Themyscira Divided Alert Tip For Ss And Acro

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  1. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    For me the best strategy is to clear the ads that are in your way while doing the flags whie avoiding those that are far away (usually a couple of clusters in the second and third area).

    Kill the ads in front of the statue. Kill the ads in front of the entrance on your way to the statue. People seem to try to skip these. these are the ones that usually follow you around everywhere.

    Skip the ads in the two side corridors. All three movement modes can do this easily.

    If you aggro ads the only way to prevent them from following you dragging every other ad in their wake is to top and kill the aggrod ads until your no longer in combat mode then proceed.

    Warping to rally after each boss fight brings you to the statue.
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  2. Kzinti Committed Player

    Never thought about warp rally, I had assumed it would take you to start position. that is a good tip for all movements, thanx
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  3. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    I know you have a problem with skipping, which is why you felt the need to talk about Nth Metal farming as a way to discourage players from doing it, in this thread about making skipping easier. I know you don't seem to understand certain aspects of gameplay, like damage splitting. And I know you don't know what everyone is or was doing in the game at any point, because your own experience is just your experience.

    You're the one moving goalposts. First - you were wrong about the need to kill all adds in order to farm Nth Metal. Then you moved on to saying that adds were not intended to be skipped, or else the wouldn't be there. Then it was about how skipping didn't make runs shorter, because damage splitting, somehow. Then - skipping adds by flying was supposedly equally difficult, as other movements. Then you asserted that adds couldn't be skipped before TD and that supposed introduction of it caused a huge problem for the player-base. Then - it was "very few" instances that allowed it before. Now you're arguing about one specific old raid, where there clearly is a mechanic that makes adds disappear, if you skip to the mini-boss. lol... My position is solid. I'm curious where you're going to run with those posts next...

    Nonetheless - the mechanic was there and people used it, if not on day one, then definitely soon after. Why even make it so adds disappeared, if the raid was never intended to be played that way? It doesn't happen in many other instances, where - as you know - skipped adds will pounce on you as soon as boss fight is over.

    And I'm not going to argue about one raid, when there are plenty of other examples of content where skipping was possible and routinely done way before TD. All the solos I mentioned - and more. In many old duos you didn't need to kill everything either - Old Gotham Subway, BFE ones, Ferris Aircraft - where adds just respawn infinitely, et cetera. Alerts, like Area 51, or Gorilla Island where the trick was to engage as few enemies as possible, complete objectives and move on to the boss, or next area; Trigon's Prison; all the operations, where you'd actually have to be crazy not to avoid most adds in open world parts and where we would almost always skip speed-force tunnels, unless farming the optional bosses for feats... I could go on. You may call it "very few" instances, but there were only like 6 episodes before Fury Of The Amazons, so that's a substantial number, even though it's not even a full list.

    Skipping was in the game pretty much from the beginning and it's likely to remain an option in at least some new content - you can feel insulted for being proven wrong and nit-pick details, but it doesn't change the facts.
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  4. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    I always do it, unless I'm stuck in combat mode. Make sure to clear the adds at the rally point beforehand though, especially in Elite.
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  5. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Multi-target attacks will usually split their damage after a certain number of targets. The damage to each individual target will decrease but the total damage to all targets will remain the same. It's important to factor in the splitting properties when comparing multi-target attacks. One AoE move may be better than another on 2 targets, but worse than the other on 3+ targets.

    For example, to find the area damage of a move with D damage that splits after 2 targets and hits up to 8 targets:

    On 2 targets
    • Total damage = 2 * D
    • Damage to each target = 2*D / 2 = D
    On 8 targets
    • Total damage = 2 * D
    • Damage to each target = 2*D / 8 = D / 4
    There is a video out there where they did a speed run comparing two different with grouping all of the ads, and another killing them in small clumps of ads. Care to wonder which run was faster? I soon as I find it, I will post it.
    I don't care what you intend or not intend to argue about. I can say the sky is blue, and then I guarantee that you would want to argue about that. Before TD was released, there are very few (maybe a handful, and I personally don't care how you want to "paint" whatever a "handful" is) of instances where ads were skipped, and it certainly wasn't the ENTIRE instance like it is in TD..primarily because one..the boss was locked until the ads were killed, or two that the ads would stun a group causing the group to have to kill them. Before TD a large portion of the community only skipped when necessary. Kahndaq was one of them...which was what...maybe a hallway of ads that could be flown or jumped over. As far as my original argument/position...regardless of the timer, there is still a benefit for killing the ads.
  6. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Please do - I'll be holding my breath.

