The Third Option.

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    After watching today's live stream about the new Paradox Capsules. I started thinking about something.
    For as long as the game has been around there have always been two paths to go down. Hero and Villain. Oh sure, you can pick a specific mentor and get missions only for him and her mixed in with others as you level up....BUT!
    You're still basically tied to either the Justice League or the Legion of Doom.

    There was never a third option.

    you could get certain bits of Brainiac gear (Mostly helmets if I recall correctly) but they were more often than not Trophy's rather than parts of a whole style. But none of your missions ever benefitted Brainiac no matter which side you took. you were always fighting against him regardless of your morality.

    I started thinking today about what it might be like for a player to choose the Brainiac option.

    Instead of waking up in a Brainiac Ship as a released prisoner freed remotely by Oracle or Calculator, you'd be "activated" by Brainiac to stop the escape.

    Your safehouses would be one of the brainiac ships hovering high over the city. (Back when the game first starred you could stand on top of those hovering ships. Now you can't even touch the underside.)

    Your Bases would be located in one of the bottled buildings.

    Of course you'd still have the freedom to design your character as you see fit.

    The main differences would be you'd have only Brainiac acting as your co-ordinator and only Mentor.

    The Brainiac Mothership would have everything in one huge chamber rather than three separate chambers.

    I'm probably missing a lot of what you could do as a Brainiac ally. But you get the idea.

    Of course, this late in the game, the idea is probably impossible to actually realize.....

    Just Imagine the possibilities
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    going by your scenario... your character is just a mindless drone..
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