Themyscira Divided Boss Options

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  1. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    This is for the feat "The Last Menagerie" in Amazon Fury pt I.

    The game randomly assigns a two bosses (one to guard the weapons and one to guard the shields). This leaves 3 bosses for you to choose from for the final boss fight (the three statues in your first boss fight). By picking the weapon or shield that represents a boss you are giving the central statue the tools to defend/slay those bosses leaving only one boss for you to fight with Circe.

    This is would explain why there are always three Weapons/Shields to choose from, no matter which side you go to first, and the second one only has two. You have already eliminated one option, the game is preventing you from selecting the other pieces that represents the same boss meaning there would be two bosses up with Circe

    Weapons: Mace (6 points like out like sides of a die), Club (spikes in a single line and smooth on the top), Sword, Spear, Axe
    Shield Designs: Phoenix, Woman, Three Goat heads, Cyclopes, Dog (I guess this is what it is supposed to be, but I couldn't make it out)

    Hero side Bosses:
    Apollonia the Encantress (Woman and Mace)
    Ten-Ton Takis (Cyclopes and Club)
    Megaira of the Pack (Dog and Spear)
    The Satyr Trio (Three Goat heads and Sword)
    The Phoenix (Phoenix and Axe)

    Villain side Bosses:
    High Priestess Athanasia (Woman and Mace)
    The Infamous Soldier Statue (Cyclopes and Club)
    Desma of the Pride (Dog and Spear)
    The Satyr Trio (Three Goat heads and Sword)
    The Phoenix (Phoenix and Axe)
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  2. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I just ran this and made sure not to pick the Phoenix shield or the Axe (since it represents chopping wood for a fire), to try and get the Phoenix with Circe and I did. So it looks like this works. I'll keep posting work on the Hero side, if someone can work on the Villain side I'll add them to the first post.
  3. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Added all Shield designs, and likely representations for Megaira due to the Phoenix run.
  4. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    This guide is a great project, thanks for the effort. :)
    What do you think about also adding pictures of the items? This would make it clearer, which item you are talking about, especially for non-native-speakers like me. ;-)
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  5. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    I can try to add pictures, but I'm not terribly good at cropping and I'm also on the PS, so it will be some extra effort. If someone can help by providing pictures, I can update the first post to include them.
  6. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Updated first post with Villain side Bosses and (where practical) copied known information that should be similar to the Hero side. The Soldier Statue will likely have a different Shield design than Ten-Ton Takis, and possibly a different weapon as well. My highest Villain is currently T3, so I will need someone else to report on the Villain side.
  7. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    The Mace was representing the Cyclops, btw. And the Sword is for the 3 Satyrs.
    We just did the alert earlier and had the Phoenix and the Dog-Lady as side-bosses. We picked the Harpy-shield and the Maze, which knocked out the Harpy and the Cyclops as bosses, so we got the three brothers.
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  8. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Thanks, Updated the first post with this. I thought the Mace was for the Cyclopes, but someone had mentioned on another thread that they had beaten the Cyclopes and the Mace was a Weapon option, so I wasn't sure.
  9. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    Leaguemates of mine experienced, that the mechanic is as follows:

    As soon as you enter the alert, the two side-bosses are set, so there are 3 possible bosses left, who can appear as the last boss.
    As soon as you defeat one of the two side-bosses, no matter which first, you get either three weapons or three shields to pick of. Each weapon and shield represents one of the bosses, which are not set yet..
    The one you pick will NOT appear as last boss!

    After you defeated boss 1 and picked one item, there are only two possible bosses left. So when you defeat the second side-boss, you only have to pick an item out of two, not three. Again the one you pick will be the one, who is NOT appearing as last boss. So the item, that you have left after the seond side-boss, represents the boss, that will appear in the last fight.

    In the first fight we left a shield with three small heads on it up and another. In the second fight we had a Maze and Sword left. We picked the Maze, because we wanted to get the Satyrs and not the Cyclops, assuming that the Maze represents the Cyclps, and we picked right. So the Sword represents the Satyrs.
  10. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Apparently, there are two different Maces. I've done my best to describe them in the first post. If you remember, please tell me which one had for the Cyclopes as the other one should represent Apollonia.
  11. Mistress Magic Active Player

    we figured it out. there is a mace and a club

    Mace represents Apollonia and is smaller than the club and the head is round and covered in spikes.
    Club represents the Cyclops( Ten ton Takis) and it's longer than the mace and the head is round and smooth.
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  12. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    Thanks, I've update the first post. I have a screen shot of both on my PS3. So if I get a chance to save them off to my computer, crop them, and figure out how to post them here, I will for clarity. Same for the other Weapons and the Shield designs.
  13. Remander Steadfast Player

    Any idea if loot drops vary with bosses? Or is this just for feat purposes?
  14. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    This is just for feat purposes, but if someone finds out that certain pieces of gear only drop with Circe (or Wonder Woman) and a specific boss up, this would help with that. The only thing I would think might be dependent on the boss in the final fight is a chance at specific Hoplite pieces, but considering I got two pieces from that set in my last run, it doesn't look like Hoplite is limited to the final boss fight.

