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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Canadian Justice Well-Known Player

    With the way mods, both gear and generator, are being handled now (feats for making a set), is there any chance of getting an entry level synthetic set for each tier moving forward? Alts and off roles could greatly benefit from some sort of at tier modding option that doesn't require as much effort as the high stat crafted ones.
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  2. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I also think mains could benefit from vendor mods. While they are catching up. As it is modding with betas or even synthetic 6s will cause you to not be able to keep up stat wise. A low cost alternative is a big help as you get material to craft the gear from the vendor. Same with base mods.
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  3. bmce84 Loyal Player

    The new mod system needs to change either way, it requires too much and ERK only give a portion of the mods back, the system isn't fair for players who don't want to spend on TRK and with a leveling system that forces you to change gear almost every time you do an instance it's just not possible to keep up. I honestly don't think the leveling and crafting system in AF 3 was made with stats matter in mind, It was clearly made to eliminate alts for the coming Pay 4 Alts system, but crafting and gearing just don't fit it.
  4. cease94 Active Player

    I wanted to give some feedback in hope that it gets heard, the general feel of progression that u guys wanted to do is great i do feel stronger with every stat i gain.

    elec heal/dps feels..Limiting, on healing which is THE thing i used to love so much here iam afraid i lost the desire to heal on live and as much i was looking forward for water knowing it was a healing power iam afraid that passion is gone now cuz the way i see it u guys are taking the easy route of balancing which is make every power do the same for elec/mental/ice and removing what ever special thing that was unique about power a,b and c.

    tanking, i was aple to solo tank OLY with hardly lil effort compared to the fail after fail in KCT 2and boss mind u i wasn't solo tanking we ran with 2 tanks..tanks are so weak now against 1 boss imagine 2 boss and 6 more adds which what we faced in kct.

    thats about it, ty for reading..thats if u did ofc.:rolleyes:
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  5. Xibo Loyal Player

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  6. Harlequin Loyal Player

    This. Experiments fail every day.
  7. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    So.. don't try to remove support roles that you may need ;)
  8. Xibo Loyal Player

    But SWTOR, for example, do that. There they have only DPS, Tank and Healer. WoW too. Tera too. Why not DCUO?
  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    Reposting this from the Mental thread:

    While running alerts and raids last night as a Controller, I kept writing down notes about how frustrated I was while trying to keep mob groups crowd-controlled. Part of it was due to the aggressive breakout profiles I kept seeing on several of the raid mobs. Anything worth controlling would often breakout after a a couple of seconds and gain total immunity to crowd control effects. I was able to briefly interrupt dangerous mobs like Bowmasters and Punishers in AF content, but that was about it.

    Another issue was the way Controller stuns and Tank pulls interact. When a tank pulls a NPC out of a crowd-control effect, the crowd control effect is negated and the NPC gains immunity for a short time following the pull. Here is a brief demonstration with Telekinesis:

    There were a lot of situations last night where our tank would group up the enemies, I'd stun them, and he'd pull them again out of habit. That would negate the crowd-control effect I setup.

    If your tank is aggressively pulling or accidentally pulls a group around him, there isn't much point in trying to apply crowd-control effects. The only thing that kind of works is Horrific Visage because it is a form transformation. The tank ends up pulling the ghost form.

    If the goal was to make Controllers feel more "Controllery," there are some game mechanics that need to be looked at. It might not be so bad if the pull didn't completely negate the stun.
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  10. recoil Committed Player

    not to mention the power needed and timers for most pot effects.
  11. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Did anyone not have their Revamp testing characters from Stats Revamp 1.0?

    I had one character up to around 23-25, iirc, during the last 2 days of Stats Revamp 1.0, and now that Stats Revamp 1.1 is underway, I log in and am taken to the Create new Character menu. :confused:

    Or perhaps only characters levelled to 30 remained, while pre-level 30 characters disappear.
  12. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    We start over with fresh lvl 30 characters so we can quickly dive into end tier content for testing. This was mentioned in the developer discussion thread for 1.1
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  13. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    I do not see any thread regard 1.1 in the Developer Discussion sub-section.

    Could only find relevant 1.1 threads in the Testing Feedback sub-section.

