There should be a rule about kicking players who were in an instance from the start at the last boss

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Circe, Feb 7, 2015.

  1. Circe New Player

    I can't believe I let this happen. Anyway, I was in League Hall alert with one of each role (I was the troll). After we finished the first boss, the DPS left and a new DPS came in. We got to the second boss, successfully completed it. Anyway, before getting to the final boss the new DPS thought we needed more burn so he voted to kick the healer in favor of a DPS. I did not vote, and neither did the tank. When the kick failed, he voted to kick him again and surprisingly the tank voted yes this time. So the healer was kicked. I really liked the healer too. I wanted to kick this guy so bad and realized I should've after the first time he tried to kick the healer. Anyway, so we're in the last boss fight now (Big Barda) and a new healer came in. We go in, and there were problems that the new DPS could not see Big Barda, and the tank could not see the nullifier. The DPS asked us to kick him and invite him back, so we did. I just wanted to get this alert over with. Anyway we go in again, and he attacks Barda before the tank could even draw her. He wipes, I try to pick him up and couldn't so we all wipe. The new healer goes DPS, and then the other DPS actually asked him to go back to healer when he saw we were losing health in the middle of combat. This is after he kicked the original healer, when he wanted him to be DPS lol. Both the DPS and the new DPS/healer go down. Well, I pick them both up successfully. Later in the fight I grab the nullifier and Barda suddenly targets me. I bring the nullifier to the tank. She was doing massive damage to me for some reason, and I was doing everything I could to prevent it avoiding her attacks and moving away. Drank a Soder, and shield and everything. I'm low on health, and decide to block to gain health back because of course no healer because the DPS made the healer switch to DPS. Anyway, while I'm blocking Barda attacks me again lol. And does massive damage right through my blocking. Before I even had time to respnd lol. So I'm down, and no one decides to pick me up. They wipe (because the DPS asked them to), and the tank leaves. Then after the tank leaves they decide to kick me lol. Really? I picked both of your butts up when you were knocked out at the BEGINNING of the latest attempt to beat her lol. And neither of you did anything to help me when I was knocked out. Did not even try to pick me up.

    So this new DPS successfully got rid of the whole original players at the last boss. We got that far, to the last boss, and did not get the rewards of the last boss just because of some commanding DPS who the minute he got in the instance decided that he would be the boss of everything. We did all that work, and missed out on the rewards. This isn't right, and I can't believe the devs allow people to do things like this. If we were able to complete the whole rest of the instance with our group, why should we be able to be kicked at the last boss, ruining the whole experience for us? And for someone to be kicked even before doing the last boss just because the DPS needed "more burn" is just outrageous. The kick system is so abused, and the devs allow it, and do nothing to stop it.
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  2. MetalMario Loyal Player

    This is 100% on the original group members. They're the ones who voted to start kicking in the first place. Also, there are instances where people who have been there from the beginning should be kicked.
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  3. nogimmick New Player

    what exactly do you think anyone can do about something like this? "free will" and all that, yes? if someone chooses to do this the devs are at ZERO fault for their actions.

    come on, you're better than this....
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  4. Circe New Player

    What? So you think it was okay that the new DPS vote to kick a healer just because he wanted "more burn"? Make the new healer go DPS and then ask him to go back to healer when he starts taking damage? Kick a controller who picked two players up at the beginning of the fight, only to kick the controller later when they get knocked out (and not even attempt to pick the controller up)? And even attack Big Barda before the tank, get knocked out, and then blame the tank for not getting her attention?
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  5. Grumpy Dedicated Player

    Your group voted "yes" when he started kicking people. Just saying.
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  6. Radium Devoted Player

    If you didn't kick the abuser in the first place, then you allowed it to happen.
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  7. Mr Furious Well-Known Player

    People like this should be publicly humiliated and have their characters deleted permanently. Castration also seems fair.
  8. Biggdaddycane Dedicated Player

    This paragraph here is the definition of 90% of the DPS in this game. PUG more, people if you dont believe me. A large majority of the time there is attitude problem or disagreement in a group the person barking/ yepping is a DPS. Not saying all are bad, I've meet quite a few snobby Trollers, many Tanks, few healers. But the DPS'ers always reach maximum on the A-Hole Meter quicker then any other role for me.

