Themyscira Divided: No special attacks from bosses?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Alexonic, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Alexonic Committed Player

    i watched some video of some themyscira divided run...
    and i noticed that the way bosses fight is too...basic?
    they just do weapon combo on the tank and...stop...and if they do some different/special attack, they do it on the tank...

    why devs didn't give them any special attack (non on the tank) like luthor/batman do in nexus?
    i mean that orange area from future luthor, that damage over time from professor luthor etc. etc...

    i think that bosses need those kind of special attacks for reasons like:
    • healer must do something, i've seen that it can be done without healer cause all the dmg is taken by the tank;
    • i think is boring for the group having nothing to avoid and just pew pew until enemies die;
  2. Alexonic Committed Player

    everybody likes play easy/simple/without challenge contents?
  3. Poo New Player

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  4. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    If you are looking for a challenge in DLC 10 Alexonic you will not find one. DLC 10 is just a filler until DLC 11.
  5. Alexonic Committed Player

    is not just about the also about dev's laziness...who make contents so basic/easy/simple/without idea
    i have not used op3 lastboss as example, my examples are nexus/paradox' special attacks, they're all avoidable

    after nexus/paradox, devs have no more ideas to make new contents with a bit of brain needed, just pew pew until you finish it
  6. Poo New Player

    And what if DLC 11 is a let down? I mean, I see people say that DLC 11 is gonna be great. Why though?

    Just because there will be "at least 1 raid"?

    People were saying that DLC 10 was gonna be great since WoL sucked sooo much. And...
  7. Poo New Player

    There is not one good thing about those raids.

    If you must be on mic with people that have run it a million times or have to watch a video just to understand how a raid "should" work, it's crap in my book.

    I'm not here to play a game with super intense 4 hour raids. Nope. No thanks!
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  8. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    I'm sure they are trying to get away from aoe type attacks a little due to graphical problems on PS3 as most of what made nex and dox hard was the fact you couldnt see the animations to get away in time. now going foward with the PS4 hardware they can add those effects but PS3 cant handle them like AB for instance PS3 users have all kinds of dificulty with freezes and such because the newer content was made with PS4 in mind not just a graphic boost.
  9. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Wait you actually thought there would be a challenge in DLC10?:eek:
    You can run all dps with WM now, no need for support roles. Just go in there and smash it for easy marks. Only problem is the alert is crazy long.
  10. Brice Allen Loyal Player

    If DLC 11 is a let down I'll be completely done with the game. DLC 11 has been stated as it is going to have 2 Raids. One Average and one that is suppose to be Hard. If that Hard Raid is a walk in the park I'll just walk away for good.

    On that note, my 3 favorite raids in this game are FoS II, Nexus, and Paradox. So you can see how challenging I like my content to be.

    EDIT: Funny you'd mention "watching videos to understand it" as I just got done watching a Boss Tutorial for one of the bosses in one of the 20-Man Raids in Wildstar. I plan on going in prepared:).
  11. Welcome2TheNhk New Player

    No their not.... I don't know what magical runs you had that had working mechanics but no they are not. They go off faster then the animations you are stuck in or they randomly do said mechanics with little or no warning how about the balls that hook over to wipe out people who thought they were safe.... They are the other spectrum of good gameplay mechanics and they should never be spoken as "Great" mechanics and or gameplay..

    /A kid with a crayon could had saw the problems..
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  12. Minecrawler New Player

    Last time I ran it there was one. It was like an invisible force shield or something like that, and it prevented you from killing the boss if you wiped on the first go.
  13. Alexonic Committed Player

    we're differents...
    nexus/paradox always been my favourites contents for the difficulty...
    and to be honest, i liked the fact that most of players were unable to finish them (and i also am talking of some player of my ex-league)

    mmmh, i don't think this is the reason...i'm on ps3 and i have load problems just in open world contents and some pvp arena...
    if oppressor doesn't enrage, i would able to solo it (tried)
    just saying

    in dox/nexus if you roll in the right moment you don't get oneshotted, this is not my opinion, it's a fact
    i think they should always make novice and expert modality for every raid...and, obviously, higher reward for who finishes them in expert modality
    this would make happy players who want challenge and players who just want to complete contents

    yh i know, that's a the only unavoidable thing
  14. Welcome2TheNhk New Player

    The game doesn't run nearly smooth enough for anyone to take advantage of immunities in the one shot spectrum. If you are doing range attacks you can't get out of the range animation fast enough to dodge the one shots, It's a poorly designed raid for the ability of your actions. -Using certain weapons=zero chance of dodging- .. They designed a raid and took into account nothing that players can do cause of game play mechanics, Hell even the floor animations spawn and go off faster then you can get out of being stuck in animations.. Equip a duel wield and jump out the way fast enough to dodge a one shot with a hold Triangle going off -You can't-... This game has always lacked in cause effect or thinking rationally about what will happen if they do this. It's poorly designed content for the ability of players because of mechanics -More of a luck factor then skill-

    Yes i am fully aware of class imbalances, and the sheer opness of toons/certain classes that allow people to solo it. Been that way a long time...
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  15. Alexonic Committed Player

    nah mate...i agree about the fact that sometime you're stuck in some animation so you get shotted but...this happens few times...
    if i die 0 times in paradox is not that i'm a lucky boy and the player who died 7-8 times is unlucky....
    just no
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  16. Welcome2TheNhk New Player

    As long as bad mechanics or bad gameplay is a factor, then yes it is..
  17. Derio 15000 Post Club

    I wouldnt go as far as to say its poorly designed. Just poorly executed.
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  18. MCAZR New Player

    Yup, the next dlc looks super easy but hopefully DLC11 will offer us something to sink our teeth into. I have my doubts since most of the current playerbase hasn't seen too much challenge and natural attrition is making the percentage that much higher.
  19. Drathmor Unwavering Player

    no one said ps3 doesnt have problems in other areas of the game I was exsplaining the most obvious reason to quit adding in content that causes issues on a piticular platform and not another were it works fine is to just not add things that will hurt the system that has the problems
  20. Rasta Committed Player

    Don't promote that kind of stuff.

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