The Tank Thread.

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  1. Kharhaz Committed Player

    Simple as it sounds, this is the Tank thread. In this can be placed every tip, every grievance, every ask for help.

    Everything Tank related can be placed here.

    For a start, I am an Earth Tank, and I love it. Everything about earth just suits my style of play. If I am going to be the defender I have to put work in to it, and I have. I have learned from the best on here I can learn from. I have a set up that differs from so many others, but it works. However, my set up has come from all the good things that tank players rely on.

    Rage is the new power, so come on folks, share your wisdom, your grievances so far and what you have learned. Lets get the tank thread underway !
  2. Gadget*Switch New Player

    My Tank question.

    Is it better to tank alone or with a 2nd Tank?

    Every other role gets support from their role class except Tanks when it comes to raid group settings. I for one see that even the best Tanks need support for another Tank at times. I always thought that in a raid group there should be a defense Tank & a offense Tank.
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  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    Well, as someone who has toons of every role, I'll say that I usually end up solo healing, as well as solo tanking. Never solo trolled higher content, as there is always use for more power, and who ever heard of a single DPS raid, lol!
  4. FESTER665 Devoted Player

    I prefer solo tanking really, I can focus on getting aggro from everything then instead of picking and choosing with frost snipe while the other tank tries for other NPC's...
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  5. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    It depends on the situation. In most cases, you're trying to get all adds into one spot, so it's good to solo tank. For a single boss fight, solo is better. There are also situations where you may need to pull 2 mobs into one spot, in which case 2 tanks would get the job done faster. This is also where armories come into play. Parts of a raid or op can benefit from 2 tanks, but there are other parts that are better with solo.
  6. Kaizer262 New Player

    I have a Rage Tank & A Ice Tank, so I am looking forward to trying the tank role out, since it's the only I haven't done yet. I've done all my homework! lol! I have always been either a healer or a troller, because those are probably my favourite roles and what I do best at. I can DPS pretty well, when I need too.

    So Tanking is a new challenge for me. Most raids and that I've been in have one tank and do alright, which is great. But I agree with Gadget and have always thought that a defensive and an offensive tank would have been good considering the way I'm sure the Devs originally set up the raids to be like as 2 Tanks, 2 DPS, 2 Trolls & 2 Heals.

    I have never enjoyed solo healing or trolling, it's not fair on those players just because some people want a quicker run, whilst others don't. We as players don't need that kind of pressure from our community no matter, how good or confident we may feel we are in our chosen roles. I refuse to do it! lol!
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  7. Gadget*Switch New Player

    I have a 120 SP Ice Tank but I feel that I'm better at being offensive than defensive. So for my playing style it would be great if I raided with a defensive Tank. An offensive Tank & deal great damage by finishing full weapon combo's & using strong power & super charge attacks that doesn't take aggro from the defensive Tank who is using more pull moves & single taunt powers, while giving the raid group immunity.
  8. Phantasy2013 Dedicated Player

    As a former Tank, there is nothing wrong with a 2nd Tank. Its the mindset of some in the community that prevents this in Raids which I think is ridiculous. When I ran Raids as a Tank, I was glad to have a 2nd Tank with me. No, it didn't mess up aggro (which is a myth btw) and if I went down, then I knew the 2nd Tank still lead the charge. I don't care for rushing content because I did it before or having 3-5 DPS for a single Raid as I think thats silly too as a few mere seconds don't matter in a Raid. I enjoy completing the mission and seeing a diversity of roles in a Raid.

    Nothing wrong with two Tanks to help out in a Raid.
  9. TheRealDeathern New Player

    My league is looking for a GOOD tank. If anyone stumbles across this post and is looking, we'd loveto give you a shot. Hit me up or reply to this post.

