The Witching Hour & Fall Sale!

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    The Witching Hour Returns with new Base Items, Feats, and Styles!

    All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub! Go to the House of Legends and speak to the Phantom Stranger (Heroes) or to Tala (Villains) to receive further instructions. To queue for “The Midnight Masquerade,” go into your On Duty UI and look under the Events Tab.

    Travel to the House of Legends and take flight in the "Multiplayer Aerial Movement Challenge: Flapping in the Night". You’ll be transformed into a vampire bat, and race around Arkham Asylum!

    New Feats
    • En Gourd!
    • Hole-y Bedsheets, Batman?
    • Patch Pillager
    Each day of the event, also look for “The Witching Hour” in your Mission Journal to complete and earn Spooky Bites! Shop using Teekl’s Halloween bucket for the new Pumpkin Knight style items, the Spooky Host Accessory and new base items! Level Requirement: 20

    Fall Vault

    The fall vault is back! Everyone can run the vault daily during The Witching Hour event. Find the Vault-O'-Lantern in the House of Legends for a special new mission that treats you with access to this themed vault.




    The Witching Hour begins October 6, 2022, and ends November 2, 2022.


    Just in time for cooler weather, here comes a sale with just what you need to build a new costume.

    Save 25% on:
    • Respec Tokens
    • Artifact and Augment Catalysts
    • Most Style Items
    AND save 75% on:
    • All Character Advances!!
    The US Sale begins at 10AM PT on October 6, 2022, and ends at 11:59PM PT on October 19, 2022.
    The EU Sale begins at 10AM GMT on October 6, 2022, and ends at 11:59PM GMT on October 19, 2022.
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  2. Eve YouTuber

    MAN I am getting paid after October 28 so no way I can get advantage of the CR skips :[
    I will surely get feats and everything done tho. And my new Yellow Lantern was waiting for the seasonal. A Fearsome Funhouse Base is in progress xO
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  3. UT Firefly Well-Known Player

    seems like you guys get it an sale at the first week of an month !
  4. HMBoyd Level 30

    kinda lame there’s no membership benefits for this month, i know there are staff shortages as of late but with the lack of batman day stuff and no membership benefits for the halls seasonal despite for the past few years us getting them is a little disappointing, hopefully sins of black adam is good or else i’ll probably just take another break from the game, not just for the reasons listed above but for the changes made to the game in the last year
  5. Ella Level 30

    It says level requirement is 10 for the Witching Hour event, but my level 10 couldn't get the quest.
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  6. Eve YouTuber

    It's supposed to be level 20 so seems like a text error
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  7. Elykzo New Player

    I can't open the granted item menu, and can't open marketplace. I tried validating files but same outcome. Is this just me or everyone?
  8. GermanM Committed Player

    I cannot enter to marketplace from EU/PC.
  9. Eve YouTuber

    Market Place is disabled
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  10. GermanM Committed Player

    I see, thanks.
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  11. DarkWalkerBat Level 30

    Awesome stuff, can't wait to get it.
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  12. Captain Shadowhawk New Player

    Could we get that Pumpkin knight's back style as a 1-handed weapon style please?
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  13. Lantern Joshua New Player

    When does Sins of Black Adam drop?
  14. BatmanToddMcFarlane New Player

    Hi is there a free cr Skip like last year on Fall seasonal
  15. Captain1Dynamo Committed Player

    Still waiting on the sharing of holiday styles so we can buy them for alts with replay badges.:(
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  16. Eve YouTuber

    No, they cancelled fall fest this year so no Cr skip . You can buy one with 75% discount though.
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  17. BatmanToddMcFarlane New Player

    Thanks for the help Zoe
  18. Imaginos Dedicated Player

    Sale kind of sucks. Where's the discount on the standard stuff like storage space? Guess I will be spending zero dollars this year on DCUO.
  19. Strawberrita New Player

    AND save 75% on:

    • All Character Advances!!
    I don't see any 75% off anything...what items do the 75% applies to exactly? My CR 310 skip still cost 1125

    Edit: or is that already 75% off?
  20. bigbadron alt Dedicated Player

    Yes, the 75% is already calculated into the price.
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