The Witching Hour 2019

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    All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub! Go to the East End safehouse in Gotham City and speak to the Phantom Stranger (Heroes) or The Tap Room in Burnley and speak to Tala (Villains) to receive further instructions. Alternatively, you can now use the Warp Menu to head directly to the Open World Content by selecting The Witching Hour: Phantom Stranger (Hero) or The Witching Hour: Tala (Villain). To queue for “The Midnight Masquerade,” go into your On Duty UI and look under the Events Tab.

    There are also new feats and new collections to be found for those brave enough!

    New Feats
    • Too Hot to Handle
    • House of Horrors
    • Dem Bones
    Each day of the event, also look for “The Witching Hour” in your Mission Journal to complete and earn Spooky Bites! Shop Skeets’ Boo-tique for the latest in scare-wear, tricks, treats, and creepy items for your Base. You’ll even find a few extra special surprises, like the new Cat Boo, the Boo Family Pet who is ready to haunt your Base, and the ability to turn into a fiery skeleton to really heat-up the cold nights! Level Requirement: 10



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  2. >>>KIra<<< Committed Player

    That is so cool, I like the cat boo
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  3. tinoman Dedicated Player

    Can we have the trick or treat buckets back please? Thank you.
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  4. Miss Adora Loyal Player

    Think you guys should of made this announcement a few days ago.
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  5. muellersascha Well-Known Player

    Why is this year's purchasable collection "Mystic Lantern Fragment" trade able and last year's "Zatanna's Magic for Mummies book" still not?
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  6. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Are the Teekl Buckets coming back?
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  7. Alitain1 Well-Known Player

    So are there no new styles this year? The last pic above with the skeletons shows a guy with some kinda goblin-like face, fiery pumpkins, and some kinda clothing on. Is some of that suppose to be new styles? Cause the event vendor doesn't show any new styles, but the description of the Witching Hour above seems to imply styles. And there're generally new styles every year. It'd be nice to know, cause I already wasted currency on the fiery skeleton treat for the feat but if there're no new styles there's not much more for me to do with the even this year. Which isn't a bad thing, but it'd just be nice to know upfront.
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  8. Shn275 Well-Known Player

    That "goblin mask" is the Vampiric Visage head-style that comes from a collection in the Cursed Gotham Time Capsule. From the looks of it, there aren't any new styles...yet.(hopefully) IMO, the "normal" skeleton trinket should've been a 3-piece style itself similar to the "Forest Spirit" style where you can mix and match pieces together.
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  9. Battle New Player

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  10. Battle New Player

    What are the requirements for the new Feats for The Witching Hour: Dem Bones, House of Horrors, Too Hot To Handle? Please and Thank You.
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  11. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    The collection should be tradeable and that will be fixed.
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  12. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    We went with the skeleton illusions for something different this year.
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  13. lllStrichcodelll Well-Known Player

    The gear style is the Winter Event Captain cold themed style with the Vampire Lord helmet (Collection reward of the Last time capsule)
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  14. muellersascha Well-Known Player

    Thank you for the response Mepps
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  15. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    Another year of me not getting any of the rare drops. 9th season of this and I never get the rare drops.
  16. Barbara Lopez Well-Known Player

    LOL, This is hilarious.
    Hope anyone else enjoying this too.
  17. MystalSwitch New Player

    The twitter account said the teekl bucket is coming. Any news as to why it was not available when the event started. Any hope of extending the event since it was not available?
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  18. Captain1Dynamo Well-Known Player

    By the way, why does Cat Boo bark like a dog? Seems like it should meow.
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  19. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 10000 Post Club

    For people who want to see the haunted Jack O'Lantern in action. ;)
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  20. Zoe· Loyal Player

    Ty!!!! still not sure who to give it to from my alts when I get it.
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