games coming through the pipe line, if that happens, this game won't be missed.
  5. Abisial Committed Player

    You should not generalize it makes you look like a dbag.
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  6. Veritech Loyal Player

    So you threaten to quit because you'll have the OPTION to stat clamp?
    Lol cya
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  7. RSL New Player

    and i like how so many players refuse to form their own groups and either whine that people are too strong or that they're too judgmental. get a grip.
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  8. Solarverse2 New Player

    You want to sit there and pretend anyone said anything about options in the post I quoted? Your condescending attitude doesn't work well for you. Save yourself the embarrassment...don't.
  9. Veritech Loyal Player

    Look stat clamping is coming. Anything outside of seasonals will be optional. Spytle has stressed this point over and over and still we get people spitting the dummy and threatening to quit over it?
    Save yourself the embarrassment mate.
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  10. Gassius_Spray Loyal Player

    Unfortunate that stat clamping, the resources programming/coding and testing that it entails, is much much easier than an actual player taking up the excruciating and ever so daunting task of forming his/her own group with similar crs.
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  11. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    While your sarcasm is noted, you're actually closer to the truth than you realize. I've tried forming groups in LFG with lower CR people, but the high CR people are the only ones who respond most of the time, and they ignore the low CR request. Sarcasm is typically done with a sense of irony, so hopefully you'll appreciate the irony in your sarcasm actually being truth.

    The only real option is to meet people we either like running with or who are similarly geared in the instances, and then try to run with those same people in the future. Either that, or ask league-mates to join and see if we can convince them to wear lower tier gear to help us learn the mechanics of an instance or the mechanics of our powers.
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  12. c6relic New Player

    You know I've played with more high level 100+ cr players than i have with players under 90, not one of those 100+ cr players were remotely nice or helpful to players who were struggling to get through a raid or an alert.

    Sorry, but they're the reason why dcuo's community in general is so toxic.
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  13. Solarverse2 New Player

    First...that post I quoted...was the first I had heard about it. I don't sit on these forums looking up every thread in existence to keep up with every little detail of the game, and what whiner complains about what. My response was based off his reply, not what Spytle said or did not say. But of course you already knew this.
    I'm not the one embarrassed. You on the other hand should be. You should be embarrassed over how you presented yourself here...which quite frankly wasn't all that impressive.

    I'm sure you will quote my post, come back with something else slick to say, but I wouldn't if I were're boring and I found better things to do.
  14. Superskull85 Devoted Player

    Eternal queues? Erm I have been in several groups with at most 1 tier above the required tier several times and it did not take all that long at all. There are more lower tier players than you think. ;)
  15. SnowStar Committed Player

    Lol eternal queues - truth
  16. Solarverse2 New Player

    I think you would both be surprised at the difference it would make. Probably not as bad as he thinks it would be, but probably not as good as you think it will be either. I'm willing to bet it would be somewhere in between. Besides, as one condescending individual pointed out, it will be optional. So I honestly don't think it will be a big deal for anyone.

    The only problems in the future I foresee, are players demanding the higher CR's enable stat clamping, then the higher CRs refuse, then the lower CRs voting to kick. I'm sure this will bring up a few complaint threads here and there...we'll see.
  17. SnowStar Committed Player

    But in all seriousness on uspc I was begging to run area 51 on my lowbie mental alt - is there data that the more populated PS servers more often do not like high cr players in low tier instances? I think pc folks will meet unintended consequences
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  18. Ichiro Loyal Player

    Stat clamping, NOOOOOOOO. only if it is optional. otherwise might as well just make everything like legends pvp and make everyone the same cookie cutter version and not bother with varying stats, new gear, or leveling at all. IMO the problem with high tier CR players in low tier content is the lack of respect for the low tier players. There is always someone that always rush through in a race to the end without considering the group. They should play with the group or just go walk in solo. I always appreciated a high tier helping the group out when i was a low tier. everyone wants to play and as long as everyone is working together it doesn't matter if your high cr or low cr.
  19. Veritech Loyal Player

    Nothing witty or slick to come back with.
    Yes I came across as condescending, you can label me as such.

    There has been more than a handful of stat clamping threads in the last few months, I assumed almost everyone was across the info regarding this by now.
    My first post in this thread (#20) was quite neutral and constructive which mentioned the optional clamping. Seeing your post after that saying you were leaving due to it got me thinking wtf, I should have not replied.
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  20. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    What game are those???
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