    USPS hero faction
  10. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Do you think earth should get a buff?
  11. Remander Steadfast Player

    I thought you were an Ice tank....
  12. TheRealDeathern New Player

    One can never have too many tanks, especially good ones, and I'm rage at the moment.
  13. Crimson Veil Dedicated Player

    As someone who tanked for years...2 tanks can be awesome. 1 tank focusing on the boss and the other keeping adds off of the rest of the group or juggling adds back and fourth. My league ran gates w/ 2 tanks once (about a year ago) and one troll took only about 7k of damage from start to finish and the others were not that much higher because we tanks were pulling, pushing, knocking down, and otherwise keeping the adds & bosses occupied....
  14. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    if you're a former TKJ vet like myself, then you've seen that transition of the early days from where we used to set up raids with 2 tanks into what we have now. ever since we all found out from those days that any legit tank could handle the job by him or herself, we never really looked back. as a tank myself, i've grown to adapt so much to being a solo tank in every instance i run. whereas, if a second tank were to run alongside of me today, it would throw off my play-style because i just feel like i personally don't need that help. but, with these recent raid additions of nexus, wave, and assault & battery, the devs tried to make it so that we all go back to that traditional 2-2-2-2 method. a lot of us tanks still feel like we don't need that to get our job done. but, if there ever comes a day where a new raid is built so extreme that you cant get by without a 2nd tank, i could support it. i wouldn't say there's anything wrong with a 2nd tank, but we generally just have ourselves accustomed to being that one focal point.
  15. CarlynnCarnage 10000 Post Club

    A second tank isn't necessary, but it can be fun to run with two. So far nothing NEEDS two. At the same time, if you are new to tanking I can see where it might be nice when you first run new to you content that you have an experienced tank with you. To be an effective tank you need to know the fights and having someone that can show you rather then tell you might help.
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  16. Moxley Mayhem Dedicated Player

    rage tanking is incredible in pve, by the way. i've been primarily fire and had a good dose of experience with earth. i honestly feel like i'm a better tank as rage than i have been with fire and earth, as far as pve is concerned. once you grow to fully understand the clipping of powers with the rage crash mechanic, it's an absolute cake walk. on the pvp side, it's a bit more of a challenge because when you have an opponent that fully understands pvp mechanics, one slip up can ruin everything if you're in rage mode. the same thing would apply in a pve instance of course, but it's a far different scenario in pvp where you're more susceptible to being countered; we all know that. at the moment, i'm still trying to find an op pvp loadout as a rage tank, i feel nowhere close as powerful in pvp as i was with earth or even fire. i'd definitely like to see what other rage tanks are doing as far as pvp goes.
  17. Gadget*Switch New Player

    Indeed I am from TKJ but up until Fight for the Light DLC I was doing PvP & Alerts I didn't raid at all. The only gear set that mattered to me when I started DCUO was that T1 PvP Robin style. When I did run raids folks was running with the 1-2-2-3 set up so I never got a change to see 2 tanks in action back then. In todays game I solo queue for raids and I see a bunch of tanks when I load into one (sad to say that I see more tanks solo que'n then LFG). This has been the only way that I've seen 2 tanks work together and for the most part things got done within the same timing as it did if there was a 3rd DPS.
  18. Kristyana New Player

    2 tanks have become a bit more viable now that there's a single target taunt. Before, there was no real reason to bring two tanks because their mechanics made them pretty redundant except in special circumstances.
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  19. Skyris Allen Well-Known Player

    I agree with you but sadly there will never be a Raid that force people two play two tanks. Why?
    1)People will refuse to adapt to 2 tanks because people to stuck on DPS centric mindset. People want to compete in damage scoreboard while others want to finish Raid 2sec early. So people will try and force their Tank and Spank play stlye, a lot will fail people will complain amd cry its too hard on forums then devs will be upset but want to keep them subs so they' will nerf raid

    2)Alot of DPS wont burn good enough because their use to burning with third Dps help.Many wont know how to adjust rotations.Other Dps are poorly trained because they never been called to true challenge of working powers because Top two Dps always carried so the type of Dps'ing needed was never requrired from them.

    Not saying this applies to all, just only a small percentage of Dps population could handel this calling of 2tank set up. Estimate around 38% of Dps will be able to adjust while others will take a while.Some will try to get better,others will QQ on forums along with people of other roles complaining 2dps not enough.
  20. Red Skorpion Dedicated Player

    Here Are a few rage tips

    Use them together and you will be grand XD
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