Theory on dwayne johnson being upset over black adam movie production

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    Shazam! Director Doesn’t Know What’s Happening With Black Adam Movie

    Black Adam is a major Shazam villain, but according to Shazam! director David F. Sandberg, he has no idea what DC has planned for the character.

    my thoughts and what i hear

    i have heard that the rock is being told the film is wanted to be sent in a more kid , very kid friendly type of movie. not a tale of a hero losing his love and turning evil do to the events in his life, i feel like anything the rock acts in, he can make at least watchable but he's been trying to be this character since man of steel came out, even before. he wants a more grounded story with some humor, more like man of steel but with a tad more humor , but who knows.
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    apparently the producers of the black adam movie, are trying to make it very kid friendly , Dwayne J. The rock, is not happy about it, i saw in one of those articles comic book cast or something, dont have the exact article link, can't find it. so it might not be the case but if it is, they were going to do a actual tragic story and very close to the canonical to the comic books and this game has it perfect, but i hope it isn't ruined in the writers room, i know it will be a good watch, the rock is good at being a hero type,

    The Rock can make it tolerable, but i feel like how they made shazam about family and it had it dark tones but over all was a lighter movie, black Adam is the opposite and doesn't have his family / love anymore and would have made a great crossing event with shazam 2. but, who knows what will happen. i honestly think they are waiting for the snyder cut to drop and see the reception on what to ultimately end up doing with everything and zack's DCEU vision , what they will end up green lighting and stopping once and for all, after that is out.

    The Problems, and solutions were here and happened back in 2013, and shown again what is wanted with ZSJL 2021, but after that? what is going on with superman. something not good

    specially now that freakin jj abrams, is rebooting man of steel , with Captain america's latest comic run writer "very hated" Ta-Nehisi has landed the job for the the production company Bad Reboot's superman. people Love the superman we have which hasn't even gotten a full story told yet, henry cavil is the superman everyone wanted , more grounded and as realistic as you could make a superman, people complained, even though they said they wanted that kind of superman, but the character is turning into the superman we all know , in Snyder's story but we just haven't gotten that far yet, they started all this stuff, people complained or 10 to 20 people on twitter that don't even buy tickets to movies or even know these characters talk about how batman, superman, wonder woman SHOULD be, and the studios are listening to twitter instead of letting directors do there jobs, and the writers that are being hired , release a comic book, and get a full movie, ergo the writer for the new superman , the latest thing hes done is captain America, and its the most hated iteration of cap in years in the pages, and they give him superman by bad reboot to do with jj.
    it is really is sad, the snyder cut is wanted so bad, because it is a writer/director's vision that was chopped apart, and turned into not even a Shaved mustache of itself and into a avengers rip of with bad antics and one liners and reshoots the actors didn't even want to shoot.


    aka the batfleck, got bvs, they did the middle of his story at the beginning this time, because we have gotten, the beginning so many times, so snyder was going for a dark knight returns batman, that was over it, superman shows up, gives him hope again, and each characters solo sequels. would have been these characters in there full realized glory. all we hear is.... Superman broke zods neck, blahhhh, batman machine gunned down a bunch of #$#hol#$ . "batman doesn't kill" thats the point he is showing how far he has fallen, btw , Keaton Did the same machine gunning Goons down as he entered ace chemicals in batman 89, but no one says one thing. with superman, he had just became the symbol. zod literally would not of stopped and would have killed more people making it 20X more horrific, mirroring batman v the joker, how batman should just kill him but doesn't , and this shows what happens to someone when they actually don't wanto kill the villain but had no choice. i didn't go as deep as i skimmed through what happened, figuring mostly everyone knows what happened in the movie

    What do The Fan's of The DC Universe silverscreen want? whats with all the #Release#$#$%#$#$

    All the fan's want is good storytelling , where you write a good story without putting up diversity roadblocks and jackhammering a plot or character in it just because it will please a couple blue checkmarks on twitter, ultimately that's what the fans or fans of Batfleck , Cavil , , is that death stroke, villain batman movie, that takes place in arkham, i want a proper man of steel two "but with jj who knows" it's a reboot" i guess or soft reboot, we got the 4 hour cut and new footage shot. yea the tattoos, even Leto's joker easy fix, he takes another bath in the chemicals, or more makeup like it seems they did in justice league new footage. The latest trailer for justice league with that tag scene with Leto "joker" Saying to "batfleck" How honor is a distant memory, right? batman , got so many people hyped up, cause it yet so simple, not what everyone has been screaming for but, it is something that is getting to seen through and people just want a good finished movie without studio stepping in. Suicide squad "not a Terrible" but not "great" movie, we got like 3 minutes if that of joker screen time in the theatrical cut of suicide squad, that movie was connected to justice league, with a mother box/ even darkseid and Steppenwolf Easter eggs within the movie and the joker suppose to of gotten the mother box is what enchantress was using to construct her mechanical madness at the end , was chopped to heck, joker was suppose to be a secondary full time villain of the movie, and David Ayer had shot a full movies worth of material and scenes, but " he's the worst joker", but now he's even getting a chance to show what he can do with his version of joker, i like the idea of just letting there be several multiverses and not having to have everything connect, and alot of people agree, we have w p joker, totally separate, and Pattinson's batman which is separate from everything, this is great, there is hope to get more of zack Snyder's universe.

