The Witching Hour & Style Unlocking!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Sep 30, 2020.

  1. 453 New Player

    Dear DCUO
    please add a realistic ghost as a pet in base for us!
    Male and female.
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  2. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    or both? Stockings with a baseball cap ftw..
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  3. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    Will materials ever be unlockable for alts?
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  4. DCUO Post Loyal Player

    The ghost themed emblems are not account bound?
  5. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    So I noticed the Kryptonite Aura from the Paradox Time Capsule is missing from the Booster Gold Quark Vendor. I hope this was on oversite and not intentional.
  6. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    Paradox time capsule isn't on booster yet. It's only up to visitor time capsule. After next resurgence they might put 2 more in booster vendor.
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  7. Big Will Level 30

    Ok on the style unlocking does the collection style count as well from the capsules and the global collection or any open world collection
  8. Big Will Level 30

    I still haven't seen it drop
  9. VariableFire Loyal Player

    I've been running through the event at least 5x a day since it started. I've had exactly one drop.

    And yet again I get the Witchy hat style drop on the alt that already has it. Every year this happens.
  10. PolarisSylar Committed Player

    The new Halloween items : I really enjoy how the Victorian styles gits with my character.
    The critters henchmen looks amazing , well, just wondering when we getting Halloween styled material , Halloween styled supplydrop, Halloween styled orbital.

    Thanks dcuo.
  11. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    I have a question. Now that Style unlock is caught up to the last of source mark dlcs (metal part 1) will the new styles be added as we get more dlcs? Like when Long live the legion comes out will metal part 2 be added continuing forward or will it be another long wait?
  12. Multiverse 15000 Post Club

    Is the Victorian Detective Face Mask a head piece on purpose??

    Somehow I expected that to be a Face piece..... but maybe it is only me??

    Just wondering if being a head piece was intended or if it might be fixes later?

    Either way.... it is a pretty neat looking style. :)

  13. EthanBlack Level 30

    Ideas for future Halloween drops.
    • Pet bat that flies around you when you are in your base, also, a large spider pet or even a crawling hand.
    • Assorted ghosts to haunt your base.
    • Creepy glowing mist auras and skin, used together, it makes you seem translucent and vague.
    • new weapon styles made from bones.
    • Skeleton butler for your base. (Interactive)
    • Monster statues from events.
    • a window with a view of woods and the moon, with wispy curtains that blow in the wind.
    • A House of Mysteries door that when you interact with it, opens and shows a different room. (maybe even have a low level creature step out that you have to fight)
    • A MASSIVE web, that includes and animated giant spider.
    • An open trunk with a skeleton in it,
    • Furniture made from bones.
    • Spooky flame auras in blue, green, and purple.
    • Accessories in Murder of crows, Bats, Ghosts, and Imps.
    I hope these give you some ideas for next year. Happy Haunting!
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  14. Zoe· YouTuber

    Excellent Ideas! I hope some of these can be implanted. One Idea of my own, I loved how in the Sims 1 there was as skeleton maid coming out of the closet for their Magic pack, so maybe we can have an animated closet with a skeleton coming out of it. It will be cool.
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  15. Anak Panah Well-Known Player

    Why does it currently say in-game the Halloween event ends in 1 day when it is supposed to last until November 4th? :confused:

  16. ErickStrife Well-Known Player

    Bonehilda! Yes, would love to have her in my base. :)

    I also like all the OP ideas as well!
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  17. Leeerooy Well-Known Player

    Excellent ideas
    Happy Halloween

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  18. thedemonocus Loyal Player

    I would also like to know this
  19. Heywiar Committed Player

    I hope it ends the 4th instead of today so I have a few extra days to try and get that grey plasmic modular aura. :/ Been trying to get that thing since the Teekle buckets came out and everyone seems to get it but me. Any chance we could get an aura pack with the full body versions of these modular auras?