Up-Votes Needed The Throne (Elite) - Risen Runner BUG

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by Stranger, May 27, 2020.

  1. Stranger Well-Known Player

    We've been in Throne Elite today, for the Risen Runner Feat.
    No one died by the sea beast, everyone always moved away.
    Only i died once, but there was NOTHING
    I asked everyone else, and they said, "no there was nothing, might be corom rath"
    But at the end... they didnt drop the feat.
    Which means, your great game was bugged once again... invisible sea beast.
  2. Cypher Well-Known Player

    There is a Combat log that you can have on, that shows what damage you take and how you die.
    It can be set in another tab, with just Damage In/Combat In set, then you can tell what happens.
    Just because you don't get a feat on a first try, does not mean the game is bugged.
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  3. Stranger Well-Known Player

    Of course it is bugged when an invisible sea beast kills me ...
  4. Little MD Well-Known Player

    This happened to us today, going for the same feat. my combat log also showed that I was hit by sea beast but there was nothing there. Confirmed with the rest of the raid group, no sea beast anywhere at that time.