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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    Posts after this one should refer to powerset testing in the end-game and in raids.
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  2. hotsizz1e03 Committed Player

    So i tested it out.. 5 year vet who took a break from the game since august, still awaiting for this update to hit LIVE... IM ABSOLUTELY ECSTATIC to PLAY AS ELECTRICITY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

    1) My personal SUGGESTION; ever since WM came into the game, animation times were extended (i think to about .8seconds??) now that its(WM) pretty much being removed(as far as Crit dmg goes) remove all of these long winded animation to speed the game back up again!! Not necessarily saying to unleash jump clipping, but gives us back our old fast gameplay without necessarily adding back jump cancelling.

    2)Love the tank idea, of not blocking!! Making tanks get in on all the action.. All support roles need to be in the action..

    3) Trollers still feel like a battery... BUT MAJOR MAJOR IMPROVEMENTS to crowd controlling. Maybe its time to rethink how Instant power or POT works.. Maybe adding some additional effect besides stat boost.. I personally feel Trolls should've Kept their AMs... Makes them unique and various loadouts to work with while giving out power.. Kind of promoting battle trolling.. I think after 5 plus years.. thats what trolling should be about.. Maybe an EMP Supercharge that disables NPCs/players out of power for certain amount of seconds instead power heal over time debuffs.. which idk how that is useful for NPCS??

    4) This pretty much the similar to number 3.. Heals feel a bit slower, possibly due to animations, but as well its not entirely fun.. Unleash the arsenal of moves that healers can utilize as heals while dealing damage.. For example. i always that "ELECTROCUTE" cloud should be Heals over TIME... i cant be the only to think that.. Thats a dope power(top 5 power move in the game) and healers should have that too..
    Or you can make it, as you lay HEALS Over time, % does DOT damage...(might or prec based on power)

    5) Give SUPPORT roles their PROPER PERSONAL DEBUFF... what i mean is that..

    • Tanks should have essentially 1 or 2moves(NOTHING MORE) that Debuff that mitigate DAMAGE or a dmg reducer debuff(SINGLE TARGETS ONLY, dont want to make it too op)
    • Trolls have access to all Debuffs(ALL AOE DEBUFFS)
    • healers have access 1 or 2 moves that debuff heals over time (SINGLE TARGET)
  3. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Play from the tray is impossible. I have invested all my SP into the power returns, none in the the actual power stat to start. Obviously, I will have to do that because we get no extra power from the gear. SP allocation is not what I thought it would be. I did the Seeing Shades mission twice at CR173, with the second time investing 107 SP into the actual power stat. (I didn't give up the first set of crit chances) I had a bit more power for ability attacks, but it wasn't much better. I don't recall it being this bad in version 1.1. It's like our abilities cost more of our power pool now than they did in 1.1. Is this because of the power penalty at higher CRs?

    Also, doing the Seeing Shades mission. My powers and weapon attacks were nothing against Felix Faust. My Backup and Orbital did way more damage.

    FYI - toon is Frank Zapper on hero side.
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  4. Moja Developer

    For a tray focused style you'll want to invest in the Power stat, not Vitalization or Power Heal crits.

    Were you using power gear mods and generator mods? Together those will roughly quadruple the amount of power given by that amount of skill points. Keep in mind the more points you spend, the more each point is worth. Also were you using power home turf mods?

    What abilities were you using? Certain abilities are high cost and not meant to be spammed.

  5. Alrighty Then Loyal Player

    Horrid experience. Powers hardly hit for damage mostly Spec'd into Might as Mental DMG.
    If it weren't for the Backup Sewer Guys I wouldn't have survived Science Spire.
    They Backups hit well, they made me look like a tool. CR 111 bosses in Spark of Parallax were difficult. Seriously have you run any of this?Between this and the TC's I'm done.
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  6. HoiiowDreamz Dedicated Player

    At 173:
    prec/pow 8 mods
    140-150sp put in power pool

    Clip Heavy rotations: possible with pot
    Pure Tray spam: impossible

    At 173 with 36-38000 power pool, the HB hold tap range combo was restoring roughly the cost of 1 ability if a pot was active. You would go down slowly without one and go down that much faster if you clipped powers.