    I suppose individual pieces (like the hands for example) could just be tied to a specific boss regardless of where you fight them. So if the boss isn't one of the randomly assigned ones, you could force it to show in the final fight.

    For the record, from what I've see so far:
    • Amazon Polemarch is rewarded as a choice gear (similar to the reward for defeating the T5 Raven bounty), for completing the mission you get after doing 15 daily missions in Gotham Under Siege, and is Item Level 89. It looks like you can also choose any other pieces of gear except a weapon from this mission reward.
    • Amazon Hoplite is rare. So far, I've only seen it in the T6 Alert. I received two in one run of the Alert, so I either got two off the final boss, or one off the final boss and one off a sub boss. It is Item Level is 91
    • Amazon Soldier is common in comparison, and drops in the Iconic Solos, the Duos, and the Alert. It is Item level 90
    • Amazon Strategos is the vendor gear and is Item Level 92.
  15. oasenhoheit Loyal Player

    These are the Mace and Shield of the Cyclops: [IMG]

    There are the shield and Mace of the Enchantress:

    Our fith item was the Phoenix-shield:

    We had the 3 Satyrs and the Lady with the Dogs as side-bosses.
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  16. MentosTroll Loyal Player

    I have been actively avoiding the phoenix in the last boss battle thx to this guide
  17. StealthBlue Dedicated Player

    The shield representing the Cyclopes looks like a dog to me, but that is the correct shield. And the shield representing Megaira is something strange that I haven't figured out what it is supposed to be yet, I just figure it is supposed to be a dog somehow.

    I have a picture of the Axe, Spear, and Megaira's shield on my PS3. I just need to find my thumdrive so I can transfer them to my computer.
  18. Harlequin Devoted Player

    Once you know which weapon/shield represents which boss, you can accurately predict the 2nd boss and choose the last boss based on the 3 shields/weapons you have to choose from at the first boss. The 3 items represent who you can get with Circe/WW and you just fought one so the remaining boss will be next.

    If you're hunting the last combo for your feat, clear the markets and skip the mobs up to the first boss and sit on top of the dome/off to the right of the temple. Using the info we now have, you'll know for a fact if it's possible to fulfill your feat or not based on the boss under you and the 3 shields/weapons present. Unless the boss you need is represented by a weapon/shield, there's no chance of getting it at the end. Disband and try again. Nice job on this, devs. Pretty neat.

    As an aside, has anyone been keeping notes on which pieces of gear each boss drops? There's another reason to want to influence the end if you need to finish your style feat.
  19. light FX Steadfast Player

    now when we pick the satr shield and the mace u showed here for the cyclops we have gotten the enchantress everytime on the hero side which imo is the easiest of the 5 bosses and have done this 1 with 2 dps everytime. 1rst few days of the dlc we always ran 2 dps troll and heal and had no probs with any of the bosses. But on the 4rth day it was out i think(could of been day 5) we struggled with satr trio and phnx with 2 dps. I personally have dps all bosses, trolled all bosses and healed all bosses to that point with no issues and it seems like it was secretly buffed 2 make people run a tank. Now ive also done it w/out a troll and w/out a healer so running different lineups is possible depending on the end boss. But id like 2 see a video of a grp fighting the 3 brothers and not have a traditional grp of dps, tank, heal, and troll. That would b impressive :p
  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    really wouldnt say hoplite style is rare considering om 2 pieces away from finishing the style on my main and the 1 pieces i need (hands and helmet) i have on 2 alts. If u mean rare as it only drops in the t6 alert then yes u can only get it running that alert but the style drops from all bosses in there and i think u get 2 chances as u have a boss 2 the left and right then the final boss with circe. But im curious 2 know if circe also drops this style or she just drops the plans, wpns, and FEVIs. I know the 2 side bosses do drop wpns too. Only have seen plans and FEVIs at the last boss tho