The winter is coming...

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NikoManiko, Nov 4, 2021.

  1. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    And what do you need in winter? Some good old scarf! I know am asking for things that people are asking for years (bombshell supergirl scarf) but winter season is perfect to give us that. And not only that scarf. It would be nice to see 2 color striped scarf, some ninja scarfs... Also its no shave november, some beard pack or male hairstyles would be great . I would rly like to see beard with streak. I know people have been asking these for years, but if that supergirl scarf is already in game, how hard can it be?[IMG]
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  2. TheLorax 15000 Post Club

    Maybe next year.
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  3. Zoe· YouTuber

    Too late for this year. We already have like 12 base items and two Santa Hats inspired by Batman and Harley. I doubt they have time to work on more stuff.
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  4. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    I know its too late for november packs, but i am still hoping for scarfs with christmas event. At least supergirl's scarf since its model is in the game and maybe striped version with same model. I am rly disappointed with those announced items since i dont rly care about base items.
  5. Zoe· YouTuber

    Christmas event is already on test, and they already added everything they have for this year. So my point still stands - there won't be any beards or scarfs this year, sadly.
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  6. Valka Lynx Dedicated Player

    I would absolutely love to have several different scarves in the game.
    Welcome to the "Patiently Waiting" club. :oops:
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  7. Dark Soldier Dedicated Player

    Man im not excited for this winters items. Halloween was good… why cant we get like a dr freeze outfit
  8. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I was expecting a GoT meme. :(
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  9. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    Right?! I mean in my book christmas is much bigger thing than halloween (feel like its mostly american thing that starts to spread in world) so i was expecting much bigger event. We had great items for halloween so i guess i had too high expectations for winter event. :(
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  10. AgentGARD New Player

    I would absolutely love to see beards added as an extra style slot as well as scarves which could go easily into Accessory slots.
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  11. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Halloween was a European Druid/Pagan event that later got influenced by Christianity to add on the All Saints Day (November 1st.)

    Christmas was also a European Pagan event, the Winter Solstice that got changed by Christianity too.

    But in regards to this topic, it depends on what holidays the developers like. Sort of like how a lot of magic themed DLCs were added, because the developers preferred those stories.

    It doesn't change the fact that you can voice what you want as a request for next year. I bet something will be added to the list and who knows, it might make it to the top of the list.
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  12. willflynne 10000 Post Club

    And to follow up on this, from my understanding the devs tend to start working on stuff to go into the game about/at least six months before the content/event/whatever makes it to the live servers. So there's a chance they're already working on stuff for St. Patrick's Day or even the Spring seasonal at this point.

    As odd as it sounds, if you want to see stuff added for the holiday event, it's probably best to post about/ask for it in summer. LOL
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  13. NikoManiko Well-Known Player

    I know those were pagan events, but here (at least i can say about south and south-east europe) people dont rly celebrate halloween traditionaly (only in recent years young people have halloween parties, again coz of the american tv influence). Here we have carnivals and wear costumes in february. Anyway, my point is that christmas is celebrated by more people so i expected something bigger and was disappointed with announced items.
    But as you said its probably what developers like more and also i guess halloween is very grateful theme for game like this. Although I think christmas theme can be very grateful especially if you look at it as winter theme.
  14. OnlyNomad The One Above All

    I think beards/facial hair have been one of the most requested style. They did add the Jolly Beard with the Winter Seasonal (Last year, I think?) which was a step forward but it was a face style. I would love for beards to get their own section in the styles menu, like hair. This way you could combine face styles, hair styles and beard styles!
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  15. Trykz Dedicated Player

    But you can wear a whole present as a hat. Chin up. Unless there’s a breeze.
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  16. Trykz Dedicated Player

    The beard thing. Yes, please.
  17. Jennacide New Player

    I really hope that what I'm about to type is actual BS and not at all "fact" buuuuuut...

    I read somewhere on here (yes I tried to find it but after a few minutes gave up cuz I'm kinda lazy like that =P ) someone mentioned the reason we don't see many scarves and the like in game is due to the way in which the animation fails or is buggy or something to that effect :confused:

    Feel free to correct me cuz I wouldn't mind knowing for sure if that's correct or not.
  18. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    A scarf style would probably have to be it's own neck style and we haven't had that yet because our necklace gear hasn't had a style option yet. The only go around is to either make it an Accessory which might be difficult to have it hovering properly by our neck or build it into the Face or Chest style which might not work great either. From what I've noticed Hairstyles can disrupt Head, Back, Accessory, Face and even Chest styles often so you might even have to juggle a bunch of styles off just to get your scarf on and non glitched. It's certainly not in the works anytime soon unfortunately
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  19. Jennacide New Player

    This ^ is along the lines of what I read when I referenced the above. Poopie LOL having those items would be hella cool but oh well. I'm just happy we have a pretty fun DC game as it is. You know, I just had an idea... scarves ala Back items might work, especially since it apparently worked out for the Fuginaut cloak/back item. I mean, that's basically what we're talking about here, isn't it?
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  20. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Who is Dr. Freeze?