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  3. Controller Loyal Player

    lol there is IMO a Double Standard with the Marvel movies and DC movies.

    In Iron Man II we have Sweet Tony getting drunk and getting in a fight with his close friend Rhodes, chasing skirts....

    In Avengers Age of Ultron we have Tony being presumptuous with his "Ultron Initiative"......thinking he's "Protecting the world" but in the end he's indirectly responsible for Quicksilver's death.

    He's ALSO building these "Buster" suits of Armor - one of which he uses against the Hulk in the movie. In the comics he's gone as far as building one against Thor


    and would probably build a "Krypton Buster" suit if Marvel and DC ever crossed paths.....

    Long story short Marvel is given a LOT more leeway it seems in "humanizing" its characters.....and makes a "Powerful Superhero getting drunk" look sexy.

    But the DC producers want to make DC movies "Kid Friendly??"


    Get the heck out the way and let whomever did the Wonder Woman movies, Aquaman, Shazam movies and Zach Snyder run the show.

    If they want "Kid Friendly" go watch Justice League Action.

  4. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    Sorry, but until or unless Snyder can show he actually gets the characters he's working with, I feel he should walk away now that he got to make his JL movie. He's shown that he has his own ideas of what the heroes and stories should be like, no doubt. But his take more often than not feels like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole.

    Mind you, I know some things have to change in translation from one medium to the next. What works on the page won't always work as well on screen, so I try to look at a lot of works and see if they got at least the spirit or feel of things right. That's why I never really had an issue with most of the Potter films as they got things right the vast majority of the time (except Order of the Phoenix, I really think they missed the mark on that one) even though they weren't exact copies of what was in the books.

    Despite his efforts, Snyder missed the mark on the "inspiring hope" nature of Superman in MoS, even after leaning HEAVILY into that theme in the major trailers for the film. And then he seemed to double down on missing the mark in that regard even more with BvS. And because of the results of those two films, I don't really have much in the way of hope that Snyder's JL is gonna somehow fix that, even with a freaking four hour runtime.

    His vision worked well with a film like Watchmen because Watchmen is darker, more edgy and all around grim. That doesn't mean ALL super heroes or super hero stories fit into that mold or style.

    *walks away muttering under my breath* Four hours?! Sheesh, BvS was a slog at around two and a half, what were they thinking.....
  5. Controller Loyal Player

    To ME at least I believe Snyder "Gets it"......

    My interpretation of the MOS and BvS movies is that he understands both heroes....their DARK sides.....

    I think people are unfairly judging DC movies off of the standard of Marvel movies....

    The VERY FIRST Marvel movie in the vein of Avengers was Captain America - IMO a GREAT start to the franchise but he's NOTHING LIKE Superman....

    I think MoS was PERFECT.....but rather dark - like Modern Times. Let's be real, here.

    I think Zach Snyder nailed MoS.....he placed Superman in TODAY'S existence.....the hysteria....the fear....

    Imagine Kal-El landing on EARTH right now - in REAL LIFE. That's how Zach portrayed him.

    He got it RIGHT - IMO.

    Zach got (and still gets) blasted for his portrayal of his heroes but hey don't blame HIM for Modern Society's ills.

    To take a page from my Man Billy Joel -

    Neither Zach (nor Kal-El) started this fire, LOL..............
  6. Controller Loyal Player

    Also -

    In the Superman TAS "AND" the Justice League and JLU series Superman gave Earth PLENTY of reasons to be afraid of him....

    Waay back in Superman TAS in the mid or late 90s he's brainwashed and kidnapped by Darkseid and Granny Goodness and THEN turned loose on Earth

    On his return to Earth he terrorizes the population and even harms Kara-El in the process...that sling on her arm was from HIM. I've posted that Darkseid VS Superman clip here before.

    During his invasion he frightens Professor Hamilton of Star of his former friends - who in TURN helps Cadmus against him like 10-15 years later the JLU series.

    I mean - who BLAMES Professor Hamilton, here lol? We ALL want our heroes to rescue kittens in trees but Real Life don't always work that way, unfortunately -

    Ask Zach about that, too - in regards to his OWN tragedy he had to deal with.

