The Witching Hour Event: Rewards

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    I did not see a test forum post about the rewards for The Witching Hour Event, so I thought it was a good idea to start one.

    The Green and Purple Balloons are cool; they perform like the Mischievous Brief. However, the cats (Teekl and Isis) do not chase them. It would be entertaining if we could watch them jump up and chase those balloons.

    Would it be possible in the future to have the black skeleton furniture available without the skeletons? I know there is a black table and chair base item, but those are attached and it would be nice to be able to get them separately. The black chair is also available separately but hard to get.

    The Blood Moon window looks awesome! It would be great if we could have a window like that with the Gotham Wasteland moon and stars in the sky eerily shining through.

    The sconces look good as well; more colors of them would be highly appreciated.

    The new cobwebs are soooo inspiring! I cannot wait to use them in my bases when they go live!

    The Bat Stalactites? Oh yeah, I foresee an upgrade to already existing bat cave inspired lairs/league halls...:D


    To go with the green dripping scarecrow and cocooned hanging victim, please consider adding a small/large stone floor patches with that same green glowing stuff oozing through it. This way, the ooze dripping from objects look like it is doing more than just disappearing into nothingness.

    Please consider adding colored fog patches such as green, red, purple, blue, orange, black and dark grey.
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