Themyscira Divided Boss Options

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    Hehe, yeah, you're right. :D
    You can get an R&D-component as additional drop. Unlike in the older content though in this case most people are happier about the FE VI instead of the recovery kit, which can never drop together. :D
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    Guys, pls help me figger out, what i need to use for Megaira+Circe last boss? I'm use Dog+Spear, but in the end was Apollonia-_- I shield/weapong need to pick for meg+circe combination?
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    You can't physically get the dog shield and the spear at the same time, that would mean you have eliminated Megaira as the boss with Circe twice. Remember you are eliminating a boss by picking the weapon and shield that represent them. This is the shield that represents Megaira which is supposed to be a Dog
    I personally thing the Cyclopes shield looks more like a dog, so that might be what you selected, meaning you faced the Phoenix and Trio, eliminated Ten-Ton (by picking the Cyclopes shield) and Megaira (by picking the spear), so all that was left was Appollonia.
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    dont understand... What Shield and Weapon should i pick to get Phoenix on last boss? Axe+phoenixShield is to avoid phoenix on last boss or Axe+PhoenixShield to get him on last boss?!?!
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    Think of the statue in the center as something that is going to be fighting two bosses and you have to tell it which two to fight so you are just fighting Circe (or Wonder Woman) and one other boss. The way you tell that statue which bosses to fight is by giving it a weapon and shield. Each one represents a boss. If you give the statue that item, the statue will "fight" that boss. You can't ever give the statue the weapon and shield for the same boss, that's why the second side you go to only has two options.

    So to fight the Phoenix in the last room, you need a run where it isn't one of the first two bosses and DON'T give either the axe or the Phoenix shield to the statue.

    It looks like one of the pictures on the first post bugged out. I'll try to get that fixed.
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    Basically it's a process of elimination. The bird only shows up on the clif side or shield room. If your good, you can go to 1st boss and know who 2nd boss already is. The shields/weapons show you the possible bosses in the final fight, and each one you take eliminates them thus process of elimination. So if you don't see the weapon or shied you need for menagerie feat, it will be the 2nd boss.

    I always go cliff side as the bird can only spawn there. Hope this helps. And I think the priestess only spawns in the weapon room (been awhile).
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    Does anyone have the pictures for the shields?
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    I don't but I know the OP is still active in the game and he might re-post the images. @stealthblue
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    I do not, but most are pretty easy to figure out looking at them once you are there. The one that looks like a lady's profile is for enchantress, the one with a big bird that looks like the hood of a 70's TransAm/Firebird is the Phoenix, the one with 3 identical symbols on it is for the Satyr trio. The last 2 for Cyclops and the Pack are similar but the Cyclops one has what looks to be a center circle at the top....for the eye of the cyclops. The pack one always looks like a bug to me, but I believe it's supposed to be a dog.

    Hope that helps. Sorry I don't have pics. And as stated in the guide, picking a particular shield or weapon ELIMINATES that boss. I've had a lot of people think you put the 2 pieces in for the one you WANT to show up....and just eliminated him/her doing that.
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    I still have them saved on my computer. I'll try to get to it tonight but it might be the weekend before I get to it.
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    Those pictures were old enough that they were on my old computer, meaning they are probably on external hard drive somewhere. If not, I'll see if I can convince some league mates to help get new ones. Unfortunately I won't be able to dig into to either of those till the weekend.

    Crypt of Penthesilea uses the same weapons and shields in one of the puzzle rooms. Unfortunately it appears to be 4 of each instead of all 5 (from a video I just watched on that puzzle). It appears that the mace is missing from the weapons and the 3 goat head shield is missing. When you enter the room, it looks like the cyclops shield is on the far left and the dog shield is on the far right.

    While not ideal, if you are able to get into Crypt you may be able to figure it out before I find the pictures/get new ones.
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    The pictures are updated now. Sorry it took me so long to get back to this.
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