    Don't blame Zach for showing the darker side of heroes....but through it all Supes DID get a MILITARY funeral

    ...which shows ME at least that Earth loves him in the grand scheme of things.
  7. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    There's exploring darker aspects of a character's personality, and then there's wallowing in dark and brooding territory for the sake of wallowing in dark and brooding territory. Snyder did the latter, I feel. And when you do that with a hero who is arguably THE embodiment of hope and representing the best aspects of us, you're basically putting a square peg into a round hole.

    And I'm not holding him to the standard set by the Marvel films. I'm holding Snyder to the standard set by DECADES of comics, TV shows, cartoons and films that all came before and allowed him his platform to work with the character. I was initially encouraged by the trailers for MoS because they seemed to be leaning so heavily into "inspiring hope" but then they ended up delivering a Superman that really didn't inspire much in the way of hope.

    Meanwhile a two minute segment from the Supergirl TV show pretty much knocked it out of the park.

    And while I've not had the chance to check it out, from what I understand the Superman and Lois series is continuing that trend.

    You don't need to go all grimdark edgelord to explore darker aspects of a character. While the various JL animated shows did show more than just the "Big Blue Boy Scout" side to Superman they didn't spend ALL their time in that frame of reference. In fact in those shows and in the original Christopher Reeve film the moments where Superman DOES go dark or angry stand out because it isn't all you see.
  8. Controller Loyal Player

    I just didn't see that aspect of Superman in Mos and BvS that you (and others, evidently) are seeing.

    What I think some of us (not saying just "YOU", Will) but some folks in general want is a "Pleasantville" Superman...


    And while that 2 min clip you posted is awesome, it is indeed a tried and true depiction of Supes that has been used time and time again - in just about ALL of his movies, lol.....

    No offense, Will - but been there, done that.

    Evidently DC Cinematic is unsure of JUST WHAT TO DO with Superman, supposedly -


    ......which REALLY (IMO) leads to the question of "Just what does "Superman Really mean to us?" Especially when we NOW have to go present a different version of him?

    Especially since THIS Superhero is IMO more original


    ...if you're going to present a 'Different" Superhero with Superman-like powers?

    Why is DC Cinematic Universe switching up on Henry Cavill?

    Are we confused as Humans as to "Just what Superman means to us?"

    Why does DC (and DC Cinematic Universe) CONTINUE to sleep on Icon and other Milestone characters?

    Is Augustus Freeman IV too........"Controversial" to some?

    Are we not ready for him? Or his RICH (and original) backstory that MIRRORS Kal-El's hmble beginnings but TOLD from Icon's perspective?

    Why was it so easy to bring Black Panther to the Big Screen but not Icon?

    As we wrestle as Fans as to "just what does Superman mean to us" evidently DC CU is doing just the same.

    This all leads right back to the OP's post alluding to why some DC producers evidently want to present a certain version of Black Adam.

    Why are we hesitant to show the gritty side (not "R" rated, mind you) but more realistic of a being's beginnings like Black Adam?
  9. Controller Loyal Player

    The craziest thing with the "Black Adam" movie that there should not be "ANY" confusion when you bring Dwayne Johnson onboard for a project like this.

    The dude is BONAFIDE.....he's ALREADY did a "TON" of SUCCESSFUL Children's movies........he's done a "TON" of popular ACTION MOVIES.....

    You can't trust this guy to bring Black Adam to life "AND" sell tickets? to both adults AND Children??






    The dude is even RUMORED to be thinking about running for PRESIDENT for crying out loud.

    Get out of the way and let him bring Black Adam to LIFE..........................
  10. Controller Loyal Player

    Bringing "The Rock" onboard for a project like this and then trying to restrain him from the character is like having THIS


    ...sitting in your driveway getting dusty.
  11. Reinheld Devoted Player

    Agreed with all of it except the bit in red above. You mistakenly pluralized Movie....meaning there were 2 good WW movies....there were not. The 2nd movie, while it wasn't quite for kids, wasn't for adults...or at least marginally intelligent adults.

    Good points nonwithstanding.
  12. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    Black Adam is not evil nor is he a Villain, he is an Anti-Hero.

    He would do anything in the World to bring back his lost love Isis. I don’t know how they would make a hero turning villain kid friendly.

    Nothing that happens to Black Adam is friendly. People need to see what actually happens to him, or they will never understand him and his motives.
  13. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    If they follow the plot from that particular comic story, there's a point to that.

    But more often than not Adam's backstory and origin (which was hinted at in the Shazam! film) is of someone who was given the wizard's power and was either unworthy from the beginning or simply corrupted by that power. With the right story and director it's not outside the realm of possibility to show the story and tragedy of someone corrupted by immense power without having to go super dark or excessively violent in the process.

    Plus it's best to keep in mind that they were able to use/show the Seven Deadly Sins in Shazam! (very much a kid-friendly movie) without them being ultra-horrific.
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