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  1. Jameztowerz Active Player

    Back in September of 2011 when it was announced that the game was going free to play Jens stated in a live stream that PRE F2P legendary members would get an exclusive item to show there status and appreciation for supporting the game prior here is the video it is mentioned at the 23:30 mark of the video.

    Also I can not remember exactly where nor have I been able to find either the article or the video where Jens stated that DCUO would not require PS Plus, but that they were working on something for those who were legendary and subscribed to PS Plus.

    I appreciate you responding Captain Liberty and really hope we can get some light shed on these promises that have not come to pass. I understand that yall want to make sure content is up to par prior to releasing it and as a long time player I appreciate that and understand the long hours the team puts in. I did not mean any disrespect, was only stating that some times we get told one thing but another actually happends.
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  2. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    For those that r legendary, I believe u should earn the dlc after 6 months of consistant legendary...or something to that effect. I know quite a few that purchase legendary all the time & then stop playing for a month or two & they r locked out of everything. Unlike those that pay to buy the dlc once & the get it all the time. There should b some incentive for being legendary for consistant long term continued subscription. I know some people can't pay at times & not having access to content they paid way more money than premiums ever did. Rewarding loyalty always goes a long way. In business, keeping a customer u already have happy cost so much less than the cost of getting new customers. Reward the loyal ones properly & u won't need to be chasing new ones as much.
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  3. Captain Liberty Developer

    We were in talks with SCEA (Sony PlayStation team) about a PS+ requirement for F2P titles. They changed their policy, and did not require us to do something additional for PS+ members during the launch window. That said, we are still in talks with SCEA about many things, and will almost certainly do something to benefit PS+ members at some point this year. Sorry I can't be more specific than that.
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  4. WockaFlockaPhil Dedicated Player

    I've made a post surrounding legendary perks before but, I think the best way to increase the value of legendary perks without losing money or making the game p2w stems around convenience. Why not cut warp timers down to our HQ or bases? Maybe increased shared bank space? These could hardly be interpreted as P2W and it puts true value into legendary and helps the value of legendary.
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  5. SuperiorMouse New Player

    Beta players did get their emblem -- I have mine. It's actually a greek "B/Beta" logo. However, the gift you're referring to never happened.
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  6. KN1TE Dedicated Player

    And/or getting rid of all the pointless, long loading screens. How about styles & sidekick customization. Many things could b done.

    (This for all players) How about an option to skip bypass all the cutscenes that we have to watch over and over. Why can't we skip them like the movies.
  7. Captain Liberty Developer

    I have asked the guys to make a change to the stack limit for the ATK soders - from 3 to 12.

    Also, we do have something coming in DLC 10 that will make use of Skill Points, and are aware that we'll need to ensure continued development of Skills/SP going forward.
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  8. BumblingB I got better.

    WHAT?! o_O I must know what this is?! More use of large SP! That would make players actually farm for feats! :D :D :D
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  9. TrueOlympus New Player

    Fixed that for you sir. Getting Luck based feats have nothing to do with skill
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  10. MsTickle Fate Devoted Player

    Thanks hugely for being so responsive!

    Honestly, I'd prefer to see the consumables stackable up to 162 or 144 or at least, oh, 64 or even 48 -- basically enough to not have to worry about running out in the middle of a battle of reasonable length, either PvP or PvE-- and I had in mind primarily the damage-producing consumables, including but not limited to the:
    Etc. The above are meanwhile all almost entirely useless when we can only stack 3 or 1. :eek:

    The Seasonal consumbables:
    Fire Beetle Eyes


    The consumables for PIs all stack up to 144. Having the other attack consumables be in line with this would be most preferable. But if we can get them up to 12, that would still be a significant improvement. The goal is to be able to have sufficient number in a slot that one won't run out in the middle of a reasonable length fight. 12 is much better than 1 or 3 at least. 1 to 3 are just useless as they're almost immediately an empty slot.

    Very much looking forward to seeing what improvements you have planned to keep SP relevant in the next and forthcoming DLCs! All these new players need to learn why they need to do feats, and us old players need our SP to stay relevant!

    Still hoping to hear that Promethium box drops will be updated with new drops that aren't the same old styles.

    While I'm talking up stuff that needs to be updated to be relevant and worthwhile, one word: Vault.

    Trivially, why on earth are Berry Colas still in the game and in vendors?

    Thanks so so much for listening! I very much appreciate being heard directly by Management.
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  11. SuperBell Loyal Player

    Hopefully not something too game breaking. The last thing we need is to handicap people with only 100SP.
  12. Owl Devoted Player

    Is it another Weapon Tree?
  13. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    Ouh, c'mon. I'm no friend of lots of the content structure in this game, but among the feats there aren't so many luck based ones to get. It's mainly the style drops or style collections in general of the "no trade" loot sets. Setup a vendor to buy "styles only" with marks would fix that (like for vestment of rage in the new DLC and for old PvP styles before - seems like SOE is listening in a way to the forum rants) - most of the other feats can be done with persistence and/or good teamplay.

    (and really: if there is a case of players having the 250 battle for earth duo feat but still no complete shaman-set or something, I'd call that a singular case of bad luck instead of a luck feat for all the other players ;) )
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  14. jessiejames4211 New Player

    that's one thing I agree there should be legendary exclusive styles
  15. Mick Nugget New Player

    Very pleased to hear that about the skillpoints:)
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  16. Archangel Rafael New Player

    eXcellent. well played SOE. well played ...
  17. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    I'm very excited to see what you guys have in store! ^.^
  18. Fightingbudha New Player

    This is great to hear. Forget DLC9 let the countdown for DLC10 begin :-b
  19. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    And you think all of those on that list are legendary subscribers? I'd say items 1-3 would be majority Freemium players because they have nothing to lose. Unless I'm misunderstanding your context of legendary.
  20. Rockhound665 Steadfast Player

    I don't recall anything specific being mentioned. We do get exclusive items like the TOM-Bot and Servo.