    Besides that, seems like you were in a bad group to start with. Part of the problem was the people in the group agreeing with the kicking by this new player.
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  9. the solowing Devoted Player

    Its not if we think its ok but its majority vote rules, and you were on the wrong end of the kick request
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  10. Lokkii Committed Player

    Every time you witness some random injustice a new rule or system should NOT be implemented, for every time the kick system is abused it works as intended 1000 times.

    What is your in game name?
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  11. DustyAnkh Loyal Player

    I'd say 90% of your threads wouldn't even exist if you stopped pugging, made some friends, and joined a League.
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  12. Necro Maat Well-Known Player

    Don't just not vote when you don't agree with a kick. Vote no. If you have a mic state why you don't agree. If you just don't vote ppl think you didn't have a chance to vote or you don't care. I've had to vote no & state why before to sway the rest of the group to prevent a kick.
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  13. Omega Boy Committed Player

    90% of the time when someone says that there should be a rule (or a law) the answer is no. Sounds like the DPS was in the wrong, but you can't dictate morality.
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  14. tukuan Loyal Player

    You are correct in citing this player as being a dillweed and what he did as deplorable. That said there would also be those who could hold the group hostage or otherwise act equally dilltastic (tm) if you couldn't kick because of a lock as described.

    Personally if I don't pug all that much but if I do and get someone who's kicking others, I quite often just leave outright because its usually less headache in the long run (see original point about not pugging all that much).
  15. Wanderica New Player

    The only adjustments that I think should be made to the vote kick system is a personal cooldown of 5 minutes for ANY vote. If more than one person needs to be kicked then surely one of the other members can start it. You don't get to vote to disband just because you didn't get your way with the kick vote, either. This prevents abuse while keeping freedom of play within the community. The grieved party is always free to leave by way of the front door. 10 minutes isn't that long anyway.

    Just the other night, we were having a very rough time on Paradox. (I know, I know. What can I say? Guess I'm masochistic like that.) One member decides (after downing 2 of the 4 bosses) that the group is a no-go after many wipes on the third, and begins spaming us all with disband requests. We would have booted him, but with a vote in progress, you can't begin another.

    Also, I have no idea why the excuse function was removed. I'm just getting into T6, and there are times when I'm holding the group back, and (in the past) have bowed out so that the group could get a better geared player to move them forward. Now, it's usually not my fault exactly, as typically, I do better than average DPS on my fire toon, and frequently out perform those with a higher CR than myself. Sometimes however, as was the case the other night, myself and one other were a good 6 or so CR behind all of the other DPSers, and were the last 2 in DPS, as we should have been. Failure within the group (add-control, tunnel-vision, tank not blocking, etc) led to the self-appointed LFG Sensei to decide that they needed more / better DPS. I'd have been happy to leave with a "/group GL!" but the function has been removed. Instead I had to be kicked for not doing enough DPS. OK I'm rambling, but the point is, why on earth did they remove that feature? It was fine and served a great purpose.
  16. RSL New Player

    if someone asks to leave and you can't excuse... there's nothing wrong with using kick as the mechanism to give the player what they want. they want to leave. they don't care if it's a kick or an excuse. don't get so caught up on semantics that you force them to take a deserter penalty instead [like your own words sound like].
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  17. Harlequin Devoted Player

    The mistake was inviting this "person" back.
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  18. Criminal Matrix New Player

    You can control your actions, you can't control other people's actions. Is this case morally wrong, yes. Is it within normal scope of play, yes. Take a note of the name and never play with the person again. simple enough. But you can't expect a bunch of emotionless code to be able to decipher if a person is being kicked for good reason or not. That's up to the players involved.
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  19. Falco Committed Player

    Change the rules based on another one of Circe's failed pugs...

    -1 for the idea
    -1 for the wall of text
  20. X-zero Loyal Player

    Another time were damage is the issue and a dps doesn't say it is me, I shouldn't be here, and you all should get a better dps. That dps is lucky they didn't go in there when Barda had a much larger life bar.

    And some times people need to get kicked at the last boss if they can't perform it correctly and nothing is changing between wipes. Like you all should have kicked the dps if they both were complaining about his role being the weak link and trying to kick.

    Had to kick a pug in Nexus a while back at the final boss. He could barely get in but that cool we don't kick for that. And the league leader sometimes has us queue in like that so we can meet new people and possibly gain new members. But this person didn't listen to voice or text chat. And the final straw was at the final boss were the game sense of humor kicked in and it gave him a shield ever single time following with him running away from the group cause the team to wipe.

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