    Accordingly, since controllers only clip with a power dump, which returns power for basically no power cost, the controller role is completely free. No power management at all if you mod for power and have your sp in it as well. Just do the hb combo between and you can spam as many abilities as you want without even having to use a soder or supercharge. Oh and the way you guys did the socket bonuses would make people ignore the socket bonuses for controller. Everyone's just gonna go straight vit/pow and gadgets with battle drone and just spam 3 debuffs while having double pot up 80% of the time. Solo troll is easier on test than it is on live, which says a lot.
  7. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    I forgot prec and power generator mods, I am modding reds in red sockets, obviously i need to switch to combo power mods. I am electricity so I am using Electrogenesis, Wired, Arc Lightning and Electrocute. I could not previously get that off in one rotation
  8. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Power back is still awful. Ran Hades duo with me as 173 dps and a 166 troller. It took 12 mins. I did 4645683 dps and troller did 2370898. Dps bad power back is still awful. You do way more dmg from back ups and orbitals.

    My stats are:

    Might 10125
    Prec 9986
    Power 25012

    barely ever had power for voltaic bolt and the range of the aoe has shrunk :( Not work using. Just use Arc, Tesla, electrocute and most adds melt. Bosses, you were always out of power and always had to use a lot of weapon attacks.

    Try again devs
  9. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Yeah, I did not get my power pool up high enough. I feel it's sort of ridiculous that we have to put all our SP into power, and DPS have to mod for prec/power just to be able to get a decent rotation off the ground. Did Harley and Hades Duo. Some of the bosses definitely had to range because my partner went tank and my DW does crap for power regen at range.
  10. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    You need at least 30K in power. My stats:
    Might: 9353
    Prec: 10880
    Power: 32319
  11. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    So this is a question I have to ask: Do our power costs increase as our CR increases? By the time we ready T8, what we invest in power for generator and socket mods should give us such a huge power pool we should be able to spam powers more. It doesn't add up otherwise.

    Also, this basically means that will be constantly remodding new gear because of the socket mods. :mad:
  12. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    Can you explain again how it is intended to work? Do you have to be in a group to get your passive power return? It wasn't like this last time on test? I think the power back might be bugged.
  13. Canadian Justice Well-Known Player

    Something is seriously out of whack with power costs.

    At cr173, I tried doing the Typhon Invasion dailies and the absurd power costs made it unplayable. Two powers used nearly 90% of my power bar. Forget playing from the tray, forget clipping weapon attacks with power, this is just outright broken.

    At this point I see no reason to test the current build given it's current state.
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  14. WildcatHunter Committed Player

    What we need is the stat point allocation, gear mods, and loadouts that were used internally to base this version of the revamp. I understand you want the game to be balanced from our views but most of us are having a hard time understanding how to play when so much has changed. Imagine i ask you to walk but tell you your knees can no longer bend. Would you try to hop or straight leg shuffle? Some transperancy on how our stats are supossed to work would be wonderful. Maybe how much might or prec does what % damage.
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  15. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    I just had a strange occurance. I modded my toon for Power and Might to see if I could make a quick and clippy build with short weapon attacks and rapid power casts. I was using CR173 gear with 6x Might&Power VIII (no Power in other mods), and 55SP in Power to get me somewhere around 27k Power.
    Then I put 4x Power v6.2 (from Themyscira Command Outpost) into my generator for 584 Power each and my Power stat jumped to 59k! Not that I'm opposed to having limitless Power but I suspect that something didn't work correctly there. I replaced the generator mods with Health and respeced my SP, then I put 75SP into Power and again replaced the generator mods with Power v6.2. Now my Power stat is slightly above 28k which seems correct. (Character name: Purple Mayhem)

