The Witching Hour & Style Unlocking!

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager



    The Witching Hour Returns with new Base Items, Feats, Styles, & More!

    All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub! Go to the East End safehouse in Gotham City and speak to the Phantom Stranger (Heroes) or The Tap Room in Burnley and speak to Tala (Villains) to receive further instructions.

    Alternatively, you can now use the Warp Menu to head directly to the Open World Content by selecting The Witching Hour: Phantom Stranger (Hero) or The Witching Hour: Tala (Villain). To queue for “The Midnight Masquerade,” go into your On Duty UI and look under the Events Tab.

    Each day of the event, also look for “The Witching Hour” in your Mission Journal to complete and earn Spooky Bites! Shop Skeets’ Boo-tique for the latest in scare-wear, tricks, treats, and creepy items for your Base. You’ll even find a few extra special surprises, like the new Boo Family Emblems, and new Victorian Detective Style Items!

    Level Requirement: 10

    New Feats
    • It’s a Mystery
    • Scream House Makeover
    • Memento Mori
    New Henchmen Uplink Device: Creepy Critters

    During this year's Fall event, the new Henchmen Uplink Device: Creepy Critters will have a chance to drop from ANY On Duty mission boss in the game. Take your Fall cheer and costumed fun out into the greater DCUO world, and make sure you play enough to get this most ghoulish of Henchmen.

    Victorian Detective Mask and Cowl

    Henchmen Uplink Device: Creepy Critters



    The Witching Hour begins October 1, 2020, and ends November 4, 2020.


    But that's not all! What goes better with costumes and Halloween than more Style Unlocking? That's right! Nothing!

    As a reminder, Style Unlocking allows you to unlock a style on one character that you already have on one of your other characters. Phase 4 enables more styles for the system, including styles from Episodes 27-35 and from Time Capsules 7-9.

    Style Unlocking Phase 4 is a permanent addition to the game.
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  2. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Yes thank you!! Fallen God Elite here I come :D
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  3. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    Surprised with this much tomorrow there isn't GU downtime or something for it.

    But yes loving the fact we're getting more style unlocking happening :)
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  4. Magnificent Loyal Player

    Those Victorian styles don't fit my theme but I REALLY like them! I also like the new Uplink critters.
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  5. RoboDuck New Player

    I've always found it hard to choose between Man-bats, Werewolves, and Spartoi(Skeleton) henchman

    BUT NOW, I can have all three, best of three worlds!
    I pray to the RNG gods that I get these fairly quickly
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  6. Vicious Well-Known Player

    Have the missing Halloween feats been fixed?

    "Dem Bones" and a few others had disappeared from a bunch of people's lists a few days ago and it was still not back in my list when I checked earlier today.
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  7. Kestral Committed Player

    Is there any chance we can get the boo belt to drop as atuning gear instead of at a set level? I really love wearing this year around on my alt but it does drag my CR down significantly when I use all the spots for boo's.
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  8. Zoe· Gotham Gazette Editor

    May I ask - why the sudden change in prices for style unlocking? Why isn't elite free? Why styles we earned now cost 35, 350 or 700 replays to unlock? I was hoping to unlock Fallen God on my Supergirl but 35 replays per piece on regular even (Not Enhanced) is just a turn off. :\

    Also I thought Enhanced was free to unlock, why the change in it as well?
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  9. Snow OwI Loyal Player

    I Love this :D
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  10. darth_paul Committed Player

    Love the “Gotham by Gaslight” styles!
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  11. Aerith Rose Committed Player

    1) Base items
    The base items look great. Looking forward to getting those.

    2) New side kick
    Love the idea of getting a free side kick. Thank you for this.

    3) Style
    Styles look good.

    4) Eblems
    Never really been my thing personally. Look descent though. Price on test was a little to high.

    5) Style Unlocking
    Very past due. I am super happy to finally get this. Why stop at TC 9 though? TC 9 is 2 and half years old roughly? Would be nice if we could go up to TC 11. I realize there has to be a back lag. A year to 18 months seems about right to me. 2 and half to three seems to long.
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  12. Wonder Wiccan Dedicated Player

    On the regular I think this may be a glitch. I checked on my bank alt the fallen god and blackhawk are the only ones that had the price hiked up to 35. Riddler style, Owlsuit, Mera, Bionic, Ninth Tride Tyrant, Son of Belial and War-Metal regular are all still at 4. Those are all the vendor styles. Elites have always been 35 though. And time capsule enhanced styles are still free like speed-mtal, Beyond hi tech, green knight and visitor. But episode drop enhanced like quicksuit from earth 3 and dystopian amazon are 4 rb which is cheap considering drop elites are usually 35.
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  13. RoboDuck New Player

    RNG gods have not been friendly, they've never been friendly
  14. ShazamFanatic2017 Well-Known Player

    I don't know which is more fun the event side quest or the quest itself.
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  15. ShazamFanatic2017 Well-Known Player

    I'm gonna use a lot of RBs on the side quest that's for sure.
  16. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Will the Henchmen give 10% more damage in Legion content? I'm very happy when the Orbital, Hench-people, Sidekicks, and supply drops get trinket bonuses to use in their original DLC, but whether or not this happens seems weirdly random.

    Is there some pattern to those choices? Would it be a bad idea to always give such boots in future? I've been baffled at why some show up that way while most do not.
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  17. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    My only issue is.. i cant find any pics of that bman w the emblem on his cloak like now it is in game.. kinda wish that bat emblem was left out not sure why they went out their way to add it
  18. Jack T. Chance Loyal Player

    THANK YOU for the awesome Gotham by Gaslight-inspired styles and especially for MORE STYLE UNLOCKING! Time to go see what I can unlock for my characters! :D
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  19. Terciopelo New Player

    Everything about this is making me beam ear to ear
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  20. RoboDuck New Player

    Either I'm stupid unlucky or this Creepy critters henchman have insanely low drop rates
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