The Tank Thread.

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    Unless you've actually run instances with Dragonfyre you have no idea how little pressure he puts on the team. Although I do see he forgot to put his smart **** comment flag on.

    Actually, I guess Dragonfyre doesn't need a smart **** comment flag....he needs a "serious reponse" flag ;)
  2. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    LOL. Ya I'm with ya. It's just funny. I was playing last night with a tank from our league(He's a 102 CR been playing forever). We've got all normal roles(DPS, Tank, Troll) but healer and twice after getting PuGs the healers just said I don't run with tanks and excused themselves. I know the 4 man stuff doesn't require it and neither do the old raids if the groups overgeared but I'd never seen that happen to him before. Not even willing to do it. When we got in(Trigon) we finished well under the speed feat time period(we all had it) but my point is it doesn't really add that much time. The adds are grouped for everybody. The healer shouldn't be getting charged. Things are smoother but take slightly longer. I know its players bored with content and wanting to rush thru stuff but its still funny.

    Tanks are typically the first person I've seen getting berated by other players("Tank, Tank... Runs in circle's jumps up and down. Go over here". "Why am I dying, Tank get aggro I keep dying").

    Maybe its just me. I PuG quite a bit(weird play hours) but its something I've noticed. Tanks are a great role and I'm lucky to know a few really good ones in game. I just wanted to point out that I appreciate the tank that takes the beating so I can stand on the other side and beat the backside's of mobs. I'm sure that's not the point of this thread but lol... I had to do it.
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  3. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Whatever flag is chosen it doesn't change the attitude does it?

    Its this arrogance that is demeaning the game. Im not here to have a pop at individuals, its the general attitude that is ruining games.

    I don't see the need to type while im playing while others feel the need to take the time to mock others through smileys.

    I don't have the time to type while others make a point of getting as many smileys off as possible.

    I wont pop up a :D while the rest of my team are being slaughtered. Maybe at the end of a battle, sure, but not during. Im simply not that arrogant.
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  4. Dragonfyre New Player

    I can do both...

    Unsure what your point was..