    I know how damage splitting works. What you're not taking into account are many other factors, some of which I already mentioned
    - that by fighting larger groups of adds you avoid using long animations and DOTs to overkill adds;
    - you avoid going in and out fast movement, so you can be fighting the boss a few seconds after entering the corridor, while the adds come to you and line up, ready to be dealt with in a short amount of time - definitely not longer than it would take to fight them separately;
    - that you can use the entire duration of trinket and SC buffs and pets, instead of wasting them while moving from one group of adds to another - or just not using them because who does that on 3 adds;
    - that there are abilities - like Electricity's Circuit Breaker that don't follow that splitting formula.
    All of that adds up and while you may think the benefit is negligible - clearly many players think differently.

    And - of course - you don't need to fight all those adds anyway, if you manage to avoid at least some of them, or do the smart thing - pop a shield, or drop aggro, activate a statue and either get out of there or just wipe and respawn right where you need to be anyway, without aggro.

    Oh, so now we're arguing about being able to skip ALL adds? lol... Talk about moving goalposts. :rolleyes:

    As I said - not going to argue about one particular raid, where a mechanic to make adds disappear was clearly implemented and is being used to this day. I gave you enough examples of add skipping being a mechanic from the beginning, at the time when there were only "a handful" of instances in the entire game. Even if TD allows for use of it to a larger extent than most, it doesn't mean "it shouldn't be done". And skipping, or fighting larger groups of adds is more fun than risk-free pew-pew, especially if it's only possible in "a handful" of instances - except for players and groups, that can't pull it off.
  7. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    You brought that particular raid mentioned Gates, I didn't. So, while we are pointing fingers at moving goal posts, let's not pretend you didn't bring that raid up. We obviously have unresolved differing opinions of skipping ads or not. You play your way, and I will play mine.
  8. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Yes, I brought that raid up, because when I started playing in 2013 - skipping those adds was routinely done, especially by players using stealth. I also mentioned a dozen other instances, most of which you conveniently ignored.

    Playing your way is exactly what I suggested a few pages ago - if most of the player-base prefers to skip, just make a non-skipping group, if you're so inclined. I can't say I see a lot of such stipulations in LFG, so there can't be that many players with such preference. I have no problems playing how I want with pretty much every TD PUG I'm in, thank you very much, except for the odd player getting upset because they can't keep up. Not to mention league runs, where no one even entertains the idea of slogging through those adds 1 small group after another. The community made their choice about how to run this alert almost a decade ago.
  9. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    And I started playing in 2012 (Battle for Earth was released March 2012) when skipping those ads routinely wasn't done in that raid. I also have no problems playing with a group that skips ads routinely contrary to your belief as provided in previous posts. I normally go along with whatever the group is inclined to do..including assisting with feats, which based on your responses...I doubt you would be inclined to do. (See, I can make assumptions also). But, I do see the benefit in not skipping those ads as well, regardless of however you want to view it.
  10. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You do know that Nth drops on a timer, right? You can be killing 1 add, or 1000 adds and you'll get the metal at the same timer. The only advantage to killing adds is if you are working on a very long boss, you would miss the timer, and killing an add will trigger the drop, however, as 90% of the time, those adds are standing around outside the boss room, it wouldn't matter if they die 1 second after the bosses, as the bosses will trigger the drop as well.
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  11. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It's funny because I generally don't run SS, but I've run a few times on an alt that I just got up over 327 so he could score the free mark, and get one of the style pieces done. I'm not particularly skilled at SS, and was able to get over all the adds in both hallways. I couldn't get past the ones at the bottom of the stairs, after you hit the cog, but they catch my flyers too. Yet, people who run SS and are GOOD at it (I'd assume, better than me anyway) will drag EVERY add on the board to the outside of the fight. Seriously...every add, even ones there was no reason to go near.

    99% of the time I'd guess this is not a 'can't' skip the adds as 'don't want to' skip the adds, for most SS players.