    With 6 Might&Power mods, maxed out crits, 55SP into Power and the rest into Might I was able to run a spammy build on GuS Shades without problems.
    My rotation was:
    Bow Explosive Shot clip Mass Lev clip Menace -> Explosive Shot clip TK Push -> Explo Shot clip TK Bolt -> Explo Shot clip TK Push

    Each add that died restored 2k+ Power and Explosive Shot restored 1k+ with each hit. You can't spam the expensive powers (TK Bolt is insane) but you can spam the cheap powers like TK Push and add in expensive powers in between. TK Bolt is doing almost twice the damage of TK Push for me so it makes sense that it's not as spammable. It's definitely possible to make a spam build, and with more SP or simply more Power focused investment playing from tray should be possible.
  16. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    Power cost still should be looked into in my opinion. We shouldn't have to jump through hoops and spend most of our sp into power just to have a remote chance of playing through our tray while we're in raids. If you capitalize on power you're missing out on a lot of might, which is what a tray player would need.

    Testing both electric and ice DPS in solo content hurt...While the burn was decent, the power costs of the most useful abilities are exorbitant. A buff + a power should not eat up 85℅ of your bar.

    If base power costs still can't be adjusted for whatever reason, can I suggest a power cost reduction mechanic that actives when you pop powers consecutively? That way we still have the option to either clip weapons or play from the tray.
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  17. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Makes sense imo that a tray build would invest more into Power than Might. Did you try a raid/alert yet with Controllers in the group? Curious what that would feel like.
  18. Black Jaq Devoted Player

    Our SP is basically making up the difference of not having innate power on our gear. If you have 200+ SP on Live, you will cap out on power. Then what? Something is screwy.
  19. ddidderr Well-Known Player

    Regenerative Shielding just heals about 230 even if you are an Ice Tank CR 175 with 24k Health and 8,5k restoration. So it's basically just useless now.
  20. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    What do you mean with not having innate Power on our gear? I'm wearing DPS gear right now and there's Power on it like usual.

    I tested Pengbot Maximus again, this time with a full Power spec [CR173]:
    - Might&Power VIII in 8 slots (464 Power each)
    - Health&power VIII in 2 slots (464 Power each)
    - Power v6.2 in 4 generator slots (582 Power each)
    - 142 SP into Power, only 10 in each of the crits to unlock the lower rows (9789 Power total)

    So that's 16757 extra Power if I calculated that right, for a massive Power stat of 37213.
    Tactical Mods: Escalating Might, Max Damage, Core Strength, Blast Adapter, Tumbling Master, Breakout Regen
    My rotation was: [Bow] Explosive Shot /> Mass Levitation /> Menace -> Explosive Shot /> TK Push -> Explosive Shot /> TK Push repeat until Mass Lev and Menace were off cooldown.

    I fought Pengbot in DPS gear and Controller stance for the auto PoT and still ran dry after a while, even after using the barrel. I even had to drop a couple of Mass Levitation casts. In DPS stance obviously I ran dry faster and had to spam weapon attacks to refill. On adds I had no problems at all but on solo/duo boss fights without constant access to Power bubbles I can't see how playing from tray would be possible. I'll echo Fatal here and suggest a reduction of Power costs or a Power cost reduction mechanic for using super powers quickly in a row (with or without weapon attacks in between to allow for quick rotations such as mine).

    Playing with longer combos may be fine but I noticed that Explosive Shot and Arrow Storm were the fastest way to regen my Power even though they are the shortest combos. Flurry Shot and Bow Slam only restored similar amounts of Power on their finishing holds, but since the Power back from regular taps is so low, their Power regen over time was much worse than the Trick Shots'. I think the power return of combo finishers, especially those with only taps and a single hold, should be increased significantly to offset the low regen from the taps leading up to the combo.

    One more thing I noticed was that Supercharge costs aren't shown anymore. I request that both Supercharge and Power costs are added to the respective UIs as a quality of life change.
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