    Thanks for info.
  14. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

  15. loupblanc Dedicated Player

  16. Penryn Loyal Player

    I've been using the Spark of Parallax to test the effectiveness of different styles of gameplay. It is relatively short and very predictable. You only face a few regular mobs and then three bosses. You can choose the order in which to face the bosses.

    My first attempt was with a weapons-heavy build at CR 174 with all weapon crits specced. With 13349 Precision, 9082 Might, and 23736 Power, I'm consistently finishing the solo in 4 minutes 45 seconds - including the time it takes for the scoreboard to pop. I tried a few different weapon types and always ended up with the same time. During these runs, I always kept my weapon buff active and tried to keep an AoE DoT running. When I started using mixed Weapon Mastery combos, my completion time jumped to 4 minutes 55 seconds. I had to drop the AoE DoT at certain points on the Weapon Mastery combos because you don't get power back from Weapon Mastery.

    Also, i tried a hybrid build with an emphasis on Might/Power with all DPS crits specced. For this test, I had 10512 Precision, 10241 Might, and 32037 Power. My general attack strategy was:
    Short Weapon Combo clipped with PI applicator
    Short Weapon Combo clipped with PI using power
    Short Weapon Combo clipped with PI using power
    and repeat.

    Using a few different weapon types, I was consistently finishing the solo in 3 minutes 55 seconds to 4 minutes.

    These timings are in-line with my playing experiences from the weekend. The Hybrid approach worked best for me. The weapon heavy build wasn't generating as much damage. Also, it was a lot easier to get juggled/countered trying to pull off long combos under the weapon-heavy build. When I started using the long Weapon Mastery combos, there was a noticeable reduction in my ability to regenerate power.
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  17. jamiejacket Well-Known Player

    It would seem that the stats revamp testing is still a work in progress. I am personally not in a rush for the rollout until you're satisfied with it, however I thought I'd beg the question if you have any indication on the rough ETA of when it will be implemented / updated into the game? 1 month? 2 months
  18. Trexlight Loyal Player

    This is the feedback they need to know about. Be sure to post it in the T4 content section.
  19. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    The Untold Story about Stats Matters.
    Our Skill Points that are turning into "Stat Points" will not amount to much as a hill of beans in a Wind Storm.
    Granted the 1st 70 once put into weapons and Crits ,and initial big stats; leave the rest to wither away.
    Many may have to be wasted into Power slots.
    Even if you decide to put them all into Might or Precision; they will quickly lose their value as your gear goes up in CR.
    Once again gear stat increases way outweigh SP's.
    Being that the assumed purpose was to reward long term players, and motivate other players to get SP's; this is not the case.
    The Stats that will matter are from Gear, Mods, and Sodas.
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  20. stärnbock Devoted Player

    my testing feedback and oppinion for the following are suggestions:

    PI applicators:
    they are there to set up the power interactions, therefore they
    1.) shoud not have a cooldown at all.
    2.) do not need to do dammage at all or only a very low amount, because they are not there to do dammage in the first place and have controll effects and/or DOTs wich should suffice
    3.) single targets could have significant less power consumption than for multiple targets, but even multi target PI applicators should be ready to use at any time

    PI enforced burst attacks.
    they should do twice (x2!) the dammage if they get used on enemies with PI set up on them.
    cooldown should be allways a second. reason: single target bursts use significant less power than multi target bursts, that alone should suffice and lets the cooldowns look unnessesary in the first place.

    Dammage over time:
    they should have none burst dammage at all. they should do what they are called like: adding dammage over time. so: they DO NOT NEED BURST in addition... cooldowns should stay as long as they do dammage. aat the momment the DOT is over, they absolutely need to be ready to be activate again, and ready to continue they dammage AT ALL TIME without a forced cooldown break... same goes for:

    they should buff you, as long as the cooldown is on. they should be ready to get activated again, as soon as they stopp, letting you be able to stay buffed at any time as long as needed. also would be nice if they would also buff your power attacks... just saying...

    i can understand why shields need to have a longer cooldown than they can shield you. they are there for saving once life if all goes down. therefore, they need to be stronger in the dps role by protecting you for waaay more hits, however, theyr cooldowns should stay for twice the time the shield holds... exeption may be the tank role, in wich case the shield should have cooldowns only as long as they are up i guess ^^
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