    Acro I don't generally use anymore, so I couldn't say.
  12. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Perhaps. But the mechanic to neutralize adds by killing the mini-boss was already there. And multiple classic powersets had stealth abilities. Almost as if that kind of playstyle was intended to be possible, at least at some point.

    Lol... Good for you. Your assumptions make no difference to me - assume away. Not sure what feats you're assisting with in TD, though, since in my 150, or so runs over the last 5 weeks, in different versions of it, with different groups, on different toons only one person asked for the 9 eggs feat, which I was happy to go along with, since I'm missing it as well, but the rest of the group decided not to, as we were 4 DPS in a PUG. And only a few players ever objected to skipping, which is why I said I have no problems running it how I like - because that's what the majority of players seem to want as well.
  13. BumblingB I got better.

    If you do it right, you can even Acro Glide through the city area. The problem I always had is that lag tends to hit me at the wrong time and I miss the down arrow to decent and touch the ceiling. I learned to just jump and zip. Usually I can pass the first group fine, but if I don't, I just take the hit and keep going and zip the rest of the way, like spiderman going through New York. lol Then we start the boss and then kill the adds after. Though, I'm usually not the only one getting seen. Our tank doesn't care, we usually have to kill the adds anyways, so he will try dodging, but if he's seen, he will drag them start the boss and we all kill.

    Tank is SS, btw. Edit, and this is in elite.
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  14. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Yes, I know they are on a timer, I mentioned that to provide a different perspective beyond the other benefits of not skipping ads...especially in elite where it is more necessary to clear ads, especially at respawn points.
  15. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Hmmmhmmm...good luck getting through that hallway to even get to that boss, not to mention the other ads waiting before that boss even starts. Remember, we aren't talking about being geared above content when that content was released.

    As far as assisting with feats....that comment was made in general and not narrowed to just TD alone. However, I did notice..that you didn't have a problem assisting with the egg feat because you needed that one as well. So, I guess you are only willing to assist only if you need said feat.
  16. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    Oh, 100% you should clear the respawn point at the top of the stairs (the other respawn is start, so no need to 'clear' that), but that's not to generate's a good run strategy plain and simple. Just like skipping the truly skippable adds is. be clear, when I say 'skip' I mean to not agro them. I know many people refer to 'skipping' as just agroing the whole map and then fighting in a pile. If I'm skipping and doing it properly, I'm out of agro except those adds it's impossible for as well as the 'top of the stairs' spawn point, and those I kill on the spot, not drag them through the map.
  17. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Which was another discussion within the discussion. If grouping the large clump of ads, you may as well just clear them moving forward as it would be quicker to do so rather than grouping them all up in a single pile, and that is even assuming the tank can even hold that many, which is well above the amount that a tank can possibly hold without a number of them moving into the group.
  18. LowFlyingMoon Loyal Player

    Hmmm... I don't think you understood. At the end of the first corridor in GOT - before the actual boss arena - there is a minotaur mini-boss, actually an add with more health. If you kill it - all the other adds disappear and you can proceed to the actual boss fight. I wasn't playing it when the content dropped, but an episode or 2 later - HT era. I don't remember what the difference in stats was at the time, but it couldn't have been much bigger than running it clamped now - and it's ridiculously easy to do it now, just most people don't seem to know about it and are confused, when I make the adds disappear.
  19. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    On that we agree. I'm not in favor of 'clumping'...I'm in favor of cleaning 'skipping' the adds, which does make a faster run. Clumping them sometimes leads to 1 or 2 people dying or getting stuck, or spending the same time to kill the mob as it would have along the way. sometimes works out ok, but generally only in groups where they are more co-ordinated/experienced...not pugs.
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  20. Dev72 Dedicated Player

    Home turf released nearly a full year and 3 episodes beyond Battle for Earth, which we were all running around with alot higher gear and stats behind SP at that point. Right now there are so many stats that pierce the clamp that one can pretty much do anything they want in that raid. Considering the ambush that happens right away as soon as the gate drops to enter that hallway, I doubt there were many capable of escaping those stuns and life draining moves in that entire hallway of ads ..unless you were a tank that could take the hits popping immunity with a healer in toe, and even then that is shaky considering the health of each of the ads moving forward.