The War of the Light Begins Early for Members!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Mepps, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    War of the Light Part I Early Member Access!

    The War of the Light begins early for Legendary members tomorrow, January 22, 2014!

    All players on all servers with a Legendary Membership will automatically have access to the new DLC Pack starting tomorrow. Master the new Red Lantern-inspired Rage powers, explore Ranx and Mogo, and see the War of the Light begin in a new version of Metropolis!


    If you don't have a Legendary Membership, now is the best time to consider it. Take advantage of huge savings in the Legends plan, available now for a limited time.

    The DLC Pack will also be available for purchase for Free or Premium players beginning next Tuesday, January 28, 2014 (January 29 for EU PlayStation).

    For downtime and details, please see this thread.
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  2. Enickma Well-Known Member


    Had no idea this was coming but this is AMAZING!!! SO EXCITED
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  3. Stitch Well-Known Member


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  4. BlackStar Luffy New Member

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  5. Borosa1971 New Member

  6. Blitzshock19 Active Member

  7. Agent Flores Well-Known Member

    My inner school girl is screaming with joy!!!!!!!
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  8. Wellens Well-Known Member

    Very unexpected to have it release so soon, I expected next week at the earliest. Nice surprise there devs!
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  9. compasionate grenade Well-Known Member

  10. TheD4U Member

    Extremely happy :)
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  11. PanaceiaEvo New Member

    Can you tell us a time?
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  12. GammaGreenLantern Well-Known Member

    So. Happy. About. This....

    Funny thing is they keep us all guessing when they're going to set a release date and when they finally do, it's less then 24 hours before lol.

    Hey, I'm not complaining lol...
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  13. BumblingB Well-Known Member

    Hmm... I expected it to be Thursday or Friday.
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  14. Borosa1971 New Member

    Damn poor EU guys/gals don't they have a 12 hr downtime tomorrow?
  15. adarkpassenger Active Member

    Very unexpected to have it release so soon, I expected next week at the earliest. Nice surprise there devs!
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  16. pitbullb3 Well-Known Member

    No downtime?
  17. Hawkboy Member

    Just in time for another snow day here in northeast usa. Is there downtime?
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  18. Green Lantern Fadi Well-Known Member

    Omg finallllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyhhyyyyyy dies cuz of heart attck
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  19. Twilight Man Well-Known Member

  20. The Klepto Active Member

    What time will it be available??? Midnight?? Or are we getting a shutdown tomorrow in the afternoon??
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