The Tank Thread.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Kharhaz, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Dragonfyre New Player

    2 tanks makes the game easier. If you have 2 damage dealers who know how to play. The shift came with the flood of terrible damage dealers.

    Also, a second tank is not a back up tank. Anyone who dual tanks like that is doing it wrong.

    Single tanking is the baby style of play. It is simple to do yet makes the overall game harder.

    Finally, a good tank is one who can work in concert with another tank. You never needed single target taunts to share aggro. Single target taunts are for emergency taunts.

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  2. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    Thats not true the devs need to go about it like the FF does it in a raid i saw on there where the boss would attack the tanks at the same time but the dmg would split .... for instance a deadly attack hits 1 tank for 10k dmg but hits two tanks for 5k each forcing the two tanks to work together... also other things they could do is force bosses to be moved to seperate ends of a room and fought there then moved to other various places in the map to progress in the fight ... i could think of many ways to intergrate a twin tanking system ... what comes into question is do the DC devs have the man power or desire to put emphasis on twin tanking ...
  3. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    Sounds great.But I fear comunity will sceam....Things burn slow,were being force to not play our way. Community will try its best to figure a way without 2Tanks.
  4. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    nothing will burn to slowly the group dictates taht but figuring ways to do it w/o 2 tanks you are right,,,, This community makes me sick sometimes with the hole "find the EZ way out" mindset ... there is not a lot of pride going around in this game ...
  5. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    As for PVP i to struggle in Tank role but i think that dps is the role to go to for rage pvp but since the times have been shifted and powerconsuption has been changed recently idk i gotta get back in the lab for pvp soon
  6. Mary Bliss Committed Player

    I found a lot of tanking ablilities uselss and others pointless.

    Playing a map you either have the stats to take damage while blocking getting healed or you go home.

    Fos 3 zod fight is an excellent example playing earth tank no of the actual earth powers were faster than the pause in between his attacks; if I were depending on casting buffs to live it would simply be impossible to survive.

    To me tanking is the most boring and least active. But of course necessary especially with newer content.

    Obviously on the other side of that is an OP tank that actively attacks constantly but then you might aswell but an OP dps and tank the damage with your over the top defense and health.

    Oddly enough though I don't like tanking I often end up in situations where I have tanked on my fire dps and do carry a full tank set in inventory (no armories ftw)
  7. Ice Lantern New Player

    I don't think I'd want to be a Rage Tank in competitive arenas. The most appealing thing is the ridiculous Precision bonus, especially given how PvP weapons work. However, what worries me is that you're gonna be very squishy compared to other tanks. Tanks typically wear DPS gear for 4v4 and 5v5 to maximize damage. DPS has no Dominance so your health buff is going to be minimal. On top of that, I don't like the idea of using Rage Mode in PvP because you are going to get knocked down and CC'ed a lot. You also don't want to use your immunities to stand yourself up and save yourself from a rage crash because you want to save them to wipe buffs from your healers.
  8. Kristyana New Player

    Rage tanking is beast in PVE but falls incredibly short in PVP due to complete lack of burst damage.
  9. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    Yet again I agree with you to the T. That was suppose to be point of first post but I guess it was poorly excuted
    I will love the day 2 -2-2-2 Raid, Contollers fixed, powers balnced across the board. Mindset of majority of community wont let it happen..
    Might Vs precision debate will go no where. The current 3Dps setup will make might too strong.Electrice Dot potential for example will make it OP if people got half of what they want in a revampso it have to stay where it is. Might powers period have to remain capped.
    Look how fast things can burn now just imagine a might lift and powers like electric getting buffed or some of things fire people asking for .The current content will become to easy
  10. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    Off topic but song in your video is my top favorite. I was actually listing to the going back and forth regular version and C&S version by Ron C while watching your video.Lol
    Ok Im done
  11. Archangel Rafael New Player

    I like tanking

    also, dual-tanking is kinda cool. I know its old school and everyone is so proud of how fast we did away with 2 tanks, but 2 tanks can be extremely stable . stable is good. stable is easy. easy is efficient.

    people all worried about their time spend more time forming groups.
  12. Daemonic Visions Committed Player

    I've played with all Tank powers and each has a good use with the proper team provided.

    On Friday's I run with Freedom Reborn (Hero USPC) and we run the latest Raids/OPs and see how well we can master them.
    We 1st ran with 2 Tanks for A&B, but then one Friday we decided to run with just me, and we mastered that OP and ran with 1 Tank ever since.

    I want to try tanking T5 raids with Rage, but the RNG has been slowing my gear progression down (2-3 parts Tank, like 7 parts DPS Rage) so atm my Ice has been the one leading the way and I have fun with him.

    I will say 2 Tanks helps study newer raids, but after some newer gear and 3-4 times through, eventually 1 tank is all that is really needed if they are capable. Ice still seems the best "learner" tank power out there, it's very forgiving.
  13. Dragonfyre New Player

    So few people understand how to tank.

    Let alone how to tank in this game.

    I can give you all master classes in tanking.
  14. Dragonfyre New Player

    Also. Anyone who thinks they are a good tank because they can solo tank content is actually a terrible tank.
  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    To be fair, no one said that's why they are a good tank. It's more about the community pushing the solo tank.
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  16. Kharhaz Committed Player

    I have to disagree here. The worst tanks I have known are the tanks who type while a battle is going on ! in all my time, I have never been able to type anything until the fight is over.
  17. Dragonfyre New Player

    Come play with me. I can put down my controller, type an emote and pick it up without missing a beat.

    My goal in any boss fight is to see how many different emotes I can get off.
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  18. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Where as my goal is to try to relieve as much pressure on my team as possible by spending that time dragging an alt harassing my healer or controller rather than fitting in an :);):eek::rolleyes:

    Thank you for proving my point.
  19. dr strangeonline Loyal Player

    Tanks need more love in game. Their are too many players who don't give em their credit or just don't want to run with em. So what if something takes a min in half longer to finish.
  20. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Top tier alerts never ask for tanks, 2 DPS, 1 Troll and 1 Healer is the norm. However these groups usually end with a kicking or two.

    I have taken to queuing for T5 alerts. And this has worked a treat. Not only do we get one of each role, but I am playing with lower CR players who actually try their best, they apologise when they fail, and they are some of the nicest people I have met, indeed a few have added me as a friend, and they have invited me to raids when they have struggled.

    Quite a few times players have asked to be excused because they think they are letting the side down, and down to explaining alternate tactics, we have succeeded eventually. I love players who are willing to play the game, improve their game, and get on with it.

    My point being, tanks are appreciated, just not by the 100+ cr players, they just want to burn through content. Where is the fun in that?